The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow May 16, 2023

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow —
Commentary by Larry Schweikart



1) The most dangerous White Supremacist in America, the Rutabaga, has called “White Supremacy” the most “dangerous terrorist threat” in a speech at an all-black school. He is indeed the most dangerous terrorist threat to the entire world.

2) At last, Sloth Durham has released his useless report, which is reviewed by Techno Fog here. However, the bottom line is that not one single notable person in the FascistBI or in the Cankles Campaign, or in the CIA was prosecuted, let alone convicted. And we knew it was coming because Grand Moff Garland never shut it down.

3) President Trump said there must be a “heavy price to pay” for Combover and the DemoKKKrats after the Durham Report.

-I love ya, Prez, but the only way anyone will pay any price at all is if you get in and, this time bring a flamethrower, a slew of tribunals, and a Terminex van and get every last one. YOU will have to do it.

4) In Kentucky, at least, Ron DeSantis is losing ground badly. Now 70% back Trump for the nomination vs. 62% a month ago.

5) The left’s “Fake Electors” nonsense is itself fake news. JFK used this very provision to get elected.

6) Love it: a San Francisco journalist went out to debunk the horror stories about her city. But Groomer City beat some sense into her: it’s a hellhole. (One measurement: cell phone activity is down 1/3 from before the China Virus).

7) How Florida became a conservative bastion. (Hint: It was long underway before Ron DeSantis showed up).

8) Supporters have raised $1.8 million for Daniel Penny’s legal defense fund.

9) Rutabaga wants the Supreme Court to dismiss an election lawsuit.

10) Take a look at all that happened, or rather, didn’t happen, to a murdering illegal alien scumbag who killed American Thayer in Shakopee, Minnesota, in 2021 by beheading her.

11) The lying Jeff Bezos-wannabe Homeland Security guy, Mayorkas (who doesn’t have as hot a girlfriend as ol Jeffy), says border crossings are down 50% since Title 42 expired. That’s why all the illegals are here.

12) Speaking of illegals, NGOs are aiding in mass migration, according to geolocation data.

13) While Eric the Red Adams of New Kabul wants to revoke New York City’s “sanctuary city” status after his hellhole has to absorb illegals like border towns in Texas and Arizona.

-No, ya commie spooge. You stick with it. I wanna see your city reduced to “Escape from New York” status.

14) Now the busybodies wanna regulate face-altering social media filters. You know, cuz too many Shreks are appearing as Morena Baccarins.



15) Card data reveals the first big drop in household spending in two years.

16) So now tire burning—which we officially do every year at the Schweikart Earth Day celebration—is a “new fuel.” Who knew?

17) And the Empire State manufacturing index tanks again.

18) It’s almost as if they are colluding to prevent a boycott of one. Now Miller Lite has apologized for using women in bikinis to sell beer. I don’t drink, but that’s the ONLY thing that could get me to drink.

19) Consumer debt passed $17 trillion for the first time.



20) The Chinese owner of Temu has moved his headquarters to Ireland as consumers are increasingly wary of Chy-na.

21) The head of the Wagner Group, Yevgeny Prigozhin, is straining relations with Russia. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Kremlin just cut him and his troops off, let them and the Ukes winnow each other out, then come in at the end.



22) Wow. Mr. New York, Billy Joel, is leaving for Florida.

23) Didn’t take long: audience scores now make Netflix’s “Queen Cleopatra” the lowest-rated show in history.



24) Illinois documents detail thousands of offensive terms banned from license plates, including “COVID” (yep, that’s offensive), “ZAMBONE” (really?), or “DORK,” you will be rejected.

Here are some really offensive words and terms that should be banned: DEMOKKKRAT, CANKLES, GRAND MOFF GARLAND, and KAREN.



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