The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow May 11, 2023

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow —
Commentary by Larry Schweikart



1) A House probe revealed nine Rutabaga family members received $10 million in money transfers from foreign sources. If the House does not impeach on this, they are useless.

2) Donald Trump went on a CNN Town Hall and destroyed the host, the audience with him all the way.


4) Is President Trump politically immune to his legal woes? Why yes. Yes, he is.

5) Are DemoKKKrats worried about Trump? Yer damn tootin’.

6) Did the CIA collude with the Rutabaga campaign to interfere in the 2020 election? Why is this even a question?

7) One of the most useless men in Congress, Cap’n Ron Cringeshaw, is undecided on the GOP border security bill.

8) That evil DHS administrator, the papyruspenis Mayorkas, says Americans’ priorities are subordinate to a nation of immigrants.

-Please bury this Jeff Bezo wannabe spoogemuffin in a giant ant bed.

9) Illinois RINOs are at it again, trying to keep MAGA/grassroots from winning future primary elections with a secret “endorsement committee.”

10) The peppy and alert Kollyfornia senator Diane Finkstink arrived in a wheelchair after a long absence.

-Yep, we send our best.

11) The border patrol has cleared the way for more illegals to be released to city streets: “The dam is about to break.”

12) And the Border Patrol apprehended over 10,000 migrants a day ahead of Title 42's expiration, the highest ever recorded.

13) Unfortunately, many of the “influencers” for DeSantis, like Steve Cortes, took money from the DeSantis PAC.

14) Trump has opened up a 41-point primary lead. RDS at 19% (an improvement from the last poll at 17%, but down from this same poll by 4^ since April.

15) Half of those under 40 in Benghazi-by-the-Lake have witnessed a shooting at an average age of 14. This city should be razed.

16) Manchin-on-a-Hill says he’ll vote against Rutabaga’s EPA nominee.

-1) How many GOPe types will vote for? And 2) Manchin-on-a-Hill is very concerned Justice is coming.

17) Our own Tracy Beanz reports that there is a new filing in the Kari Lake fraud case, including new evidence that shows Maricopa County falsely certified that it passed testing and secretly tested tabulators on three different days.

18) The great TechnoFog explains the Rutabaga’s money laundering operation.

-That evil puspimple wallowing in the White House should be in Gen Pop with a jar of Valvoline.

19) White-on-black and Hispanic-on-black violence is one-tenth of black-on-black crime in the U.S.

20) Georgia Governor Brian Kemp has organized a get-together with the Bushites on Sea Island to manipulate things for RDS.



21) RedState reports that Rutabaga appears to have folded in the debt ceiling battle, such as it is.

22) The marketing genius behind Budweiser’s iconic “Whassup!” and “Talking Frogs” ads said the company destroyed 20 years of work in one week with the transoid.

23) I’m getting excited already. The Supreme Court could deliver a death blow to Rutabaga’s regulatory agenda.



24) The Buffalo Bills cut punter Matt Araiza on the mere allegation he raped a woman—then prosecutors admitted he wasn’t even there.

-The Billyboys should lose a #1 draft pick for this outrage.

25) The top 100 video games of all time. Nope. Any list that doesn’t have Panzer General, Mortal Kombat, and NBA 2K1 on it is a joke.

-In NBA 2K1, you could make custom teams and characters. In addition to putting Larry Bird, Bob McAdoo, Pete Maravich, and a slew of great 3-point shooters on my team, I made myself 6'9", 240, and a 100% deadly 3-point shot. My goal was not only to have my team score 200 but to have ME score 100. Which I did.

26) Well, if this isn’t “blacklash.” An Egyptian broadcaster vows to make his own Cleopatra documentary following the Netflix series, insisting that, as Egypt says, she was light-skinned.

-I don’t care as long as she looks like Liz Taylor.

27) Disney is pulling some content off streaming in a “strategic rethink,” i.e., “they hate our woke crap. What are we gonna do?”



28) Fake scientific papers are alarmingly common.

-Wait, so we cannot “trust the science?” What about the science that says these are fake. And who’s to say if a fraudulent scientific paper “identifies” as “real science?”



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