Ukraine and Crimea: A U.S. Foreign Policy Disaster That Could Trigger a NUCLEAR World War

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  • 09/19/2023

Opinion, by Judy Morris 

The mess in Ukraine is the direct result of President Obama, the CIA, and Victoria Nuland engineering regime change in 2014. They tossed the legitimately elected government and put some dangerous folks in power in Kiev, including the Nazi Azov Battalion, which the CIA armed and trained to kill Russian-speaking folks in eastern Ukraine. The foreign policy goal of the United States is to purge Ukraine of Russian-speaking folks. Yes, it's an absolute genocide. Because Russian-speaking Ukrainians were being slaughtered on the orders of the U.S., Putin stepped in to protect them and their communities. The U.S. and its media war pimps went ballistic…how dare you, Mr. Putin, stop our genocide! 'How Dare You' is the perpetual battle cry of the pathetically whiny Greta Thunberg & her humanity-hating leftist pals.

Crimea became part of Russia in the 1700s. The Russians were constantly feuding with the Muslim Ottoman Empire, which militarily sought expansion into Russia. Russian towns bordering Crimea were constantly being plundered by the Ottomans, who also scooped up slaves. Crimea wasn't the only battle raging between Russia and the Ottoman Empire. The fearsome Ottoman Empire that aggressively expanded since its founding in the 1200s was finally receding mainly because of corruption, decay, and decadence (the typical symbols that trigger the collapse of empires). The Ottomans were dealt a devastating blow in 1683 when they were spectacularly defeated by the Gates of Vienna (another fascinating piece of history) in 1683, here. That defeat pretty much solidified the reality that the fate of the Ottoman Empire would be a slow and agonizing death. Everybody was hacking away at it until the end of WW I when the Ottoman Empire ceased to exist. As punishment for siding with the Germans in WWI, the Ottoman Empire was formally declared dead as nations fought for the spoils of war and, of course, its LAND.

Besides fighting the Ottomans, Russia had another serious problem. It had no access to a warm weather port which was critical because naval power is indeed a top priority for any top-tier military power. Its northern ports were frozen 6 months of the year, China was in the East, and Europe was in the West; accordingly, there was only one logical place for Russia to have a year around warm weather port. It would need access to the Black Sea.

The Ottoman Empire declared war on Russia, but the Russians and Ottomans fought about a dozen major wars over many years and a ton of minor skirmishes. It was the Russian Empress Catherine the Great who managed to ultimately win Crimea for Russia. Her prize was a strategically located warm weather port that would benefit the defense of Russia as well as facilitate trade. Before the treaty that granted Crimea to Russia, Russian trade was pretty much landlocked, and that was a huge problem for a country that had a ton of very productive farmland. In fact, when Hitler invaded Russia, he wanted its farmland to feed his growing Nazi German race of superhumans, which was obviously racist and evil.

Russia's first objective with Crimea was to build a naval base, which it did at Sevastopol between 1772 and 1783. Sevastopol houses Russia's critically important Black Sea Fleet.

Crimea created other problems for Russia. Its occupants mainly were Muslim Tartars who feuded with Orthodox Christians. Many of them were forcibly relocated by Stalin, but some stayed. When Obama started what was effectively a war on Russian-speaking Ukrainians and focused on the destruction of Russian-speaking towns on Ukraine's eastern front, the escalating death toll, destruction, and suffering became apparent, and the people in Crimea were justifiably terrified. They knew that U.S. foreign policy was gunning for them (Crimea was the ultimate prize, not Ukraine), and they also understood that destroying Crimea and its people was something the U.S. was more than willing to do to get to Sevastopol to destroy Russia's major warm weather naval base. Of course, churning Sevastopol into a U.S. military base was always the goal of our evil empire, whatever the human and financial cost.

The Obama Regime's Plan to Seize the Russian Naval Base in Crimea

The U.S. regime under Barack Obama had been planning, ever since June 2011, a takeover of Ukraine in order to become enabled ultimately to place its nuclear missiles within less than five minutes flying-time to a first-strike blitz destruction of the Kremlin (thus preventing any effective Russian counter-attack). However, things didn’t work out quite according to the plan…

The U.S. regime prepared for its planned takeover of Crimea…

The U.S. regime clearly, wanted the land, not the people who were living on it. The expectation, as soon as Ukraine was under U.S. control from the coup, had been that America would get the entirety of Ukraine, including Crimea; but, then, Russia’s Vladimir Putin stepped in…

So: the U.S. regime failed to get the naval base that it had expected to get in Sevastopol in Crimea. That was a crucial failure for Obama…

US Planned to Turn Crimea into Military Base Against Russia…

Russian President Vladimir Putin handled the situation brilliantly. He said LET'S VOTE, lol, and 'voting' is something the U.S. invokes for all its nasty interventions that always come with rigged elections. Putin masterfully organized a referendum giving the Crimeans a clear choice: stay with Ukraine and risk death and destruction at the hands of the U.S. or join with Russia. The Crimeans wisely voted to secede from Ukraine and place themselves under the protection of Putin. In fact, 96% of Crimeans, including its Muslims, which are an estimated 12-15% of the population, voted to divorce itself from Ukraine.

How did Crimea even become a part of Ukraine when it was always Russian with strong Russian loyalties, Russian culture, Russian language, etc.? In 1954 Nikita Khrushchev decided to give Crimea to Ukraine for reasons that aren't exactly clear here. The unsuspecting folks in Crimea were shocked and angered that THEY were unceremoniously just given to Ukraine, a nation they were never a part of. The Obama Administration knew this because it even hired pollsters to poll the Crimean people on the issue. The poll results were clear and unambiguous: the Crimeans were overwhelmingly and historically part of Russia because they shared language, culture, religion, etc. They are Russian, although there are Ukrainian-speaking folks in Crimea, but they are a minority who apparently are quite content staying in Crimea and have no desire to be part of Ukraine or the horrors the U.S. has inflicted upon that nation.

The entire Western media, including its government-controlled search engines, all started a massive censorship campaign claiming that President Putin just waltzed into Crimea, annexed it, and stole it against the wishes of the Crimean people. That is a big fat lie and a lie that the U.S. government and media cling to as a pretext to continue the Ukraine proxy war on Russia while still plotting how in the hell could the U.S. seize Crimea knowing that its people absolutely do not want a U.S. military invasion or occupation which is the only way Crimea can be delivered to U.S. control.

Summary and bottom line: Crimea has been part of Russia for hundreds of years and is culturally, politically, and religiously Russian. Khrushchev foolishly deeded it to Ukraine. America's foreign policy neocons attempted and continue to attempt to encircle Russia as well as plan to seize Crimea and specifically Sevastopol's Russian Black Sea Fleet.

Obama knew precisely what he was doing in 2014 and why. So did Putin and the Crimeans.

So the next time you hear some neocon or Republican or Democrat or media moron moaning about how Putin just stole Crimea right out from under our noses, please know the truth. The Crimeans are right where they want to be for their own safety and protection.

Meanwhile, uber psychopath Victoria Nuland, the CIA, and Biden Administration are literally foaming at the mouth over their outright failure to seize Crimea. Believe me, it's not off the table, and strikes on Crimea continue.

The Biden Administration very recently had its fingerprints all over the destruction of the Kakhovka Dam that flooded towns and villages while destroying homes and displacing folks.

Busted Big Time… U.S., NATO Ultimately Responsible for War Crime of Kakhovka Dam Destruction…

The blowing up of the Kakhovka dam this week is a monumental war crime tantamount to using a weapon of mass destruction against a civilian population. The ultimate perpetrators are the United States and its NATO partners in crime.

Revealed: Zelensky Carried Out the Kakhovka Dam ‘Attack.’ But Why?

Tucker Carlson is one of the few people in the U.S. media who connects the dots on Ukraine or anything else. His refusal to do the normal stenography, like so many U.S. journalists covering the war in Ukraine, has made Carlson really stand out.

When the Crimeans voted to be part of Russia, Putin built a vehicle and railroad bridge connecting Crimea to mainland Russia which opened in 2018. However, the bridge was blown up in October 2022.

Crimean Bridge explosion: What we know so far…The bridge connecting the peninsula with mainland Russia was badly hit

It's doubtful that Zelensky makes any decisions, and everything that happens is being orchestrated and ordered by the U.S. government, CIA, and Pentagon.

More importantly, it's imperative that folks understand that the U.S. and Russia each have about 5,000 nukes. Some crazies in Congress have already suggested nuking Russia.

Joe Biden Should Consider Nuclear Strike on Russia Over Ukraine—GOP Senator

If we nuke Russia and several lunatics are indeed salivating over actually doing it, make no mistake, Russia will nuke us back. If NATO attacks Russia, Russia will attack Europe and any NATO nation participating in attacks on Russia.

Finally, the biggest fear among those SANE folks who follow geopolitics and foreign policy is that the U.S. will implement a false flag attack to trigger WW III with nuclear-armed Russia. False flag attacks are common; governments use them all the time to earn support for their wars. LBJ used the Gulf of Tonkin false flag attack to justify accelerating U.S. military operations in Vietnam and Southeast Asia. Millions died for defense contractor profits, and you can be sure that Vietnam and millions of dirt poor peasants in southeast Asia who fish and farm to survive were never a national security threat to America.

The stone-cold reality of current U.S. foreign policy is the very real potential to once again unleash nuclear weapons upon humanity. Let that sink in.

Back in the Cold War era, talk of nuclear war was on the table. However and despite crazies on both sides (Russian and American), sanity prevailed because the concept of Mutually Assured Destruction prevailed. We can only hope (and pray) that these days there are more sane folks than crazy folks making decisions, but it's difficult to predict with any level of certainty, and that is definitely not a good sign for humanity or planet Earth.

In conclusion, I suppose we ought to be asking the big question. Why does the U.S. hate Russia, a country that has done NOTHING to harm America or Americans? Please note that 15 of the 911 terrorists who blew up the World Trade Center and Pentagon were Saudi nationals. Yet, we view Saudi Arabia as a friend. Yeah, I'm still scratching my head over that one.

Furthermore, Russia doesn't invade and occupy other countries, nor does it inflict violence on anybody. Yeah, the old Soviet Union and its totalitarian thugs did some nasty things, but the old Soviets had more friends in the West than Putin and modern-day Russia. I have my own theories on why the U.S. elites, globalists, and WEF gang hate Russia so much, and I've taken a dive into two issues: 1. Russia and its vast energy resources and 2. Deliberately destroying the dollar as the world's reserve currency.

Why Does The West HATE Vladimir Putin And Russia To The Point That It's Willing To Risk Nuclear War? The answer is sinister and pure concentrated evil.

We need to understand all the moving parts of motives, geopolitics, and foreign policy decisions because the fate of humanity hangs in the balance. We cannot trust our government or the media. We either wake up or perish.

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