The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow September 21, 2023

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  • 09/29/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow —
Commentary by Larry Schweikart



1) The former Capitol Hill top cop said Botoxic refused the National Guard on Patriot Day, January 6... “She will never go for it.

2) Ok, you can bet the DemoKKKrats are totally freaking out about this one, but my favorite lib, Ruy Teixeira, has warned them repeatedly: Trump hits new highs with black and Hispanic voters.

3) Lawyer Lin Wood denied as “total nonsense” the earlier claim he had “flipped” on President Trump in Georgia.

4) Days after Rutabaga announced a $6 billion ransom deal, the Iranians took another hostage.

-Reagan learned the hard way you cannot negotiate with terrorists.

5) University of New Hampshire Poll: Trump up 26 over Ramaswamy in NH; big news here is DeSantis is down to 5th place at 10%. Ouch.

6) Useless toadtickler Congressman Ken Buck, on the way out the door, eyes a CNN job while criticizing the Rutabaga’s impeachment inquiry.

-Folks, we can’t get rid of these RINO chudderjumpers soon enough.

7) Oh, for Pete’s sake. An AIDS memorial sculpture sparks debate in Palm Springs.

-It’s a DONUT. This ought to be on top of Bill’s Donuts in Dayton, Ohio.

8) A hack at the MGM Resorts in Las Vegas is costing the company $8 million a day. Key cards don’t work, booking and checking in is a problem, and almost every electronic device in Caesar’s and the MGM Grand has been hacked.

9) As would be expected, the Black Looters Matter movement resulted in higher murder rates as police powers were curbed.

10) There is a massive spike of congenital syphilis in babies born in Mississippi.

11) While the “Zombie Apocalypse” has hit Groomer City with its overdose rates.

-But hey, they died woke, right?

12) Showing why she is the most useless candidate in the GOP field, Nick Knack Paddywhack Give a Uke a Bomb says a possible government shutdown is because of a “Lazy” congress.



13) An older story just caught my eye: Mississippi introduced phonics—which the Eagle Forum touted for years—and reading scores . . . soared.

14) This is now spreading across the nation, as Noah Smith writes.

15) A good review of Thomas Sowell’s new book, Social Justice Fallacies.

16) Lying slime Grand Moff Garland said he didn’t know how many FBI informants there were on Patriot Day (J6) when a former assistant director said the bureau had multiple confidential sources goading the protestors into riots that day.



17) U.S. gas prices soared back to the $4 range as Rutabaga depleted the U.S. strategic petroleum reserves.

18) Rutabaga’s Green/Electric Vehicle Plan is falling apart.

-Nothing can survive without subsidies.

19) Even millionaires are afraid they will outlive their savings.

-Well, I guess it depends on what kind of millionaire you are. If you’re a Nicholas-Cage-buy-a-skull-for-millions-of-dollars millionaire, then yeah.



20) NASA has predicted that a large asteroid could smash into Earth in 159 years.

-Dang it. And I won’t be here to see it.

21) China is using Rutabaga’s cartel-controlled border to infiltrate our country.

22) A Mexican freight company has stopped sending trains to the U.S. border because an “unprecedented” number of illegal criminals have hitched rides.

23) Haiti’s most powerful gang leader, Jimmy Barbeque, calls for the overthrow of the prime minister.

-It’s not clear if he has the support of other gang leaders, Sammy Sushi or Tommy Tofu.



24) With his latest victory in major tennis, Novak Djokovic has become the greatest men’s player in history.

25) The UK Daily Mail has ongoing stories about how “hot,” and “sizzling” and “sexy” various stars are. But you know, if you ain’t looking good, they move to less, er, interesting body parts. Here it’s Eva Longoria’s “toned arms.” When they get to your “ripped” earlobes, you know you’re done.



26) The medical establishment continues to ignore early therapeutics when it comes to the China Virus.

 27) Rutabaga’s administration tried to censor Dr. Jay Bhattacharya. He won in court.



28) An artist took $84,000 from a museum and gave it back blank canvasses called “Take the Money and Run.” Now, the museum wants some of it back.

-This reminds me of '60s radical Abbie Hoffman, who wrote a book called Steal This Book! So people did. Boy was Hoffman pissed.


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