The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow May 18, 2023

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow —
Commentary by Larry Schweikart



1) Shocked! Rutabagta’s family business transactions were made intentionally “difficult to understand” where the money came from, says a scholar.

2) Hard to argue otherwise: President Trump has claimed credit for all abortion bans.

3) The House has requested testimony from John (Sloth) Durham as the report on the illegal FBI probe into the Trump campaign is released.

4) Emasculation of the U.S. military is the price it has paid for going woke.

5) One of Rutabaga’s new U.S. attorneys, Rachel Rollins, who refused to prosecute crimes such as shoplifting, breaking & entering, and resisting arrest, has resigned.


6) File under “Chickens coming home to roooooossssst.” A man who assaulted DemoKKKrat congressional staff with a baseball bat had previous assault charges dropped by a Soros-funded prosecutor.

7) U.S. depression rates hit an all-time high. What do you expect with Rutabaga running the country?

8) I don’t think he meant for it to be this transparent. The Supreme Court’s “Transparency Director” is in a panic over a leak of all its donors. “I just f**ed up,” said Gabe Roth, the executive leaker.

9) Despite saying so otherwise, doctors at Texas Children’s Hospital continue to perform transoid mutilations.

10) Richard Baris’s latest poll shows President Trump beating Rutabaga head to head by 7 (up two from the last poll), Rutabaga beating RDS by 4 (also up 2 from the last poll). In head-to-head between Trump and RDS, Trump leads among women by 49% and among college and grad school voters by 30%.

11) While Rasmussen has Trump with a 45-point lead over RDS among GOP voters.

12) Naaa, no favoritism here. The IRS has axed the entire team investigating Hunter Biteme.

13) President Trump has hit DeSantis over the Jacksonville mayor’s race flipping to a DemoKKKrat.

-For reasons I can’t disclose, I am somewhat familiar with Jax politics and know that in previous instances, deals were cut in which each party agreed to let the other win certain races. In some cases, no candidate at all was run. Perhaps, in this case, a poor candidate was chosen.

14) Equally important primary in Kinshasa-on-the-Delaware (Philly) as the hard-on-crime, hire 300-more-cops, stop-and-frisk supporting Cherelle Parker won (likely to win the general). Ran as a rep of the "middle neighborhoods."

15) Mayor Eric The Red Adams of New Kabul (NYC) refuses to hold any public hearings on where illegal criminals will be housed.

16) I’m sure this is just an oversight. 60,000 lbs of explosive ammonium nitrate are missing from a train in Kollyfornia. Terry Nichols is still in prison, right?

17) Good for him. GOP presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy has given $10,000 to the Daniel Penny legal fund.



18) Woke Target CEO says, “We’re seeing ‘violent’ incidents in our stores, and it’s costing us millions.”

19) U.S. housing starts fell 22% from last year.

20) Shocked! Transoid influencer partnerships dropped after the Bud Light screw-up.

21) GM has recalled nearly one million vehicles as part of an airbag problem.

22) Half of Americans say their biggest budget expense is food, despite inflation (supposedly) slowing.



23) Ukraine said its Patriot battery was undamaged, ignoring the fact that it fired 30 Patriot missiles in 2 minutes (the U.S. only makes 240 a year).

24) Shaken by matters in Chile and Paraguay, Ecuador’s president dismissed the legislature. “Too much democracy goin’ on out dere.”



25) Miller Lite now itself is getting in deeper, saying that women shouldn’t have to “mudwrestle” to sell beer. Looks like Coors will be the beneficiary out of these lunatic marketers.

26) This will go well: Sean Hannity has replaced the Tuckster at the 8:00 pm slot.

27) And just as if nothing happened, the world’s greatest actor, “Awwwww-eeeeck Bawwww-dwin” will star in a new feature film about the Kent State shooting in 1970.



28) We have the rise of the “Mommunes,” where divorced mothers split household bills. Is this the same as the “Milfunes?” Asking for a friend.




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