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The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow May 12, 2023

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow —
Commentary by Larry Schweikart



1) If you missed the town hall with President Trump, and wanted to know if it was a home run or not, look at the reaction from Occasional Cortex. This was two home runs.

2) While Fake Tapper was on the verge of tears.

3) While Breitbart covers it as “Trump hijacks CNN, steamrolls Kaitlan Collins . . . ‘You’re a Nasty Person.’”

4) Whoever is advising RDS needs to go to Columbia with a big bag of money dropping $100 bills. These people are beyond stupid. Right after Trump’s Town Hall, the DeSantis team posted comments where they supported lawfare, support for whackjob E. Jean Carroll, FBI interference in elections, and more measures against J6 (Patriot Day) protesters. Are they trying to sabotage this guy?


5) Nearly every U.S. state has introduced anti-CRT measures.


6) Apparently, the handful of remaining adults in the DemoKKKrat Party is freaking out over the pending border invasion and adjusted Rutabaga’s meds enough that he rolled out a new “Title 42" type regulation to keep the Trump travel policy in place.

7) As expected, the whole Rutabaga crime family scandal is ignored by the Hoax News Media. These people need French Revolution-style justice. I have a little contraption in mind.

8) No doubt part of this decision was due to stories such as this: Gov. Greg Abbott promises to ship “thousands” more illegals to sanctuary cities such as New Kabul and Benghazi-by-the-Lake.

9) And El Paso prepares to bus more people to New Kabul.


10) Governor Abbott praised his troops for repelling the invaders and vowed that “elite” units would continue their effort.

11) John Hinderaker asks a great question: Is there an honest government agency?

-No. The very essence of bureaucracy makes it selfish, anti-public, and corrupt.

12) Adolescents with “trans-gender dysphoria” (a medical made-up word for “confused teen”) are more likely to have a mental health diagnosis or to have used psychotropic drugs than normal kids.

13) The once-solid Texas A&M has become totally woke DEI ooze.

14) It appears vitamin D indeed works against cancer.

15) Representative Donalds clearly doesn’t understand how one gets a Pulitzer anymore.

16) As anyone with half a brain knew, the arrest of NY GOP Rep George Santos was timed specifically to cover up the Hunter Biteme crimes.



17) Owners' equivalent rent rose 8.1% year over year, the highest in history, as we continue to have 25 straight months of no real economic growth.

18) “Oh, the Bud Light thing won’t hurt Tranheuser-Busch in the long run.” Really? HSBC has just downgraded A-B InBev stock. (Term courtesy of Robert Barnes)

19) You see why Trump’s “drill, baby, drill” had such an impact? Now Rutabaga is coming for your dishwashers through his moronic “Green No-Energy” plan.

20) Three former presidents, Jesus Carter, Gerald Edsel, and Shrub, support permanent trade status for Chy-na.


21) Wow! Deposits at JPMorgan Chase, Bank of Amigo, and Wells Fargo shrank by almost half a trillion dollars year over year.


22) Rutabaga’s EPA has announced the toughest-ever rules for power plant emissions.

23) Initial jobless claims surged by 22,000 to 264,000 in the latest period, well above the pre-pandemic level of 218,000.



24) The Uke counteroffensive has been delayed.

25) In England, the prison service has been told to stop using “convict” or “ex-con” when describing convicts. Rather, “former prisoners.” Cuz, you know, it’s “offensive” to a rapist or a murderer to be called a convict.



26) Looks like time’s up for “Guardians of the Galaxy 3,” as this is it: there is a prediction that it will drop by more than 50%. YellowFlash: “This movie is a good movie, not woke,” but its struggles reflect the fact that it’s paying the price for the woke Marvel movies.



27) Did you know there isn’t a single large-scale post-marketing study done on the China Virus vax? Wait for it—there isn’t a single post-marketing study done on ANY vax!

28) Florida’s Surgeon Gen. Joseph Ladapo has written a letter to the CDC accusing it of ignoring risks associated with China Virus vaxxes. Suits come next.



29) And finally, happy birthday Bobi the Rafiero do Alentejo, the world’s oldest dog, which turned 31. We have rappers who won’t last that long.




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