The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow September 25, 2023

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  • 09/29/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow —
Commentary by Larry Schweikart



1) I have maintained that, in fact, Rutabaga IS running and that he won’t allow himself to be replaced. The latest case in point: he elevated Harris to a new anti-gun position. Why? To “showcase” her for the presidency? Heck no. To “showcase” her to anyone who thinks they can pull Rutabaga out.

2) President Trump’s favorability continues to rise; now, 80% of the GOP have a favorable view. 51% have an unfavorable view of White Lizzo.

3) I called it out when Rutabaga supposedly had a “9-point lead” over Trump in a poll about two weeks ago, and I will call this one out as well. The Washington Compost/ABC poll has Trump up 10 over Rutabaga, with Trump at 52%.

-Not believable, but . . . I do think Trump is at about 50% now, as this is the second poll to show this.

4) And this shows how dishonest and stupid the Hoax News media is: ABC’s Martha Raddatz says the Trump 10-point lead poll is “a tough one to spin.”

-No, it’s not. It’s wrong, an outlier. But what you would REALLY find “tough to spin” are all the other closer polls that, on average, show Trump up 1-2.

5) It’s clear there is a move by the insider DemoKKKrats to get Rutabaga to leave. Now, an editorial in RealClearPolitics says his approval rating shows he would lose.

6) Senator Bob Menendez (D-NJ) is a perpetual sleaze who has been indicted on federal bribery charges. But Dick Turban has refused to call for him to step down.

-Of course not. DemoKKKrats, do not resign. Frankenberry was the exception.

7) But charges are growing that Menendez should resign.

-Recall he replaced Gov. John Corzine to fill his own senate seat, and Corzine was so corrupt White Lizzo beat him. Likewise, Bob “The Torch” Toricelli was so corrupt he was about to lose, so they forced him out and brought in Frank “The Lout” Lautenberg, who served until he died in 2013.

8) Staten Island protesters were arrested after blocking a bus carrying illegal criminal aliens.

-The aliens weren’t arrested. No, the Americans protesting them were.

9) This is a weird story. Frozen dead dogs were found in a home about 2 miles from our house. 55 more “special needs” dogs were rescued. A woman is being held on 55 counts of animal abuse, but likely there will be some fraud about fundraising thrown in.

10) A New York Post reporter tried eating at several New Kabul restaurants dressed like Fetterman Massacre, the Human Ox. It didn’t go well.

11) Naturally, New York DemoKKKrats have called for a tax hike because of the illegal criminal migrants. They want to force counties to house the illegals.

-Long shot, but this may be the issue that turns NY red.

12) A new report says U.S. troops are plagued by filthy living conditions and squatters living in military barracks.

13) A Kollyfornia school superintendent was fired days after his district was ordered to pay $27 million to the family of a boy beaten to death by bullies whom teachers refused to suspend.

-The bullies’ families need to pay too, as well as those evil little sausagemackerals.

14) Trigonelline, derived from coffee, improves cognitive function and alleviates age-related impairment. Maybe that’s why I’m so sharp. Regular ingestion of Clint Black Cowboy Coffee.

15) Wisconsin’s Supreme Court has banned absentee drop boxes.

-One small step for voterkind. . . .

16) About time. Hearings on Rutabaga’s impeachment begin on the 28th.

17) Bill Gates is trying to refocus climate change arguments, saying no place is going to be “unliveable” and that you can’t convince people about climate change with brute force.

-Bill, there is another option you need to consider: you’re completely wrong, and there is NO human-induced “climate change.”

18) Rutabaga again flubs, doesn’t even know a rapper’s name, and calls the governor of Maryland a “boy.”

-LOL. This demented toadstool has the brain power of a blown light socket.



19) “Now is the time to Renew History Departments.”

-Always for that, but right now, the very best history is being written by non-academicians: Ian Toll (WW II in the Pacific); Adam Zamoyski (Congress of Vienna), Ron Chernow (biographies), and yours truly.

20) A columnist says an anti-DEI backlash is coming, and recent events show he may be right.

21) Kollyfornia school teaching that white people have “no culture” sparks fury.



22) Rite Aid, just the latest big drug chain to close hundreds of stores in bankruptcy.

23) We are now entering into the third consecutive year of negative returns on 10-year Treasury bills. Unprecedented.

24) China’s electric “Seagull” will challenge American automakers at $11,000.



25) Sorta like in the USA: In France, foreign illegal criminal invaders are committing almost 70% of the crimes.

26) And Germany, where students have armed themselves in the city of Halle as violent robberies soar, parents complain of a “broken police force.”

-Aren’t they all broken?

27) Great Britain’s Rishi Sunak has placed himself at the tip of the climate spear, promising to delay or modify the unrealistic climate targets set by the UK.

28) Canadian parents push back against gender cultism. In response, four of Canada’s provincial premiers said they would prevent schools from keeping gender changes secret from the parents.

29) Following a cop shooting of a civilian and a cop charged with murder, London cops are turning in their arms as the Army is offered to support metro police.

-So? Will they just charge the Army with shooting civilians?

30) Seymour Hersh says the Uke war effort is “all lies: The war is over. Russia has won.”

31) -These people all need to be jailed. On Mars. With no oxygen.

A Canadian MP claims “honk honk” is code for “heil Hitler.” He and all his fascist cronies, who locked down truckers and jailed and bankrupted people who protested, are the goose-steppers who say “Heil Hitler.” Except they say, “Heil Justa Turd-o.”



32) Speaking of Clint Black earlier, just saw my friend in concert last night. Always great. He is doing a special two-night set with the Steely Dan guitarist and SDI engineer, “Skunk” Baxter.

33) Portnoy’s Pizza Fest drew 5,000 in a rainstorm despite a Washington Compost hit piece about Portnoy. “Couldn’t have gone better.”

34) “Yellowstone” will undergo major changes in its move to CBS.



35) The CDC has refused to release updated information on post-vax heart inflammation.

-Shocked, I tell ya.

36) A new study showed that the risk of the China Virus was less among those who had the China Virus but that the vax offered “no meaningful protection” against so-called “Long COVID.”



37) The McSecrets: how your McDonald’s is really made. Actually, no. Don’t want to read this. Please tell me the word “dog” isn’t in here.



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