The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow August 23, 2023

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow —
Commentary by Larry Schweikart



1) False flag? Here’s yer false flag as leftist CNN cameraman Jayden X plotted a Patriot Day (J6) riot on fascist Antifa servers and met up with Ray Epps before going to the capitol.

2) Mark Meadows, part of the Georgia Hoax suit, moved to remove the entire case to a federal court, not just the charges against Meadows.

3) Well, this is a first. The Secret Service arrested a woman from Benghazi-by-the-Lake for threats to shoot Donald and Barron Trump.

-My guess is that if Barron hadn’t been included, they would have ignored it—and I am not joking.

4) Finally, a little action on the illegal criminal front as Buffalo State University evicted illegal criminals as sexual assaults increased.

5) Speaking of crime, the Charlotte-Mecklenberg Police say fentanyl is everywhere, and overdoses are up 20%.

-But Rich Men North of Richmond wants you to mask up and help the Ukes.

6) The ruling in James Little’s Patriot Day (J6) case, wherein his sentence was overturned, throws a grenade into all such illegitimate and tyrannical prosecutions and sentences.

7) So lib analyst Harry Enten thinks Trump is electable. Imagine that.

8) Rutabaga, visiting Lahaina, compared it to his kitchen fire, where he lost his Corvette.

9) FEMA officials “helping” the recovery efforts in Lahaina are staying at $ 1,000-a-night luxury hotels.

10) My favorite DemoKKKrat, Ruy Teixeira, asks if white college grads will be enough to keep the DemoKKKrats in power.

11) Bank of Amigo has debanked a conservative Christian charity that serves impoverished Ugandans.



12) Yeah, this is a great use of the Lord’s money: A megachurch pastor built and rode a roller coaster on stage.



13) Progressive Insurance has been sued for “patently unlawful” racism with $25,000 black-only business grants.

14) The Philadelphia Fed’s non-manufacturing survey screams stagflation.

15) S&P downgraded multiple U.S. banks on liquidity worries.

16) U.S. existing home sales are the weakest since July 2010.

17) The wage range at which Americans will take a new job has increased to $80,000.

-But with Rutabaga’s economy, will even that be enough?

18) New Kabul (NY) has lost $1 trillion in Wall Street business as firms run away.



19) From six days ago but important: China’s abandoned obsolete electric vehicles are piling up in cities.

-This is the future of the “green movement” everywhere—mountains of useless crud that the rest of us will have to clean up for decades.

20) Yesterday, the BRICS summit met in South Africa for a rebalancing of the world order, including discussing a dollar replacement. Brits and Germans were not invited.

21) This is from September 2021, but it is awesome: a look at the WORLD’S plastic problem and where ocean plastics come from.

-Clue: China. China. China. India. China. India. Pakistan. India. China. American plastic straws account for zip, zero, nada of the problem.

22) Global semiconductor investment dropped for the first time in four years.

23) A Pakistani cable car, stuck for hours dangling over a ravine, had several people, including children, trapped. The military has now rescued eight people who were in a “slow and dangerous” operation and were working to reach the few remaining with helicopter operations halted at night.



24) And another chatterbabbling college is reinstating maskiopathic mandates.

25) Lionsgate Studios brought back their maskie mandates.

26) A poll shows that 25% of Americans think the vaxxes cause autism, and 30% think the China Virus vaxxes killed thousands.

-I would think that the second number is in the hundreds of thousands.



27) Remember that story from yesterday on Kanye and his wife in her see-through outfit? Italians are calling for her to be punished for public indecency.

-Personally, I think that people walking around with those stupid maskies after all this time are indecent. I’d like to blast one of them with an air horn. But then again, I’m not the Italian police.



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