1984 Comes to Life: The Cult That Rewrites History – Part Two

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  • 09/19/2023

In the first column in this series, which you can find right here, I begin to explain why news media reporters inside the White House had such a marked and openly hostile reaction to the President of the United States, Donald J. Trump, simply playing a brief video for them.

It was apparent the video sent many members of the industry I affectionately refer to as “The DNC Media Complex” into a remarkable tantrum.  I closed that first column by showing four chyrons put up on the CNN network following the conclusion of the video. I did that to illustrate just how the staff reacted: with a level of incredible hostility.

Why the great rage at having the party history ripped up in front of their faces? What is it about this videos that strikes so close to home it provokes this reaction? The answer is this:

The "Cult That Relentlessly Rewrites History" does this to maintain one simple truth. It is a truth which nobody can be allowed to touch; the self-image which zealot Leftists have of themselves. Their own inner concept of their being the most moral, superior and perfect beings in existence can never be challenged.

"WE have a right to do this because WE are THE PEOPLE. You are not. Only we have the special indulgence to change the past; no one else does."

If these people seem arrogant that is because they are arrogant and exceedingly so.

The effort that goes into maintaining this self-image is considerable. And when you destroy the Party's version of the "Official History" over something like "Trump's Pandemic", you are also touching their self-image.

Individualists and strongly independent people don't align with the progressive Left for very real reasons.  Progressives are not individualists; they seek to form a herd, and status among the collective is established by displaying love of conformity. Therefore, group-think commitment to the "Accepted Group View" is vitally important to the Left.

You are dealing with people who are very susceptible to methods of controlling thought, behavior and speech. These are people who are taught from the time they join 'the herd' to self-condition their minds; to believe whatever Big Brother is saying TODAY.

What Big Brother was saying yesterday, a week ago, or God forbid, a full year ago is irrelevant. What Big Brother was saying a week or a year ago doesn't help shape the present moment, and doesn't help Big Brother maintain power and influence over public discourse. When you observe the reporter's actions after being forced to watch that video of "The Real History" that totally destroyed Big Brother's version of what happened, you are literally watching brainwashed people fighting to preserve their party identity.

These are people who have sought herd conformity, who's rise to the top of their industry was based on constant demonstration of their fealty to Big Brother. They are able to do this because they have assiduously developed the ability to forget the past, and enthusiastically endorse whatever the party line is today.

If it sounds like I'm describing the fanatical communist apparatchiks under Stalin, or the zealots waving around Mao's Little Red Book, that's because today's progressive Left comes from the same philosophical movement, although until very recently they vehemently denied this.

Brainwashing yourself to be a good little Communist isn't just for the devotees of Lenin or Mao any longer. Much of the progressive Left in America today came up through a radically anti-American academia steeped in the Marxist philosophy of the Frankfurt School and Herbert Marcuse.

To put it briefly, a bunch of radical communist Marxists transplanted themselves from Wiemar Germany to the United States just prior to World War II, and set about doing in the US what they'd been doing in Germany; subverting state institutions for the glorious cause. Because they were in America, the committed Marxists of the Frankfurt school had to be clever about how they went about subverting American institutions. They went after US academia first.

Today, the progressive Left has successfully taken over so much of US academia that many students are taught to shriek like banshees at anybody who publicly expresses wrong-think that challenges "The Party's Official Group-think. Schools, supposedly bastions of independent free thought, are instead deliberately training students to be like Donald Sutherland in that movie.

US academia has been turned into deliberate indoctrination centers where students are taught to condition their own minds; they are being trained to literally brainwash themselves.

Like Pavlov's dog, they first submit to constant mental training by professor's “ringing bells” until they learned to “salivate” on command all by themselves. All it takes is somebody saying the wrong things where they can hear it, and an emotional response is triggered.  It becomes a conditioned reflex.

The Progressive Left has taken the step recently of beginning to claim that words are violence, hence attacking someone for 'hate speech' is merely a form of self-defense. This is a common theme expressed by groups like Antifa, where masked provocateurs claim as they assault others for saying the 'bad words', they are only defending themselves. Today's top members of the DNC Media Complex almost all went to the 'right schools', so to speak.  They all went to these indoctrination institutions where cultural Marxism is promoted, even if surreptitiously.

It’s probable that every single reporter that reacted emotionally to the video President Trump played at the briefing came out of that Cultural Marxist academic system. They have likely spent decades of their lives training their minds to enthusiastically love whatever Big Brother is giving to them to say today, and memory-holing the past. That's why you notice them reacting so emotionally to the video presentation. They can't hide it, and they are certainly not faking it. It hit them right where they live. Right in the center of their own self-image. He took their power away from them.

Let me tell you something- you wind these people on a very deep and personal level when you will not let them have their precious memory hole. You injure them when you do not let them rewrite the history they are so desperate to rewrite. And especially so, when it is imperative for their politics that the public either not know, or quickly forget something. You are taking away their power and they know this. You'd better be prepared to be hated if you are going to spend your career pulling stuff out of that memory hole and confronting The Cult That Rewrites History with the "Real Past" instead of the "Fake Past" they've been working so hard to create and sell to the public.

Well, I'll tell you this; President Trump isn't scared of this cult. He welcomes their hate, because he very clearly sees the massive amounts of damage these people have been doing, not just to this country, but to the entire world. He's not accepting it or putting up with it. Neither did Andrew Breitbart, and neither am I.  I'm a happy warrior, pulling the "Real History" out of the memory hole and rubbing this Marxist cult's faces in it every chance I get. I'm going to HELP the President fight this cult.

As these losers frantically try to rewrite the history of stuff that happened just weeks or even days ago, I'm going to be right there blowing up their gas-lighting with the truth.

It's Gettin' Hard Out Here for A Gas-Lighter...

You may have noticed that the topics they have to try to gaslight about are getting even more difficult. During this pandemic the entire country is focused on the issue, watching the briefings. The Cult That Rewrites History would prefer to do most of Big Brother's work when nobody is watching or really paying attention. But they are constantly being forced into the open in these fascinating times.

These cultists are not used to having to frantically work at rewriting history and then rush out their gas-lighting version so quickly. They certainly aren't used to doing it while people are watching them. It's incredibly awkward, you see. They keep having to go faster and faster, and it ruins the illusion. These so-called “journalists” have conditioned their minds to only love what Big Brother tells them to say today.  And Big Brother tells them that Trump didn't take any real action to address the pandemic in early January and into February.

These Marxist, history-rewriting-cultists-disguised-as-reporters had a real and completely spontaneous emotional response when President Trump used that video to pull their precious Big Brother into that briefing room, slap him, kick him right between the legs, jump on top of him, and proverbially beat the daylights out of him before driving him from the room in total humiliated defeat. So, firmly understand the nature of the enemy that we as Americans are facing right now:

This is a cult whose members enthusiastically brainwash themselves to only accept "Today's Narrative". "Today's narrative" is based on the "Party's Official History" which they wrote themselves to replace "What Actually Happened" to advance the interests at all times of Big Brother. You are dealing with people who have deliberately warped their own minds, because it's the only way they can do what they do for a living. They truly do love it, and Big Brother.

You've been fighting the evil cult depicted in Orwell's 1984 all this time, made flesh in a Fake News Media.

Take their power from them forever.


Brian Cates entered the political arena in March 2012, following the death of Andrew Breitbart. He is currently a political columnist for The Epoch Times and UncoverDC. Brian is based in South Texas and is the author of: “Nobody Asked For My Opinion … But Here It Is Anyway!”

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