The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow June 12, 2023

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow —
Commentary by Larry Schweikart


1) There are two reasons President Trump is going to be indicted over the whole documents hoax tomorrow. One was they just want to get him in any way possible. But the other was that Rutabaga was paid $5 million directly by Burisma to change US foreign policy.

2) Also see here for some of the charges:

3) Mark Halperin, trying desperately to tamp down the reality, says “Advantage Trump” after the indictment. Yeah, duh.

4) Americans disagree with affirmative action, 50-33. Progress.

5) North Carolina’s GOP has censured Sen. Thom Tillis for supporting illegal criminal invaders and homosexual/transoid rights.

-By the way, this is exactly the kind of senator you would get with state legislatures again appointing senators: former speaker of the NC House, insider, not a conservative.

6) Thank God: in the court of public opinion, genderbenders are losing. (% who say that there are only two sexes, 2021 = 59%, 2023 65%)

7) Lib parents whose kids died from fentanyl overdoses blamed the “extreme left” policies for making the crisis worse. Well, hate to be a downer here, but it’s your fault. You are the voters who put these people in. There is NO “extreme left.” It is the entire DemoKKKrat Party.

8) A portion of I-95 collapsed in Kinshasa-on-the-Delaware.

9) The Unabomber, Ted Kaczynski, 81, “died by suicide” in a prison cell.

10) Inevitable. Parents, leave Kollyfornia as quickly as possible. A new bill would treat “non-affirmation” (that is, lying about a kid’s chromosomes) as against the kid’s “best interests” in custody disputes.

11) The Department of INJustice must respond to a complaint filed by the Trump valet’s attorney alleging the prosecutor tried to bribe him in return for testimony. Good. FIGHT BACK.[/embed]

12) Liberals always fail up. Beetlejuice now has a gig teaching health policy at Harvard.[/embed]

13) The Muslim community is finally waking up to the unholy alliance with demonic DemoKKKrats over parental rights.

14) Another lying DemoKKKrat—but I repeat myself—as NY Assemblywoman Inez Dickens lied about a Howard (not Harvard!) University Degree. Now, I know Howard is part of the “Elite Eight,” and it ain’t exactly Picacho Peak State College, but is Howard worth lying about?

15) The rise of “Trantifa,” the fascist, violent transoids seeking to Moloch-ize our nation.



16) The Fed is set to pause and a Bull Market is seen ahead along with inflation.

17) Vineyard Wind is starting construction on wind farms near Martha’s Vineyard and has a license to kill whales.

18) Cracker Barrel Restaurants now becomes the latest business to hate its customers.[/embed]

19) A billionaire Trump supporter John Catsimatidis has offered to buy CNN. Better have Terminex and the fungal patrol go in first.

20) Energy Secretary admitted to giving false testimony.

-Well, yeah, all DemoKKKrats lie. It’s part of their DNA.

21) Tar-Gay continues its collapse, hit with another downgrade: “diminished store traffic” and “Walmart gobbling up Tar-Gay’s market share.

22) Several reasons U.S. shale drillers are slowing down.

23) Bartenders say no one wants Bud Light at their events.

24) American banks have shut down 10,000 branches since the China Virus.

25) Good. Businesses are fleeing Groomer City, as officials brace for a $1.3 billion budget deficit in five years. I have a solution. Just tax the Groomers, the homeless, and the druggies.



26) David Blackmon relates how the WEF no longer hides its desire for western decline.

27) In Canada, a man with only one listed condition as a reason for wanting to die, hearing loss, was euthanized.

28)  Scientists at Wuhan were working alongside ChiCom military to creat the world’s most deadly coronaviruses just before the China Virus outbreak began.

29) Increasing news about the ground reality in Ukraine is seeping out with the counteroffensive going badly. Now the Ukes have lost two Bradley fighting vehicles and a German Leopard Tank (at least).

30) Funny. ‘Member when libs used to praise the Euro “health systems” and say they were so much further ahead than ours? Well, in the last 3 years, Sweden refused to lock down, and now multiple Euro states are banning transoid procedures including puberty blockers and child mutilations.

-Maybe the libtoids were right?

31) The Canadian official appointed to oversee claims about election fraud in Canada has quit.

32) Comical at this point as Rutabaga sends more money to the Ukes.

33) Britain’s Green Energy Disaster should be a warning to the U.S.



34) Slimy Marvel couldn’t get past the conservative fan bases for the “Punisher” and was unable to rebrand him without guns but with some goofball superpower. Hence, they have eliminated him.

35) To show you how totally done conservatives are with Faux News, despite an absence of commercial breaks and wall to wall Trump indictment, Faux couldn’t even get to 2 million viewers in the 8 o’clock hour on June 8.


36) Ok, I admit I liked “FUBAR” with Aaaahhhnold Schwartzenegger, “The Covenant,” “Citadel,” and “Luther” (yes, I’m just getting around to these. But a must see is “The Diplomat with Keri Russell. Meanwhile, I dropped the “Shazam” sequel at the first homosexual reference, even after the second time couldn’t get past the first episode of “Succession,” and am trying to figure out “The Consultant.”



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