Trump Versus the Globalists

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  • 09/19/2023


Trump Is Fixing the Mess The Globalists Left Behind

As all Americans look on aghast at the spectacle of Nancy Pelosi and her party holding the entire country hostage with this CCP Virus stimulus bill, Trump is getting the job done.

However, the President faces a difficult task as he tries to lead us through this massive crisis.  That's because it has become increasingly apparent in recent weeks that the federal government he inherited from his predecessors was ill-equipped to cope with this pandemic.

It is actually a positive factor that Trump doesn't come from the same elite political class as the last few chief executives. Someone like the Bush's, the Clinton's or Obama would've shown no ability to think outside the 'government/globalist box'.  They'd have been listening to political consultants and operatives like Karl Rove, George Stephanopoulos or Ben Rhodes.

When life throws a fastball at Trump, he finds the swing to make the hit. It's an unorthodox swing, to be sure, and the purists don't like it, but it works. And that's all that matters.

Many of the solutions Trump has found to otherwise intractable problems that frustrated previous Presidents involve enlisting the power of the private sector. This is how this President keeps surprising the doom criers over and over.

“Oh my God!” they cry, “There is no government solution to this terrible problem!” Of course there isn’t. There isn't supposed to be.

The entire globalist con is based on a premise that the government always needs more power and control to 'fix' problems for its citizens. The kind of government globalists create isn't geared to actually solving anything. It's geared to expand itself exponentially.

If we had a globalist in charge right now, that person would not be finding ways to partner with and unleash the power of the private sector to deal with this crisis; far from it. That globalist chief executive would be looking to expand the government's control over the private sector to 'fix' the problem.

The kind of government the globalists created over the past few decades could not handle a crisis like this virus without massive help from the private sector. The globalist policy of out-sourcing critical US national security infrastructure to what has always been a hostile power in the CCP, opened the door to this kind of a crisis in the first place.

Even if you buy into the narrative that Trump hasn't vetted the people on his super-important CCP virus team, and you think Dr. Fauci and others are trying to deliberately sabotage him so the Democrats can win the election this November, ask yourself this: How can they successfully sandbag him when he keeps going around the government agencies to enlist the help of key private sector industries like Ford, Tesla, Wal-Mart, CVS?

In just the past few days Trump has cut all the red tape stopping the production of new respirators, then cleared the way for new clinical trials of chloroquine and other drugs.

For days people were claiming the FDA would stop or slow all of this, things just aren't done this quickly, this stuff was going to take months. And they were wrong.

As I have been saying for three years now, these people still don't know who they are dealing with in Donald J. Trump.

If the Deep State plan was to reduce Trump to helpless tears at this point, sandbagged by an inept government system deliberately designed to fail, how's that awesome plan to destroy Trump working out so far?

Not only would that plan be utterly failing, by the time this crisis is over - and yes it will end - he'll be in a stronger position than ever.

The CCP Virus Crisis of 2020 will have proven for all of time immemorial that

  • border control is an essential national security issue.
  • globalist policy of outsourcing key national security infrastructure to China was always absolute lunacy.
  • the DNC Media is not on the side of America.

Trump was right on three big issues he's been talking about for his entire first term.

  • Build the wall, protect the US borders
  • Bring our industries home from China & elsewhere
  • Sue these foreign-paid propagandists out of existence & rise a new American media in their place.

The whole country is focused on this crisis, watching the drama play out in these daily news briefings. This is exactly why the fake news media is now loudly calling for the networks to stop carrying these briefings live.

The country is seeing that Trump has been right all along on border security, outsourcing our vital national security infrastructure and that the media are paid propagandists, the three big issues he's been hammering home since 2016.

And because the entire country is now seeing this, especially at these briefings, they see the implications of globalism and our reliance on China. They see how the DNC Media Complex is shamelessly and enthusiastically defending CHINA CHINA CHINA after they spent the past 4 years screeching RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA!!

This is why you have these paid foreign propagandists in the DNC Media Complex now loudly beseeching the TV networks to drop the curtain on the President's daily CCP Virus briefings. CBS, NBC and ABC already stopped carrying the live briefings; CNN often cuts away to show panel discussions while the President is talking.

The whole world is watching...and learning.  Learning the truth.  The truth about

  • globalism
  • the totalitarian CCP
  • border security failures
  • compromised media outlets paid to be propagandists
  • the political elite class that engineered all of this

Time for The Globalists To Learn To Code

Arrogant globalists like the Clinton's, the Bush's and the Obama's lectured working class Americans for decades how Globalism was the inevitable wave of the future and perhaps they should just quit their whining, learn to code, and get used to watching key manufacturing industries and jobs being shipped off to China and other foreign nations.

Trump doesn't even have to explicitly explain how vulnerable and weak these globalists left America with these stupid globalist policies; offshoring key US industries to other countries, including hostile powers like China. Everyone can now see it.

But you can count on this: after this crisis is over, Trump will devote a lot of his time to explaining it, and quite explicitly, too. And globalists are already mortified about it. They are already scrambling to hide the truth, trying to come up with a strategy to make everybody forget what they've seen.

But it's too late. There's no going back. The lunacy and the dangers of the globalist agenda have been completely exposed by this national emergency. By the time Trump leaves office in January of 2025, he'll have “globalist-proofed” the federal government.

Never again will the political elites be able to sell an agenda to voters about offshoring our key national security industries to a regime like the CCP.

And the world is going to be far safer and better for it.

Brian Cates entered the political arena in March 2012, following the death of Andrew Breitbart. He is currently a political columnist for The Epoch Times and UncoverDC. Brian is based in South Texas and is the author of: “Nobody Asked For My Opinion … But Here It Is Anyway!”

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