The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow May 17, 2023

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow —
Commentary by Larry Schweikart



1) DeSantis appears to be close to actually “launching” his presidential run after months of claiming he wasn’t running and sinking in the polls. (The last national poll showed his popularity dropping every month since January).

2) Rutabaga gave over $1m to the border patrol before Title 42 expired.

Oh, not OUR border control. Ukraine’s.

3) President Trump is indicted by Boast ‘n’ Bragg, while Hunter Biteme runs free, having sold American secrets to the ChiComs, and now Gillum’s Island takes his coke habit and sees charges dismissed.

4) Qanon and “Trust the Plan” were psyops designed to steal the 2020 election and include the snotgagging “Patriot Front” of FBI paddledippers.

5) Rutabaga may halt plans to move Space Command to Alabama because of the state’s abortion law.

-These people are evil, evil, evil Moloch lovers.

6) Unimpressive GOP “candidate” for president, former Arkansas Governor Asap’s Fables, whines that Trump will use the Durham report to “undermine all of law enforcement.”

-Well, Asap, maybe it should be undermined if it’s this corrupt.

7) Rock and Roller Kid Rock has donated $5,000 to Daniel Penny’s legal defense fund.

8) An Oregon child transoid clinic director took mucho dinero from the developer of a puberty blocker.

-Shocked, I tell ya!

9) DEI is officially out at Florida’s universities.

10) Six more New Kabul school gyms will be housing illegals. Cuz, you know, that’s what the taxpayers built the gyms for, right?

11) A new assessment of the 2022 election said that polling showed the GOP had higher expectations but that DemoKKKrat ballot harvesting and “better campaigns” made the difference.

-And cheating. Don’t forget cheating.

12) Eric the Red Adams of New Kabul is butting heads with Rutabaga over all the illegals dumped in his craphole of a city.



13) Card data reveals the first big drop in household spending in two years.

14) Kollyfornia, which becomes more spoogistically insane by the day, considers unemployment for illegals.

15) Annnnnd as we expected, the force behind the stupid Miller Lite “no bikini” ad was a chief of marketing who has spent years flopping from one lib cause to another.


16) US retail sales disappointed in April, the slowest growth since May 2020.



17)  Five German thieves have been sentenced to prison in a 100 million Euro jewelry heist.

18) The end of Uke aid is rapidly approaching, and re-upping won’t be easy. Thank God. Soros’s war will come to an end.

19) Researchers using x-ray techniques found the oldest existing Hebrew verse that is linked to the “curse” text from Deuteronomy.

20) Multiple staff members of the U.S. Embassy in Nigeria have been killed.



21) “Queen Cleopatra” had a whopping 10% approval from critics on Rotten Tomatoes, and


22) Disney asked a Florida Court to toss a lawsuit by Ron DeSantis’s board over Disney World's jurisdiction.

23) Marvel has dropped all episodes of the Hawkeye spinoff “Echo” on strategy shift, i.e., a shift to dump woke crap while “Loki” season 2 got a premiere date. I liked “Loki.”



24) And finally, try this next time you’re pulled over for a possible DUI: the driver attempted to switch places with his dog in the passenger seat and claimed he was not driving. Gee whiz, dude. Everyone could tell this dog was too young to have a driver’s license...




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