The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow May 9, 2023

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow —
Commentary by Larry Schweikart


1) Texas Governor Greg Abbott is deploying a “tactical border force” as Title 42 comes to an end Thursday.

2) Arizona voters were told the election went fine, but the Pinal County records show a county director saw major errors, cashed out, and fled with a $25,000 bonus. Nothing to see here.

3) In the latest Groomer City business closures, T-Mobile is shuttering a huge two-story store close to the Nordstrom and Saks that have left.

4) At least 20 states now are fighting back against the transoid conspiracy to erase women. Good. Too bad they didn’t fight this hard in the war to eliminate white men.

5) Oops, I spoke too soon. It appears the numbers have been, as the gubment says, “revised upward” as in Benghazi-by-the-Lake, the weekend shootings now number 25 with four dead.

6) While a Benghazi-by-the-Lake prosecutor quit in disgust, saying, “My entire family is leaving.”

7) The rising number of lithium battery incidents on planes is concerning pilots and flight attendants.

-But not the whackadoodle environmentalist analblobs, who would rather have cars and planes explode than run on petrol.

8) Faux News is trying to kill the $787 million Dominion settlement by claiming Dominion leaked the Tuckster’s text messages. Good luck. Faux had the most incompetent lawyers in the world. The guy in “My Cousin Vinny” would have been better.

9) More donors dump DeSantis. “Really weak option”

10) The useless, brainless, cerebrally-challenged spokeswoman for Rutabaga claimed Trump’s wall couldn’t withstand wind.

-Even one fugitive runaway brain cell from another human finding her skull, would say, “Nope. Not a hospitable environment.”

11) Julie Kelly, who has done a great job covering the Patriot Day (J6) trials, says the Department of INJustice will put Trump in prison before his trial as soon as he is indicted. FWIW, lawyer Robert Barnes argues that all the Trump cases very soon will be moved before the USSC because of the impeachment clause in the Constitution that invalidates these trials.

12) President Trump holds a double-digit lead over Ron DeSantis in Arizona.

13) Liking this guy more and more: Oklahoma governor Kevin Stitt has closed the state’s PBS station over ‘indoctrination and over-sexualization of children.”

-I’d close them all just on the grounds that “Knitting for the 90s” doesn’t warrant a television show, ever.

14) The chode-swapping analwrap Jeff Bezos lookalike posing as the border chief says he just can’t explain why hundreds of thousands of illegals are rushing over the border.


15) Do DemoKKKrats need a Nixon-like intervention with Rutabaga? (Reminder: Republicans in 1974 went to Nixon saying that they did not have the votes in the Senate to keep him from being convicted. Nowhere close to that).

16) Trump’s AG Barstool hid Rutabaga’s bribery allegations, which were flagged in 2018.

17) A total collapse of trust in the West.

18) Scientists are exploring whether weight loss drugs Ozempic and Wegovy can treat dementia.

-Wow, lose weight & gain brain cells at the same time.



19) Dish Network is in trouble, losing 552,000 paid subscribers in the first quarter.

20) Kollyfornia has defaulted on an $18 billion debt, now businesses have to pay.

21) A video of cases of Bud Light being blown up by artillery pieces got over 350,000 views.

22) Shopify, Dropbox, and other tech companies have announced large layoffs.



23) Major victory for the good guys in Chile, where Jose Kast’s Republican Party will lead a new constitution rewrite.

FLASHBACK: on May 1, Paraguay booted its CIA/WEF election coup.

24) Inevitable: one in four Canucks agree with euthanizing the po.

-Now, if it were euthanizing the vaxxed Karens, I might be wit cha.



25)  “The Guardians of the Galaxy 3" kicked off the summer with a slightly disappointing $114m, with about $280m worldwide. Still, this is below similarly-released Marvel movies at this same point and barely above “Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania.”



26) Local and private China Virus vax mandates at healthcare facilities are being reversed. Struck down across the country.

-Only two years too late.



27) Customers feel “emotionally blackmailed” over a tipping prompt at self-checkouts.

-I don’t. But I am puzzled.

When it asks, “Would you like cash back?” I say, “Hell, yeah! How much you got?”

Then it says, “$576.42. Is this amount ok?” And I say, “What, for modern Malaysia or Weimar Germany?”

I never get an answer.




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