The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow July 21, 2023

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow —
Commentary by Larry Schweikart



1) President Trump continues to maintain his huge lead (36 points) over the second-place challenger . . . except now it’s no longer Ron DeSantis but Vivek Ramaswamy in the #2 spot. Tuppence, Nick Knack, and Bankster Scott together only equal Ramaswamy.

-Two things here: 1) Don’t be surprised to see Vivek as Trump’s veep pick, and 2) I expect to see polls with RFK, Jr. included—yes, a DemoKKKrat, but right now, I’d wager he would come in very close to 15%.

2) Senator Charles (Lawnmower) Grassley has released the form the FascistBI wanted hidden that shows Rutabaga’s bribery scheme.

3) Leave it to an irrelevant chumbungler like Frenchfry of National Retreat to call mothers concerned about their kids “Nazis.” Those people at NRO are all in the Deutschland Uber Alles Club if you catch my drift.

4) On this day 54 years ago, that great uncle that Bobby Kennedy, Jr. always brags about fled a sinking car and left his female staffer, Mary Jo Kopechne, to drown, then later tried to cover it up.

5) President Trump screened “Sound of Freedom” to the squeals of kiddie peddlers, child traffickers, and the execs and employees of ABC (but I repeat myself, right, James Meek?)

6) This lunatic who called herself the empress was a serial squatter who was evicted from multiple North Carolina homes, kept a “witches cauldron,” and terrorized neighbors.

-Wait, has anyone seen this person since the Clinton Foundation went kaput?

7) Again, good headline, but the “move to” is always concerning. They didn’t “do it.” They just “moved to” do it. Republicans “move to” defund Lurch’s climate office.

8) The House GOP has found a new star witness, a DemoKKKrat whistleblower, while RFK, Jr. told the House he was the “first person censored” by Rutabaga. DemoKKKrats failed to halt his testimony.

9) Shocked! A Clinton-appointed judge has rejected President Trump’s attempt to move his NY criminal case out of New Kabul.

10) For the first time ever, Rolling Stone objects to showing sex tapes.

11) The FascistBI knew the Hunter laptop was authentic in 2019 but lied to social media companies so the story would be censored in the 2020 election.

-The FascistBI must be eliminated as a government entity, then the ground salted.

12) New Kabul Jewish DemoKKKrat Dov Hikind has registered as a Republican.

13) In crime/filth/drug-ridden Groomer City (SF), Walgreens has chained up its freezers to thwart shoplifters. Won’t work. People will bring baseball bats and hammers, and Groomer City officials will claim it’s just “reparations.” Walgreens will then leave.

14) Criminals stream movies, play video games, and make playlists on prison iPads. Bring back Siberian gulags.



15) Ryan Burge notes that the question “Does Religion Cause More Problems than it Solves” has seen the “agree” fall by four points.



16) Rutabaga’s DoD let transoid service members skip deployments, and receive indefinite service waivers, says a confidential memo.

-Sodom and Gomorra had nothing on the Rutabaga’s Baalshaggers.

17) Sexual predators who identify as transoids are getting no jail time, even for horrific abuse.



18) The threads on Meta (and “Meta” means death in Hebrew) have collapsed as daily users fell by half. Booooo hoooo.

-Suck blood, Zucks.

19) Rising prices and mortgage rates have pushed monthly payments to an all-time high.

20) Exxon is planning to build a giant lithium plant in Arkansas. Great! Now, where will you get the lithium? From the ChiComs?

21) Philly Fed’s outlook is at -13.5%, with the 11th straight month of negative ratings under Rutabaga.

22) To the shock and amazement of some industry officials, Bud Light sales continue to drop. Hitting a 30% decline in places, with sales in some states almost zero now.

23)  Europe thinks its core CPI has peaked.

24) Ukraine announces it will consider all ships sailing to Russia or Russkie-occupied ports as military targets.

-And here . . . we . . . go

25) Mexican military forces are now ESCORTING illegal criminals to the border. This absolutely didn’t happen with Trump. Just the opposite, the Mexicans stationed troops to prevent their movement.

26) Three Indian men who paraded two women naked before gang-raping them in a revenge attack sparked by a fake video could face the death penalty.



27) A congressman says he has three “dynamite witnesses” ready to testify next week that they have firsthand knowledge of UFOs.

-Their names are Kirk, Spock, and McCoy.



28) Here is their latest attempt to stop “Sound of Freedom,” which grossed $96.1 million last night.

29) Boy, they are fa—reeeeking out over Jason Aldean’s song, “Try That In A Small Town.” Which means BUY IT. I did.

30) Great, great vid: “In the Basement with a Silver Spoon” to “Cats in the Cradle”

31) Hollywood Reporter boosting the Oppenheimer movie. I’d say wait until you get reviews from Critical Drinker or Breitbart’s John Nolte.

32) Well, I promised not to cover these two grifters, but this is news; Megxit and the Ginger Duke have separated over their “non-identity,” opposing lifestyles.

-Like, she is a grifter, and he is a dumbass.



33) Rutabaga has shut down funding for the Wuhan lab. What, Rutabaga, got all that crap moved to Ukraine now?

34) The House Judiciary Committee has sent a letter to Pfizer CEO demanding his content moderation contacts and documents. Now, how far this goes without any attorney general/DoJ to back it up . . . .

35) A college town in Idaho, aptly named Moscow, will pay $300,000 to three Christian churchgoers who refused to bend their knee to the maskiopaths in an outdoor service and were detained.



36) Dan Snyder’s record sale of the Washington Redskins at $6 billion ends his tenure. Let’s hope the new owners continue his incompetence and perpetually losing habits.

-This coming from a totally unbiased Dallas Cowboys fan. And no, their name is not the “Commanders.” But, contrary to what most Cowboy fans think, it isn’t the “Foreskins,” either. Just a rumor. . . . I think.



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