The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow September 26, 2023

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  • 09/29/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow —
Commentary by Larry Schweikart



1) Worried DemoKKKrats are concerned Trump is more electable than thought.

2) The Washington Compost poll that was so awful for Rutabaga that the editors buried it at first.

3) “Who Wants to Waste Money?” GOP Donors have closed their wallets on DeSantis.

4) Shades of Andrew Jackson. President Trump went Glock shopping with Marjorie Taylor Greene.

5) The latest Trafalgar polling has President Trump leading in Iowa by 33, leading DeSantis nationally by 42. The good news for DeSantis is he has crawled back into second place there.

6) A new “Metaanalysis” by Mehlman: Trump wins 2024 if the election is a referendum on Rutabaga, Rutabaga wins if it’s a referendum on Trump; election will be close; Rs hold House if it looks like history; GOP likely to win senate.

-I strongly disagree that its conclusion is that the DemoKKKrats “follow the elites, GOP follows the base.” Since when? Other than that, I don’t see how this can be anything but a “referendum on Rutabaga,” and moreover, it is swinging solidly against him. Melhman predicts a very close election. Not so sure. Could break hard against ol’ Rute.

7) Nice ruling in Arizona where a court says that an Arizona law limiting pandemic liability lawsuits is illegal.

8) Increasingly common: a fed judge again strikes down a gun law, this time Kollyfornia’s ban of magazines holding over 10 rounds.

9) Definitely not good news. China’s shipbuilding capacity is more than 200 times greater than the U.S.’s.

-Well, they’re gonna need it. They could lose a lot of ships just exiting the archipelago of hostile islands (Japan, Philippines, Taiwan), plus the route controllers of Korea and Malaya just getting to open water.

10) The Texas GOP has passed a unanimous resolution calling for a special legislative session on Colony Ridge, an illegal criminal development.

11) Meanwhile, in Kinshasa-on-the-Delaware (Philly), a cheesesteak shop hired armed agents to protect customers outside.

12) Fat Ana Navarro said she was “shaken” by evidence in the Menendez indictment. “It looks ugly.” Well, her mirror would know.

13) Temple University acting president JoAnne Epps died suddenly after falling ill during an event.

14) Wendi Mahoney asks who ran the cheat in Georgia’s 2020 fraudulent election.



15) An analysis of home-schooled college students compared to public schooled students shows that only about 1.4% of college students were homeschooled; they were overwhelmingly Protestant (2.5:1 over publicly schooled kids), and three-quarters were white, but 12% black (the same as the percentage of blacks in the general population). The missing group here is Hispanics. In contrast to those who attend private schools—who, on average, are much richer—homeschoolers look almost exactly like the public school economic demographic. They are 10% more likely to be Republican and much more likely to go into biology, engineering, or agriculture. Perhaps unsurprisingly, they got to Hillsdale, Liberty, and, at much lower levels, the University of Alabama-Birmingham, University of Kentucky, and UNC-Chapel Hill. Where they do not go is northeastern schools or traditional liberal arts colleges where they won’t get a high-paying degree.

16) File under “Justice B Done.” Kyle Rittenhouse’s surviving Black Looters Matter attacker was run over by a black driver.

-He still lives, though, which is better than what he would have done to Kyle.

17) Here’s where we are: more kindergarteners than ever are starting school still in diapers because they have not been potty trained.

18) National math proficiency at grade level is now 38%.



19) A new column by Zachary Elliot reviews the fact that virtually all biology of all animals (except a tiny handful that is sexless) shows that if you believe in evolution, you’re stuck.

-There really are only two sexes, male and female, and “there’s nothing in between.”



20) Green Screen Zelensky and Justa Turd-o honored a member of the Nazi Waffen SS.

-This was not just a “German soldier doing his patriotic duty.” This was a die-hard fascist Hitlerite.

21) Sen. Blumenthal on Ukraine swears there has been no diversion, no evidence of misappropriation of equipment.

22) Looks like the White House isn’t the only place you can get your coke on: A former Indian diplomat claims Justa Turd-o’s plane to India was “full of cocaine.”



23) The media is celebrating, saying the strike is over. The studies and the reps have reached a tentative agreement to end the writer’s strike, but it still needs to be ratified.

24) Love it. A group of American Indians has sued the Washington Foreskins (nee “Commanders”) as adopting a fitting name for oppressors and demanding the Redskin nickname back.

25) David McCallum, the heartthrob who played Illya Kuryakin on the “Man from U.N.C.L.E.” and then later “Ducky” Mallard on NCIS, died at age 90.

26) While Sophia Lauren, age 89, suffered a bad fall at her home and was rushed to the hospital. Broken hip. Not good.



27) Merck’s China Virus pill has been linked to virus mutations that can spread between people.

-Well, of course, it has.



28) Meet the “Alaska Triangle,” where 20,000 people have vanished since 1970 and UFOs appear.

-Wouldn’t this be a natural for “Sarah Palin’s Alaska?”



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