The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow August 9, 2023

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow —
Commentary by Larry Schweikart



1) Did Rutabaga directly order the indictment of Trump?

-Sure seems so. That in itself should be impeachment and removal.

2) Kash Patel says President Trump WILL call Botoxic in as a witness.

3) President Trump leads Rutabaga in crucial battleground states.

4) Taxpayer-funded research seeks to devise new stealth censorship tech.

5) Ron DeSantis replaced his campaign manager in the latest shakeup. Now, to be fair, Trump replaced two campaign managers.

6) Maybe it was because of this poll: President Trump has extended his national lead to 42 points over DeSantis, who has dropped to 13%, while 75% of Republicans now think the third indictment is a “distraction” from Rutabaga’s “corruption.” And they would be right.

7) The idiot mayor of Benghazi-by-the-Lake worries we’re being too mean to the city’s thugs.

-Increasingly, I think that to be a DemoKKKrat today, they give you the vax, and they suck your brain cells out at the same time.

8) The great Rush Limbaugh used to joke about any disaster: “Women and children hardest hit.” Well, it’s true: Now the lunatic scutterbuckets are saying climate change is “racist” cuz it hurts people of color more.

-Almost want that meteor to hit, so I can imagine the headline: “Racist meteor to hit earth. All to die. People of color hardest hit.”

9) Once again, the long arm of Trump’s judges—in this case, the Bruen case—slaps down another state's anti-gun law.

10) DeSantis claimed President Trump “funded the mail ballots” with the China Virus spending bill and “his” FBI helped censor the Hunter story.

11) I don’t bet, but the betting odds say if you are a DeSantis fan, you can become the next Jim “Mattress Mack” McIngvale with a few throws on the FL governor, who has fallen behind Vivek, RFK., Jr., and Trump in the betting odds...

12) Michigan cops busted a huge voter fraud operation in Michigan, as police found “a quantity of the voter applications forms are clearly fraudulent.”

13) Operation Fouled Anchor report has been released documenting decades of sexual assault and rape at the Coast Guard Academy.



14) Sam Bankman-Fried’s brother Gabe tried to buy the Pacific Island of Nauru to do the old “Island of Dr. Moreau” thing and create a “superspecies.”

-What, like She-Hulk?

15) Steve Salerno: “Does psychotherapy work?” For some, but for one in 20, there are significant long-term effects, and among people with only mild complaints, therapy can “actually create new depressives.”

16) Oakland desperately trying to become Benghazi-by-the-Lake as a lifelong resident leaves, and the NAACP calls for a state of emergency.

-I know, NAACP, let’s defund the police, then call a state of emergency.



17) Disney, still not having learned its lesson, has teamed up with a transoid TicTocker man who dresses up like Minnie Mouse.



18) Moody’s cut ratings on small and regional banks and shares fell.

19) We were winning the “war on poverty” until the gubment declared a “war on poverty.”

20) “Barbie” may be the sole exception to the “get woke, go broke” rule: Anheuser-Bush now is being forced to sell off several beer brands.

-Good. They should sell off all and go out of business.



21) Remember the old Hunga-Tonga Hunga volcano that spewed a trillion grams of water vapor into our atmosphere? Well, the Hoax News media has been silent about it, and naturally, the “Global Warming” people won’t talk about it—because it will start warming the planet after 2025.

22) Some 55% of Americans oppose any more aid to Ukraine.

-Congress: “I can’t hear you!”

23) Western allies have received increasingly “sobering” updates on Ukraine. The news was out there a year ago.

24) And U.S. senator Tommy Tuberville says the Ukes can’t win the war. “It’s a junior high team playing a college team.”



25) Stephen Crowder has purchased Alex Jones’s Infowars.

26) Increasingly, and kicking and screaming, Bill Maher is being red-pilled, calling “Barbie” a “Preachy, man-hating zombie lie.”

-That sums it up.

27) Niger is preparing to repulse other African states’ invasion.

28) The Aussies busted a pedo ring in which two FBI agents were killed in relation to a search warrant execution in Florida. It does not explain how the Australian investigation is tied to this shooting.

29) File under the world’s smallest violin playing: “Extinction Rebellion,” climate activist stabbed her boyfriend to death while under the influence of heroin, cocaine, and weed.

30) Rapper Tory Lanez was sentenced to 10 years in jail for shooting his girlfriend Megan Thee Stallion.

31) Google and Universal Music are in talks to license artists’ voices for AI purposes.

32) A “Sound of Freedom” investor was arrested on child kidnapping charges.

-Just a reminder: the majority of child kidnappings involve a family member, often in a disputed custody situation. This is apparently the case here. But as Harmon Bros. pointed out, anyone can invest in Ford, Pepsi, or “Sound of Freedom.” Investors are not vetted.

33) Speaking of “Sound of Freedom,” it apparently finally hit the wall, bringing in only $1m overnight for a $165m total haul. This puts its profitability around $65m so far. “Barbie” crossed $1 billion but probably still needs another $100 million to match “SoF’s” profitability.

34) Megan Fox wrote a book of poems called “Pretty Boys Are Poisonous.”

-Dammit, I wish these hotties would just leave me alone.



35) Myocarditis caused by the China Virus spike protein isn’t always detected in typical cardiac tests.

36) Rutabaga’s talking meat puppets admit there is no evidence to recommend six China Virus booster shots a year.

-And a lot of evidence to recommend against a single one.

37) Oh? Pfizer employees were given a “special batch” of China Virus vaxxes.

-Like placebos?



38) A fitness influencer touts a loaded french fry bowl that helped him lose 50 pounds.

-First, you remove the french fries . . . .



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