The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow June 26, 2023

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow —
Commentary by Larry Schweikart



1) Representatives Greene and Stefanik have moved to expunge Trump’s impeachments from the Congressional Record.

2) In a new NBC poll, President Trump is over 50% and has doubled his lead over DeSantis—who had a VERY good week-10 days.

3) A shocking 74% of voters say the country is on the wrong track.

4) Six ways in which the Rutabaga’s demonic administration has exposed what Zero started.

5) Peter Schweizer alleged that Hunter Biteme paid for a private global cell phone for Rutabaga when he was veep, I guess, to ensure 10% for the big guy.

6) Is the Hoax News Media turning? The Communist Broadcasting Network admits whistleblowers show “sweeping misconduct” in the Hunter Biteme case.

7) CNN? Really? “Fact Check: Rutabaga makes five false claims about guns.”

8) Rep. Darrell Issa Tweets that Rutabaga has officially lawyered up. Hmm. We’ll see. Issa was wrong on a lot of the “Muh Russia” hoax.

9) Predictable. Two Republicans blocked an effort to defund the DEI movement in the military.

10) Well, slap my dappy and call me Skippy. Jumpin’ Jackson Brown sided with the USSC conservatives in an illegal criminal deportation case.

11) Also, in a 7-2 ruling, the Court said that “encouraging” illegal immigration for gain is lawful because of “protected speech,” namely that merely telling someone “I encourage you to move to the U.S.” would have been a criminal offense.

12) The lunatic psychiatrist who called Trump supporters mentally ill lost in court against Yale, who released her.

13) Abortions actually increased in Florida post-Dobbs because it borders so many states with tighter restrictions.

14) IRS whistleblowers confirm that the FascistBI knew Hunter Biteme’s laptop was authentic in 2019 but still encouraged the Hoax News media to believe it was “Russian disinfo.”

15) Just like that, the Kollyfornia drought is over, and the reservoirs are full.

16) What “systemic racism? A study of Minnesota shows, duh, most violent crimes are committed by blacks: 62% of violent crimes are committed by 6.4% of the population that “just happens to be black.”

17) Jeffrey Sachs gets partially red-pilled.

18) How did the Transoid/Homosexuals lose the public? Easy, say commentators from all sides: children.

-However, I submit that you cannot constrain the debate to “autonomy” and “letting people do their own thing” because, eventually, all private morality becomes a public concern. This is why we have laws.

19) Apply this issue, for example, to the elite war on free thought. The objective isn’t for the government to censor you but to condition you to censor yourself. And how many have already done so simply by agreeing to terms such as “gay” (instead of homosexual or deviant) or “pro-choice” instead of “pro-abortion and death?”

20) In line with that, are we now at a new man, the Administrative Man?

21) Thank God no one will listen to this lefty, who always makes good points. Ruy Teixeira gives five reasons why the DemoKKKrats should focus obsessively on working-class voters.

-“But to be really sure of beating Trump (and that’s important, right?), substantial working-class gains by the Democrats are absolutely essential.” Won’t happen because DemoKKKrats are now totally obsessed with elitism, victimcy, money, money, and money. They are the uber-rich party now.



22) Misery indices all point to Americans being almost twice as miserable under Rutabaga than pre-China Virus Trump, with 25 straight months of falling weekly wages.

23) The worst charities in America, giving over 90% to fat cat execs.

24) When billions in subsidies can’t keep electric vehicle charging stations in service.

25) To even have a hope of reaching the “energy transition” numbers, Rutabaga’s administration would have to install 47,000 miles of new high-capacity transmission lines by 2035.

-Let’s do context, shall we? In a Wyoming wind farm, to go 732 miles westward to supply Kollyfornia, developers estimated it would take . . . 18 years. Did you get that?

26) J. P. Morgan says that household excess savings will be gone by October.

27) New Kabul, concerned about the e-bikes (i.e., the E-nfernos) has allocated $25 million for charging stations (i.e., mini-Chernobyls).



28) Who didn’t see this coming? The nation’s first transoid legislator was arrested for kiddie porn.



29) In what the pro-Uke Western media are calling a “coup” (it’s not), Russia has charged  Yevgeny Prigozhin with “treason.” This is complex and has been long in building. Yevgeny Prigozhin heads the mercenary Wagner Group that did most of the tough fighting in Bakhmut, sparing the Russkie army from casualties there. He has a beef with the Russkie defense minister Sergei Shoigu and with Russkie General on the scene, Gerimisov. Breitbart covers it here.

30) For a deeper dive, the Duran covers it here

31) And an update as Lukashenko, the Belarus President, negotiated with Prigozhin and stopped the military convoys. Priggy will get exiled, Wagner returns to the front, and Pootie-poot looks like a hero.

32) Supporters blast the rigged trial of Benjamin Netanyahu after a report shows the bribery case falling apart.

-Folks, they MUST keep three people out of office (the Big Three) plus two peripherals (The Big Five). The Big Three are Trump, Netanyahu, and Putin. None of these go along with the globalist agenda. The Big Five include Bolsonaro and Modhi, each of whom will respond to the right anti-globalist incentives but will have no choice but to side with the globalists as long as Rutabaga is in office—and, obviously, Bolsonaro was kicked out in a Brazilian version of the Big Cheat.

33) Increasingly, I am seeing stories such as this: “China’s economy is faltering.”

34) In Canada, the greatly relaxed euthanasia laws are having exactly the intended effect. Now a coroner may allow the removal of organs or tissue “notwithstanding that death has not yet occurred.” So even if the guy is screaming, “I’m not quite dead yet,” you can take his kidneys or eyes.

35) UK’s “net zero” plans have fallen apart as Labour postponed a 28 billion pound sterling green plan.

36) While PM Rishi Sunak scrapped a net zero pledge to ban coal . . ..

37)  . . . and Britain’s wind farms won’t be built just a year after winning gubment contracts.

38) Meanwhile, Sweden is throwing in the towel, building new nuke plants.

39) A ChiCom invasion of Taiwan would “wreck” the U.S. economy, or so says the unbiased U.S./Taiwan Business Council, which I’m sure has no dog in this, er, fight.



40) Rotten Tomatoes put out a “Top 30 Movies of all time” list, and I quit after the first six. I wouldn’t have any of them in my top 1,000.

41) Apparently, there is a writers’ strike—but no one has noticed.

-Drunk AI can do a better job than these woke pus toilets.

42) Hikers found human remains where actor Julian Sands disappeared in January.

43) “The Flash” struggling to keep up with the flop, “Black Adam,” whereas “Elemental,” outperforming expectations, is still struggling.



44) The U.S. has declassified the report on the origins of the China Virus that supports the “lab leak” theory.

-Yeah, duh. But was the leak deliberate?



45) This psychologist discusses the five signs you’re a highly sensitive person.

-YOU HEAR THAT? I mean, really, please (sniff) read the story. It makes me sad that you won’t read the story.

What? No. I’m fine. Really. Just fine.



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