The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow June 30, 2023

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow —
Commentary by Larry Schweikart



1) In twin anti-affirmative action rulings, the USSC struck down affirmative action laws. One ruling was 6-3 against the U of North Carolina, the other 6-2 against Harvard (Jumpin’ Jackson Brown recused in the Harvard case). Roberts wrote the majority opinions.

-Students "must be treated based on his or her experiences as an individual, not on the basis of race.

2) A montage of lib spoogemonkeys melting down over the ruling.

3) Needless to say, affirmative action as an idea is over. Even progressive voters don’t like racial quotas.

4) Harvard hints it will use personal essays to circumvent the Court ruling.

-Sorry, Harvard. This won’t work. Any AI can write exactly what you want to see. And if you’re successful, just like the Court did with desegregation, you will be bludgeoned into compliance. Enjoy!!

5) Senator Tim “Bankster” Scott responded to Zero’s criticism of the Supe ruling, calling it “a lie from the pit of hell.”

-Zero’s whole presidency was from the pit of hell.

6) Michelle Obama, who attended both Princeton and Harvard, lectured the country about her “struggle.”

-Not sure what the problem here is unless she is complaining that they let a man in when they should have admitted a woman.

7) Appropriately, Kollyfornia’s black reparations task force has concluded two years of useless and racist work.

-Now, please make these people get a real job.

8) And in another ruling, this one 9-0 (!!!?), the Supes ruled in favor of religious freedom, saying a postal working in Pennsylvania could not be required to deliver packages on Sunday.

-Or, to quote Kanye West, “Closed on Sunday. You’re my Chik-fil-A”

9) Faux News’s latest poll shows President Trump’s lead over DeSantis has grown 19 points since February.

10) Maybe because 56% of U.S. voters see DeSantis as “unfavorable.”

11) While the evil and brain-challenged Koch Network plans to spend $70 million to block President Trump from the nomination.

-Probably means he now wins it by 60 instead of 50 points.


12) Ru Paul complains Trump may win if nominated.

-That’s the point, ya sphincterrocket.

13) Adam Carter says Durham ignored his assignment.

-I disagree. Durham’s real assignment all along was to be the clean-up crew and make sure nothing stuck to the FascistBI or Cankles. Job well done.

14) Inevitable suppression awaits the RFK, Jr. movement.

-Again, they will try. No one can truly suppress an idea or movement whose time has come. RFK, Jr. is the DemoKKKrats’ MAGA.

15) Florida has issued a statewide emergency malaria alert.

16) Ryan Burge argues that many of America’s largest 25 cities are fairly religious, and some have a higher share of religious adherents than the country overall.

-What we don’t know is how many of these people are in the Church of Moloch.

17) Yet another Groomer City casualty. A restaurant owner that first opened as a breakfast joint in 1953 shuts down for good, saying the city doesn’t support business.

-Well, hell no, it doesn’t. Where ya been, bub?

18) Rutabaga’s doctors say he’s fine . . .

-Yeah, for a demon-infested chodeslurping fungaldripping pusscratching demented analscab.

19) Tuppence has squirreled away $3.5 million in speaking fees, including over half a mil from the Moonies.

20) Scot Peterson, the cop who hid and waited outside while Nicky Cruz murdered helpless students inside, was found not guilty of all 11 charges of child neglect and negligence.

21) Murderers and drug dealers walk free while Seattle area cops go all hands on deck to find a car that left skid marks on a so-called “pride” crosswalk.

-Good for you, driver. I’d buy ya a gallon of gas if I knew ya.



22) U.S. Gross Domestic Income drops nearly 2%, and Rutabaga has added the same number of jobs in 2.5 years that Trump’s economy added after April 2020.


23) Pending home sales plunged in May, more than expected.

24) Bud Light getting to the end of its rope as it resorts to giving away free beer on the Fourth of July.

25) A “Retail Apocalypse” has forced Walgreens to close 150 stores by the summer of 2024.

-What, all those China Virus test kits and Elizabeth Holmes’ blood sample testers didn’t work out?



26) China and Sequoia Capital: a national security risk few will touch...

27) Burning a Koran in Sweden sparked mob outrage in the Muslim world.



28) Celebrities and influencers are demanding censorship of critics of transoidism.

29) Transoidism comes to elementary schools in Massachusetts.



30) Yankee pitcher Domingo German threw a perfect game, the fourth in Yankees’ history and the 24th overall.

31) Kathleen Kennedy did to Indiana Jones what Nazis, cults, and space aliens couldn’t.

32) Speaking of “Indiana Jones and the Plum-sized Prostate,” the film is set to make $65 million in its opening, but it has a budget near $300 million, not counting theater costs and marketing.

-By the 3rd weekend, “Mission Impossible 263" is coming out, so ol’ Indy has only two weeks to make its money.



33) A 28-year-old basketball player who complained of heart issues after the China Virus Vax died of a heart attack.

34) Dr. Fallacy’s adviser hid emails from FOIA requests by using a personal account.



35) And finally, Harvard’s women’s hockey team was forced to skate naked, leaving them with “bleeding nipples” after doing “supermans” across the ice. Harvard claims it will investigate.

-One thing is certain: we would quickly know who the women were on that team. And it wouldn’t be the players with bleeding boodeyguns or manbags.



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