The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow May 19, 2023

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow —
Commentary by Larry Schweikart



1) Former AG Barrstool, who has been on all sides of the issue, now says the Durham report has “vindicated” Trump and calls the FBI probe an “abomination.”

-Now, stay tuned for his comments 180 degrees opposite next week.

2) Rutabaga can’t even open an umbrella as he lands in Japan, which he probably thought was China. Or one of those other African countries.

3) I’m not optimistic about the Lake case, given the incredibly narrow way the judge defined the signature match issue, but Lake’s attorney notes that Maricopa County’s own data shows a massive issue with the review of 334,000 ballots.

4) The U.S. Supreme Court has allowed an Illinois gun control law to remain in effect.

-My court guru, Zen Master, says the Supes want the “lower courts to hash it out.” If they don’t get it right, Supes will step in again.

5) From The Federalist: “The unspoken warning in the Durham Report is that American Self-Government is Collapsing.”

COMMENT: No, it’s not “unclear how to keep it from happening again.” You prosecute the perpetrators, TOP TO BOTTOM, with extreme prejudice. No, you can’t change attitudes, but you can change actions. While all morality is bottom-up, it must BEGIN with top-down modeling and examples. Above all, people will submit to the law if they believe, in the long run, the law is fair if they have a fair trial (which cannot happen in New Kabul or parts of Kollyfornia); if they aren’t charged for crimes that everyone commits just because they happen to be the wrong color or political affiliation; and that the people “at the top” will absolutely enforce the “big stuff” and NOT shy away from charging people who commit the truly heinous acts as we did with the Rosenbergs. And yes, I’d have Combover (Comey), Brennanski (Brennan), and the Clap (Clapper) all charged with capital crimes of treason.

6) Oh, it’s just now dawning on people that homeless and junkies and looters and ferals in the streets may just dampen tourism? Shocked!

7) Inevitable: Baltimore has now blamed Hyundai and Kia for making cars “too easy to steal” and has launched a lawsuit.

8) Twenty-four Republican governors have pledged to assist Texas in securing its.. border... correction, OUR border.

9) Oh God. Just when you started to like RFK, Jr., He has named Dennis the Menace as his campaign manager.

-Cuz, you know, he had such success at the national level.

10) In testimony before the House, the FascistBI was concerned that revealing footage would expose undercover agents and informants, whom we all knew was there.

-Where are you, Ray Epps?

11) Manchin-on-a-Hill blocked Rutabaga’s “Energy Efficiency” nominee.



12) I support President Trump in the primary. However, this piece of news is not to be laid at DeSantis’s feet: Disney has canceled a $1 billion development in Downtown Disney.

13) U.S. leading economic indicators tumble for the 13th straight month, but don’t worry: Rutabaga has this under control

14)  . . . while existing home sales have fallen 23% in April.

15) Walgreens is paying Groomer City (SF) $230m in the city’s win in an opioid case.

-Good. Now close all stores in Groomer City and leave. That $230m will keep the place running for a week.

16) Bud Light has launched Camo-Print cans to try to get their base back after the crashing sales associated with the transoid ad.

17) While Bud Light is mocked for giving rebate coupons for more than the case of beer is worth.

-They literally cannot give it away.



18) Orcas have sunk three boats in Europe and appear to be teaching others to do the same.

-This didn’t work out well for Bo Derek.

19) Good interview with China specialist Dan Wang by Noah Smith. Says China is 10 years behind the U.S. in chips and is years behind in aviation but has caught up in manufacturing.



20) Sigh. I have to discuss the two disgusting people I never want to include here, Megxit and the Ginger Duke, who now claim they were in a “near catastrophic” car chase in New Kabul.

-#1, you can’t go anywhere in New Kabul over 30 mph due to traffic, and #2, their driver says it’s BS.

21) Speaking of transoid scrotumpumpers, Sam Brinton, the luggage-stealing Rutabaga official, has been arrested as a fugitive from justice.

22) The new woke “Transformers” movie is already DOA. It’s sandwiched between another Spider-Man and the latest Fast and Furious in the series.

-Wait for it: these people are really gonna make the “Transformers” into “Trans-formers.”



23) I know this is really on the minds of most people: “How ugly was Socrates?”

-I dunno. Worse than Michael Obama?



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