The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow May 24, 2023

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow —
Commentary by Larry Schweikart


1) As predicted by Robert Barnes, the judge in the Kari Lake signature match trial denied finding sufficient evidence of any fraud. Barnes showed that in his initial statements, the judge set the bar so high even F. Lee Baily couldn’t have won that one. Continued corruption in AZ.

-But, you know, it’s normal that a quarter of a million ballot signatures are verified in 3 seconds.

2) Some 62% of Americans are increasingly worried about Rutabaga’s mental fitness. What, just now?

3) An early glimpse of the dangers of AI as a fake image showing an explosion at the Pentagon sent markets plummeting.

-Course, we also have the ongoing fake image of a brainless, deadman acting as POTUS.

4) Rutabaga will end familial DNA testing at the border, which supposedly allowed illegal criminals to bring in children not their own.

-As if it did anything.

5) Shocked! Rutabaga and McCarthy agreed to a debt deal, so no default.

-Told ya. These scrotumcanoes would never permit a default. They’d lose too much money.

6) You wanna know how deeply entrenched the homosexual/pedophile movement is already in the schools? A Glenn Hills, Georgia, elementary school teacher’s aide who previously faced charges of child molestation for licking a young boy’s feet is back, foot licking again.

-Lord, please give me the dragons from Game of Thrones, just for a week. Then you can do what You want with me.

7) This is the way to deal with this garbage: tampon dispensers in BOYS’ bathrooms are being put in toilets.

8) Preparing for a false flag? Senators have been issued satellite phones for emergency communications.

9) New footage shows police stations in Bengahzi-by-the-Lake filled with mattresses and illegal criminals as the city struggles to house 200 new illegal criminals each day.

10) While DemoKKKrats pitched a plan to turn NYU dorms into illegal criminal migrant shelters.

11) Oh? Denver’s griddle-gidget mayor said that the illegal criminals bussed by Gov. Greg Abbott probably would have ended up there anyway and that the influx was “unsustainable.”

12) A second IRS Hunter Biteme whistleblower has come forward and was threatened with criminal prosecution. Department of INJustice acted inappropriately. Shocked.

13) TheLastRefuge asks, “Is Faux News coordinating with the DeSoros Never Back Down” PAC?”

14) Oracle’s Larry Ellison set to donate millions to back Tim “Bankster” Scott’s presidential run. Yeah, ol Bankster is for the little people, all right.

15) “Is the Republican Party in Trouble in 2024?”

-My answer: not a bit if you can even ameliorate the fraud, let alone control it.



16) The core inflation rate is up 244% under Rutabaga, food is up 46%, and gas is up 60%.

17) Ford has reversed course and will keep AM radios in cars.

18) Good: Anson Frericks, the former president of Anheuser-Bush, said Bud Light and other brands would suffer unless they could persuade customers they prioritize them rather than social issues. He forecast a “long, hot, dry summer” for the company.

19) And Bud Light sales tanked another 25%, affecting all brands, including Michelob.

20) Rent inflation red hot.



21) A Qatari minister says the “worst is yet to come” for Europe’s energy shortages.

-May they freeze burning their copies of the Unibomber manifesto and Das Kapital.

22) Belgium’s Prime Minister Alexander De Croo criticized the “de-growth” policy and called for a regulatory break.

-Inch by inch, these mo-tards are figuring out that you need oil.

23) A petroleum economist says the rise of the BRICS countries challenges the oil world order.

24) Millions in Me-hee-Co are preparing for evacuation as Mount Popo volcano appears ready to blow. (Popocatepetl)

25) Love it. This story leaked out: Dozens of giant wind turbines in Scotland are driven by diesel generators. So they are net CONSUMERS of energy and of fossil fuels to boot!

26) Debt-ridden ChiCom cities face “brutal” cutbacks.

-I don’t understand—why don’t they just print money like we do?

27) Brit Prime Minister Rishi Sunak herald’s the “biggest crackdown on migration” ever by tightening student visas.

-Barn door, meet horse.



28) Critical Drinker destroys the latest Indiana Jones movie, “Indiana Jones and the Recliner of Leisure,” or whatever it’s called. Could “be the nail in Lucasfilm’s coffin.”

-Let’s hope so.

29) After YellowFlash’s report yesterday that the “Little Mermaid” remake’s toys were already in the discount bin—and it hasn’t been released yet—now the show’s pre-ticket sales show the worst-performing Disney release in Chy-na.

-This won’t end well for woke Disney.

30) How the “Life of Brian” made the world a worse place.

-Yeah, it was funny, and yeah, at times, it spread the wealth around. But in the end, it also undermined Christianity. How exactly did that help?



 31) Steve Kirsch: “Can you name five unvaxxed Amish who died from the China Virus?” Supposedly they should have died in droves.



32) One lost suitcase went on a 12,400-mile trip across Canada and the U.S.

-Yes, but did it bring back a T-shirt?


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