The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow June 15, 2023

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow —
Commentary by Larry Schweikart


1) Trump’s accusers are using a weak and never-before-employed legal theory.

2) This is very troubling. Fat Frank Luntz, who rarely is right, says Trump can win in 2024.

3) How stupid are the ESG ratings? Tesla, a company that makes electric cars, has a worst score than Altria, one of the largest tobacco makers in the world.

4) Reuters is very concerned that there is a sharp decline in the appetite for news.

-Pssst. Reuters. That’s cuz it’s not news.

5) Iowa, the Florida of the North, is prospering under Governor Kim Reynolds while Minnesota, or Northern Somalia, is floundering under the burden of illegals, unchecked crazy immigration, lunatic transoid laws, and leftist dog-drizzle policies.

6) FBI Deputy Director Paul Abbate admitted the FascistBI redacted the mention of audio recordings of Rutabaga and Hunter Biteme in a document handed to GOP lawmakers last week.

7) Where we are: this evil, demonic spizz-juggler administration has blocked arms sales to Hungary—not woke enough, not anti-Russkie enough—but pours money into the losing Uke war.

8) The “speedy trial” of the accused, namely Trump, won’t be so speedy. Discovery alone could take a year. A reelected Trump can pardon himself.

9) This is the way you do it: Senator J.D. Vance will block all DoJ appointees and “grind his department to a halt.”

10) Rutabaga’s border: Dangerous criminals enter and stay.

-The worse are in the White House.

11) Homosexuals, transoids, etc., have more mental health and substance problems than normal people.

12) DeSantis announced his plans to deal with the “weaponized” DOJ.

-Virtually all of these things were already in the works under Trump when the pandemic hit.

13) Twenty stupid Republicans voted to block the censure of Schiffty the Human Lemur. Zen Master says it would have been unconstitutional.

-Don’t care. DO IT. Make HIM prove it’s unconstitutional, just like they do with us.

14) Small victory: the GOP won a Maine House seat in a special election.

15) New Kabul (NYC) Mayor Eric the Red Adams is exporting the illegals sent to his hellhole to small-town New York, calling it a “decompression strategy.”

-They ought to decompress him right back and return the busses full.

16) The once-great Johns Hopkins U can’t figure out what a woman is. A “Non-man.”

17) Good. The Southern Baptist Convention booted “Purpose-Driven Life” author Rick Warren and his church from the denomination after it added female pastors.

-Some of you will disagree with me on this but I find this guy totally apostate and did not get much from his book.



18) More on the Groomer City Westfield mall: it lost 46% of its stores since 2020 and its food court lost more than one-third of restaurants amid crime sprees.

19) This celeb hair cutter sold his New Kabul (NYC) home for about at $3m loss.

20) The ChiComs have boosted their crude oil import quotas by 20% from last year.

21) A Fed jury in New Jersey unanimously held that Starbuqua fired a regional manager in 2018 cuz she was white, and she was awarded $25.6 million in damages.

22) The Fed keeps rates at 5.25% but warns of two more rate hikes comin’.

23) The Bud Light collapse just won’t stop. Ten weeks after the transoid ad, Bud Light volume declines got worse last week, dropping by another 3.8%.



24) McMaster University has a major sex-hoax problem as a “sex ring” scandal fell apart.

-Of course, the accused were permanently damaged.

25) The ChiComs have instituted a “reverse” opium war with fentanyl.

-While Rutabaga and his demon spawn take money from ChiCom deals.

26) A Europe-China silicon carbide joint venture to combat the U.S. tech war. Players are choosing sides.

27) Tijuana’s mayor is forced to live at an army base after threats and seven bodies were found in a truck.

28) A Jim-Jones-like cult is alive and kicking, well, kinda, in Kenya, where 19 new bodies were found, bringing the total to 300.

29) A stabbing rampage in Nottingham, England, where the cops say they are “open-minded” to all explanations of the murder that don’t involve radical Muslims.[/embed]

30) While the English ladies angling team is in chaos when half the squad quits in protest over allowing a man transoid to compete.

-They ALL should have quit.



31) Women’s basketballer Brittney Griner says she has a newfound appreciation for the National Anthem.

-Good for her. Too bad it took a foreign jail to teach her.



32) A Harvard Med School morgue manager “stole heads, brains, skin, bones from donated bodies” and took them to his New Hampshire home where he and his wife sold them.

-Sold them as what? DemoKKKrat voters?



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