The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow September 20, 2023

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  • 09/20/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow —
Commentary by Larry Schweikart



1) Slowly, the means of cheating are coming out. I have maintained there was no way Rutabaga got 81 million legitimate votes. Many, perhaps 5 million, were “2000 mules.” Some were plain old individual fraud, as we are seeing emerge in Michigan. And now, a quantitative analysis shows that Google steered 6 million votes to Rutabaga in 2020.

-All in all, when the smoke clears, I think my assessment that he didn’t get too many more votes than Cankles did in 2016 (maybe about 65-7 million) will be accurate. Trump beat this evil toadstool like a bad drum.

2) The demented Rutabaga slurred his way through a UN speech, going into total Yertle mode with a brain freeze. Please, people, yank this slimy toadstool out of office.

3) The evil snotwhistle Alejandro Mayorkas has announced the establishment of a Homeland Intelligence Experts Group, including many who perjured themselves before Congress, such as the Clap, James Clapper, and a Russkie agent John Brennanski.

4) Our fine FascistBI lost count of how many paid informants there were at the Capitol on Patriot Day. Later, they had to perform an audit to get the real number.

5) Meanwhile, the DoJ, apparently under heavy pressure to look “fair,” finally charged the Fed Ray Epps with a misdemeanor.

-Lessee, ya think they’ll hold him in jail for six months and give him two years in prison? If they did put him in jail, 10:1 he would be Epsteined.

6) Speaking of the FascistBI, they tried to coerce Proud Boy leader Enrique Tarrio to lie about Trump to indict him.

7) Reed Cooper: We are witnessing a repeat of 2016, and President Trump is set to win by a landslide. If so, he better bring Fifty Mighty Men, a set of flamethrowers, and a Terminix van.

8) NH gov Chris Snooze-no-no said Rutabaga is losing support there and there was a strong possibility NH goes Republican in 24. However, this is only the case if it’s Trump.

9) President Trump will skip the second non-debate and visit the auto workers in Detroit.

10) More doom-loop crime in major cities: no black fathers, police fleeing, idiot DemoKKKrat mayors (but I repeat myself) refuse to enact any tough policies, more police leave.

11) House Republicans have set a date for the first Rutabaga Impeachment hearing.

12) Good. Republicans dealt McCarthy a stinging defeat on a rule involving a defense bill with Uke money.

-Green Screen ain’t gonna be happy.

13) Very troubling: questions are emerging as to whether the F-35 that crashed over North Carolina was hacked.



14) A Texas church has experimented with an AI-generated service for worship, sermon, and song.

-Sad thing is, most probably couldn’t tell anything was wrong.



15) One-third of children given puberty blockers saw their mental health deteriorate.

-I seriously doubt that. I bet it was all of them.



16) John Williams points out that using traditional CPI numbers instead of the newer, phony ones, inflation is really closer to 11.4%.

17) Housing starts plunged in August.

18) We are seeing the worst rent inflation since the 1980s.

19) One of the few businesses in America that is growing, Amazon is adding 250,000 holiday employees and increasing pay.



20) Bloomberg’s goofball headline: “Far Right Parties are Gaining Traction Across Europe.” Real headline: common sense, populist parties are gaining traction against leftoid spoogegerbils bent on destroying humanity.


21) More immigration stupidity: setting up migrant types of “enterprise zones.”

-These people still do not understand that assimilation to Western religion and political ideology is absolutely essential to being successful, especially in Western countries. You cannot take a fish out of water and, no matter how much you feed it, expect it to live.

22) Trumpist Argentinian presidential candidate Jaier Milei is seeing support rise ahead of the election.



23) YouTube has suspended all ads on Russell Brand’s accounts, and the cops have started an investigation.



24) YouTube is wiping safety content/vax injuries from its platforms.

25) Typically, the FDA has refused to change its anti-ivermectin statements despite a court ruling. Another agency that must go.

26) Maskie mandates have returned in some hospitals.

27) Dr. Fallacy and his equally fallacious wife netted $2 million during the China Virus and are now worth $11 million.

-Just a humble, ex-gubment bureaucrat.



28) In “The Supermodels and Me,” writer Alexandra Shulman spills the beans on Cindy Crawford, Noami Harris, Linda Evangelista, and Christy Turlington.

-I have my own supermodels story. I was in the green room at Faux News studio for a live shot a few years ago when the guests for the next segment—three Miss USA contestants—were brought in. They were incredibly beautiful women, but the only thing I could think of was that I needed to get these three girls a sammich!



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