The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow August 30, 2023

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow —
Commentary by Larry Schweikart



1) Well, we should not be surprised: They launch new rounds of feces at Donald Trump, and he gets more support. In the latest Atlanta Urinal Constipation poll, he leads the GOP field by 42, DeSantis has fallen to 15%, and Nick Knack Paddywhack Give a Uke a Bomb, after her big social media buy, fell to 3%. Under GA’s rules, Trump would be the only candidate to qualify for delegates.

2) President Trump said he was open to Vivek Ramaswamy as veep.

-I have reservations, but Vivek would absolutely be “fire insurance” to taking Trump out because he seems every bit as dedicated to razing the evil rot in D.C. as Trump is.

3) Rutabaga’s whiteboard presentation on how well the economy is doing matched . . . how well the economy is doing, which is to say, it sucked.

4) Nate Silver sees an “indigo blob” in the U.S. media, which is overwhelmingly leftist, brought only a little to the “middle” by Elon Musk and Twitter.

5) Minnesota is reaping the results of its failed leftist policies.

6) Even environmental whacko groups say Rutabaga’s new climate law is “a beast” and is too complex.

-It’s mostly more money for “environmental justice.” A year after passing, grant deadlines have come and gone.

7) Jonathan Turley, something of a lefty, is getting an object lesson in how the radical left simply lies. He called out the Washington Compost’s writer Philip Bump on multiple falsehoods—not “maybe false,” but patently false. The Compost refused to retract or in any way censor Bump.



8) Peter McCullough on the utter lunacy from the CDC on manipulating hormones to enable “male chestfeeding” of babies. We need lighting bolts. Lots of them, Lord.

9) Talk about a giant cop-out: A judge in the Wyoming sorority case, where sisters were suing to prevent a man from joining, was tossed out because the judge said the sorority didn’t define a woman.

-Mark my words: Somewhere, sometime, a court MUST bite the bullet on this and trust the biology.

10) Rutabaga and his talking meatpuppet likewise punted on a “yes or no answer” as to whether it’s fair for men to play women’s sports.



11) U.S. job openings are down 22%, and M2 sees a decline.

12) Blackmon: Keeping the actual energy industry out of the room for climate talks is crazy.

13) File under “Women and children hardest hit”: “AI will destroy more female jobs than male, study finds.



14)  China’s economy continues to deteriorate, and it now needs “helicopter money.”

15) The Huns have begun dismantling a large wind farm for coal.

16) Three-quarters of the Church of England’s priests say Britain is no longer a Christian country, and over half think homosexual marriages should be allowed—which is part of the reason it’s no longer a Christian country.



17) Disney’s new “Ahsoka” Star Wars entry had the worst viewership for a Star Wars Disney+ premiere since the first “Mandalorian” (which actually was pretty good til season 2.) Yellow Flash predicts this is the end of Star Wars.

-Dunno, I have an idea: Indiana Jones, in his wheelchair, could uncover a new “find” that is Luke’s lightsaber! “Indiana Jones and the Lightsaber of Irrelevance.”

18) This is precisely why these people should not receive any attention at all. They are children. Dak Sheppard, who, along with his wife, is worth $40 million, claims he is “going broke” because of the writer’s strike. Dude, when you have to decide what items you have to buy at Walmart prices, then you have money problems.



19) Burger King is hit with a class action suit for overstating the size of its “Whopper” by 35%. A similar suit vs. Taco Bell is underway in New York.

-I wonder, can we bring suit against Megxit and the Ginger Duke for UNDERSTATING the size of their egos?



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