The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow May 22, 2023

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow —
Commentary by Larry Schweikart


1) Hey, remember all that cleanup on aisle five that was going to occur after the Durham report? Now a FISA court report says the FascistBI continued to abuse surveillance tools after the Trump abuses.

2) Be vewy, vewy caweful with any polls but a new Harvard-Harris poll shows Trump obliterating DeSantis and opening up a big lead over Rutabaga.

3) While Richard Baris’s poll of the Rust Belt comes to the same conclusion: Trump would annihilate RDS, who is further from Trump than RFK Jr. is from Rutabaga. Also, Trump is up 7 in the Midwest.

4) Whoops. It appears the Pentagon said it accidentally overvalued U.S. military aid to the Ukes by $3 billion.

-“Ho, ho, ho,” says the accountant. “I misplaced a decimal point.”

5) Lunatic DemoKKKrats in the House hearing with the FascistBI whistleblowers were accusing Marcus Allen of tweets that another Marcus Allen made, then went on to act as though the Marcus Allen in front of them nevertheless made the tweets!

-Outrageous but par for the course from these scrotumchickens.

6) A good summary by Techno Fog of how the journalists lied and covered up the Hoax “Muh Russia” report and never once apologized or retracted.

7) The U.S. Supreme Court dismissed the Republican states’ Title 42 case as moot since the emergency ran out. Justice Gorsuch no doubt exemplified the frustration of justices by saying, “We are a court of law, not policymakers of the last resort.”

8) And the Court ruled in favor of Twitter, Google, and Facebook in a liability case regarding terrorists who posted materials on the sites.

-Is section 230 of the Federal Communications Decency Act still under scrutiny by Congress? Stay tuned.

9) The Texas attorney general has launched an investigation of Texas Children’s Hospital and its continuation of child mutilation surgeries despite a vow to stop.

10) The New York Slimes has attacked de-transitioners for using their stories to help stop the mutilation of children.

11) Austin, Texas, has dropped on the list of “best places to live” for the third year in a row. From 2017-19 it was #1, now #40. But you know, bring in more homeless snucklebutters.

12) Speaking of Texas, Gov. Greg Abbott is now bussing illegal criminals to Denver. Good. Keep ‘em flowin’ to blue cities.

13) Two New Kabul cops allegedly stood by while a Chinatown woman was killed in her home.

-Please do not pay any attention to the race of the alleged perp.

14) Tracy Vanderhulst, named Teacher of the Year, is accused of having a sexual relationship with a 16-year-old in Southern Kollyfornia—the third case of its kind from the same school in less than a decade.

15) Two big victories for “New Hope Family Services” in New York. This is a pro-traditional family adoption and pregnancy counseling service that has just won two separate court orders in which the state was ordered to pay the adoption service settlements.

16) Also a victory for pro-life in Kollyfornia as the state has backed down on forcing doctors to participate in assisted soooo-eeee-cide.



17) This is why as a company, you never, ever get involved in culture wars. You can’t win. Now Anheuser-Busch has lost its transoid/homosexual rating for missing a “key moment” to stand up for spooginess.

-So the company will get it from both sides, kind of symbolic for the, er, topic.

18) Americans struggle to pay bills as credit card use spikes.

19) From former Levis exec (fired because of her insistence that the schools open up), Jennifer Sey, Randi Weingarten is the #1 reason public schools in America stayed closed.

-Respect this woman: she put her kids in Groomer City Public Schools, so she isn’t a hypocrite.

20) A new land grab by the feds in the form of “conservation leases.” Would make conservation a “use” just like mining, timber, or grazing.



21) Inflation has re-accelerated in Japan, hitting a 41-year high.

22) The useless impersonator of a Canadian Prime Minister, Just-a Turd-o, pushed a transoid/homosexual agenda at the G7 meetings and got no love at all from Italy’s superwoman Giorgia Meloni.

23) Pro-Russian Wagner forces have taken Bakhmut.

24) Euro idiocy continues as Dutch farmers are restricted to two cows per field.

25) A defense analyst says that the Russkie military adapted and is now a more formidable enemy for the Ukes.

-Yeah, particularly since the long fight over Bakhmut was waged almost entirely by Russkie proxies against Uke regulars.

26) Nicaragua’s dictatorship just announced the “voluntary dissolution” of a university preparing seminary students.

-Well, that’s normally bad. But given the state of today’s seminary students, is it really?

27) Despite Western attempts to isolate Russia, the trade between Russia and the other BRICS nations has reached record levels. India trades more now with the ChiComs than with the U.S.



28) The great Jim Brown, arguably the best NFL running back ever, died at age 87.

29) Rapper and actor Ice Cube has called on black Americans to ditch the DemoKKKrat Party.

30) The Big LewBrewski, LeBron James, is on the verge of signing off on his career as the Denver Nuggies win game 3 of their series. He can no longer dominate a game.

31) Don Draper, the ad genius behind “I’d Like to Buy the World a Coke” and the basis of the “Mad Men” show, died at age 97.

-And I have a story. Around 2009 I was co-authoring a book with Mark Stein, the singer/keyboardist for the psychedelic rock band “Vanilla Fudge.” When the Fudge broke up, Mark moved to New York and began a short career writing jingles. He was among three people brought in for the new Coca-Cola campaign. His jingle was, “people like you like Coke.” It was good but beaten out by “It’s the Real Thing/I’d Like to Buy the World a Coke.”



32) The Brits are trying to tell us how to pronounce various food names. They still miss it:

“Espresso: burned coffee.”

“Worcestershire Sauce: ain’t jalapeno.”

“Bruschetta: non-sammich.”

“Bolognese: that I-talian stuff made from ketchup”

And they totally missed these:

“Salad: non-food and a promise of food to come”

“Kentucky breakfast: a shot of Jim Beam and a chaw of tabaccky.”



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