The Cult That Rewrites History: Part 1

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  • 09/19/2023

The Cult That Rewrites History: Part 1

On Monday April 13th, at the daily presidential briefing held by the President of the United States, Donald J. Trump, took a most interesting turn.

During the first half hour of that briefing, Trump and his CCP Virus emergency response team took more than a month and a half of carefully constructed lies that Democrats and the DNC Media Complex have been using to relentlessly attack him, turned the tables, and utterly destroyed them.

The President did this by simply playing a video for the reporters present, and the entire country watching on television. What this brief video clip did, is establish the correct timeline showing who was doing and saying what and when they were doing and saying those things.

Trump's masterful use of that video during the daily national emergency briefing absolutely destroyed the Democrats and Fake News Media's talking point that he ignored/didn't do anything in the early days of the pandemic.

AMPFEST 2020 organizer Alex Phillips perfectly summed up Trump's use of the video on his YouTube channel by saying had Trump just read out the quotes and dates, the media would have ignored this.

In fact, Trump spends several minutes walking the reporters through the accurate timeline of what both he, and people like Nancy Pelosi and other top Democrats, along with the World Health Organization [WHO], the Center for Disease Control [CDC] and most importantly, the CCP regime, were saying back in January and February.

And if that is all that Trump had done, then absolutely the Fake News Media would have glossed over it and moved on.

BUT THEN TRUMP WENT TO THE VIDEO and demonstrated the truth of the timeline he'd just explained to both the media and the national TV audience in a powerful way. He showed the audience the people actually saying what he had just claimed.

When the brief video ended, Jon Karl of ABC News was visibly upset, sputtering that he demanded to know who produced that video because it looked like Trump had just played a campaign video during what was supposed to be a national emergency briefing, not a campaign rally.

Did you know that the worst dirty trick anybody can ever play on Democrats and the DNC Media Complex [but I repeat myself!] is to play their own words back to them?

Their cool new talking point over the past month is that Trump did not take any real action to stop the spread of this virus in the early days. Pelosi has even started a fun new committee to 'investigate' what this President knew and when he knew it, and why he didn't DO SOMETHING!

This vital new talking point, one which they have used to center their entire response to President Trump and his National Emergency Team, depends on people not knowing what actually happened less than 3 months ago. Either not knowing, or being willing to forget.

When I say being "willing to forget" that might strike you as exceedingly strange, but I've been observing the Left for well over 40 years, before they set out to brainwash everyone else, and guess who these people brainwash first?

They brainwash THEMSELVES first. By rigid conditioning of their own minds.

You can't be a committed, avowed, activist Leftist in the politics or the media unless you have TRAINED YOUR OWN MIND how to handle the Truth when confronted with it.

And a crucial part of this training involves use of what can be called “The Memory Hole”.

“The Memory Hole” is an often-humorous term used to explain how people deliberately toss inconvenient memories of past events into the abyss, to be forever forgotten. But for the American Progressive Left, the memory hole is very real. They need to constantly make use of it in order to function. The reason Orwell's novel “1984” is the bane of all actual fascists and totalitarians is because no other literary work ever so succinctly and clearly explained why the past is so important to controlling the present and shaping the future.

Progressive Leftism is all about lying about the past. They literally must do so, in order to continually shape the present moment to their advantage so the memory hole is very real and very necessary to these people. They must have it.

When I say "memory hole", let's be clear what it is: It's their version of historical events. They not only just deny certain events took place, if they do admit it, only their version of that event is allowed to be discussed or held as being true. Nobody else's. Only their version counts. Every other version is considered illegitimate.

When you deal with the Progressive Left, you are dealing with an organized movement that is literally rewriting history at every moment. The moment something happens, The Party decides how it "really" happened and their version of it is the only official version.

Taking Away the Memory Hole Is Key to Fighting Fake News

One of the biggest responsibilities and tasks facing the New American Media as it rises to compete with the DNC Media Complex is taking the memory hole away from the Left.  A large part of our job involves correcting the historical record even as the other side is endlessly trying to rewrite it.

Let me tell you why these people HATED Andrew Breitbart with the white-hot passion of a thousand suns. He showed Conservatives how to take the memory hole away from the Left by confronting them with the "wrong version" of the past. That is, the past that actually happened, not the version of the past that the Left constructed to advance its own political power.

A big part of the role of the New Media that Andrew played such a pivotal role in building, is that he was the trailblazer who recognized the crucial importance the memory hole plays on the Left. Andrew was the first to see that they cannot function without it. The Progressive Left WANTS that memory hole. They NEED that memory hole. All the talking points they are using today are exposed as lies and will not achieve the desired political effect if people accurately remember what was said as little as two weeks ago. So, they can't have that.

And time and again when they were right in the middle of pushing a vital new talking point to try to control the national conversation on a particular issue, here came Andrew Breitbart with audio and video playing back for them what had actually been said and done. He brought the real past to the discussion. Andrew said this repeatedly over the years, but I don't people fully grasp why he was saying it: "The dirtiest trick you can play on a Leftist is to play their own words back to them." Why is it such a rotten dirty trick to these people for you to play their own words back to them from years, weeks or even just days ago?

You Are Dealing with A Fanatical Cult

Bringing accurate history to the discussion is considered a rotten trick by those on the Left, because you are literally dealing with a cult. It creates its own version of The Past in order to shape The Present so they can maintain and expand their political power. It's all about power and holding on to it. These people have raised rewriting history to an art form because this is how they maintain their influence to attempt to shape the present.

When they did not have a New Media to contend with, The Left could mostly rewrite history how it saw fit and shape the national dialogue on most issues. Only their version of the past was seen in the public square. But the coming of the internet and rise of the New American Media changed all that.

Shaping the present to protect/expand their political power can only be done if you have absolute control over the past.  To control the present political discussion, they need to erase anything in the past that contradicts their own beliefs and positions they want to advocate for.

This is not dry theory. You've actually been watching these Progressive Leftists in the Democratic Party and the DNC Media doing exactly this, erasing real history and substituting their own fake version of it since January of this year with the CCP Virus pandemic.

People who've shaped their own minds to instantly discard anything that conflicts with The Party's version of events suffer a brain lock when they are confronted with what I'll call the "Real Past" instead of the "Approved Party Past". That's what Trump did to these reporters with that video he made them watch.

These dishonest people had already extensively rewritten the history of the past 3 months in order to shape the present political narrative on the CCP Virus pandemic. All the real events that actually occurred had gone straight into The Memory Hole, and in the place of those real events, The Party has been furiously substituting their own fake version of the history, which they have been confronting Trump and his emergency team with for weeks at these briefings.

And then Trump played the country a video.

When that video was over, and you saw the reporters in the room reacting to it, I want you to fully grasp what you are observing: You're watching cultists of The Party That Rewrites History throw a literal tantrum at being confronted with The Real Past and not The Approved Official Party Past.

Most of that video was Trump & his team playing the Fake News Media's own words back at them with the dates visible on the screen. Why would the simple act of that piss these people off beyond measure, to the point Karl angrily calls this a huge breach, a terrible violation by this President!

The Fake News press has spent the past month and a half relentlessly trying to substitute the Real History That Happened in the early days of this pandemic with their own Fake History so they can use the Fake History to attack this President during a national emergency. It's all about politics.

And Trump completely blew up the Fake History they had so carefully constructed and relentlessly pushed for the past 45 days by bringing The Real Past into the press briefing via a powerful video presentation.

Wailing and Gnashing of Teeth

Here's how you know that President Trump caused these cultists massive mental anguish.

In just the five minute period after the video had been played, here's what CNN put up on the screen. I want you to pay particular attention to #3.

That's right. The people who spent 45 days furiously rewriting The Real Past so they could construct A Fake Past that they could use to control The Present Moment and make this President look like a massive liar, accused HIM of doing what they've been enthusiastically doing all along. “Hypocrites” doesn't begin to describe these people.

The President of the United States of America confronted the History Rewriting Cultists with The Real History...their OWN Real History, not the fake history they manufactured to try to seize control of the present moment.

There's a moment in the film "Labyrinth" in which young Sarah is being entreated by the Goblin King to surrender herself to him, all his previous tricks have failed. That's the moment she finally defeats him forever by coming to a sudden realization:

"You have no power over me!"

Like the Goblin King [played to perfection by the late, great David Bowie!], the Fake News Media and their political masters have only one real trick they use to get and keep influence and POWER over others. They rewrite history and then base all their dealings with you based on that fake history being real.  That's how they can influence you, it's how you end up granting them power over you.

And once you see through this rank deception, that trick never works on you again. So, if you want to know why these people can't beat Trump, it's because he learned to see through this History-Rewriting-Cult's one trick decades ago.

Once you realize what a crucial function The Memory Hole plays for these cultists, you can have endless amounts of fun confronting them like a true Happy Warrior does, with their own words and actions in video, audio, and written form, and watch their brains literally lock up.

The Diminishing Returns of Constant Gas-lighting

There is a word we've come to use to describe the kind of rapid and frantic history rewriting the Progressive Left is having to do these days. See, this process used to be gradual. It used to be done slowly, over time, a period of weeks, months, even years. But not in the digital age.

In the digital age the History-Rewriting-Cult has to start it's work instantly and it has to produce its New History to replace the Real History very quickly. We've come to call this "gas-lighting". What this President did, through one simple act - playing a video of the Democrats and DNC Media's own words about the pandemic with the dates establishing the time line - is that he utterly destroyed all their frantic gas-lighting from the past 45 days.

This is why they have such an emotional response to being confronted with The Real Past instead of the Party Approved Past. You are challenging their cultist programming. This is why when they realized just what the President was doing with that video - putting it right in their faces as the entire country was watching - the staff at CNN literally lost their minds in absolute rage.

Brian Cates entered the political arena in March 2012, following the death of Andrew Breitbart. He is currently a political columnist for The Epoch Times and UncoverDC. Brian is based in South Texas and is the author of: “Nobody Asked For My Opinion … But Here It Is Anyway!”

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