The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow May 8, 2023

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow —
Commentary by Larry Schweikart


1) Rutabaga is setting the state for pardoning Hunter claiming his own DOJ charges are a “political witch hunt.”

-The demonic control over this family is mind-boggling. Satan must be laughing: “It can’t be this easy.”

2) “Just brutal”: ABC talking heads stunned by the poll showing Trump crushing Rutabaga (and DeSantis, likewise, clobbering the Demented Pervert).

-ME: don’t get too worked up. A) It’s one poll and they will manufacture something entirely different in six months and say, “Look at Rutabaga’s comeback!” B) They cheat.

3) Speaking of evil and demonic, a Patriot Day (J6) prisoner, Pete Schwartz was sentenced to 14 years, more time than a murderer.

4) Was Jeffrey (He-didn’t-kill-himself) Epstein an FBI source? TechnoFog thinks so.

5) Speaking of the demented turnip, Rutabaga’s reelection bid is slow out of the gate.

-Sorta like Rutabaga.

6) Black grievance politics is destroying civilization.

-Without security, meet anarchy. After anarchy comes sheer power, in which blacks will lose bigly.

7) The self-mutilation of women seeking to become men is on the rise, with 3/4 of all “reconstruction” were women “changing” to men (which, of course, they cannot do).

8) The Washington Examiner claims Republicans aren’t disappearing and may even be growing stronger.

-Tell that to the ballot harvesters.

9) Ahh, the tranquil and peaceful Benghazi-by-the-Lake only had 25 shot and three killed over the weekend.

-Maybe more defund the police would assist?

10) The U.S. Navy’s incompetence and growing shortfalls on ship readiness are frustrating the US Marine Corps.

11) In a Brownsville, Texas, car attack, 14 people were struck, and seven dead after a driver rammed people at a bus stop.

12) The “most hippie town” in Washington state outlawed drugs after overdoses in the streets and a fentanyl death of a 5-year-old.

13) Shocked! The Elias (“Lawfare”) group misleads people about the “50 ballots” in the Lake election challenge.

14) Good for them. The Alabama DemoKKKrats abolished the DNC-mandated transoid/homosexual youth caucuses.



15) While the average earnings in April rose by 4.4% but inflation is at 5.6%, meaning people are losing ground. Also, the jobs revisions for last month show the U.S. lost 149,000 jobs.

16) No contest in the “windfall profits” of big oil vs. big tech.

17) Thousands of Americans tried to take advantage of Rutabaga’s solar subsidies, only to find they can’t connect to a power grid.

18) This won’t end well. Linkedin now allows companies to filter job candidates by race.

19) Year-over-year productivity has been negative for five quarters, which has never happened before.



20) Hmmm. An anti-war post in Chy-na has gone viral. Abby Xiang Hoffman?

21) The Ukes are heading toward a compromise end to the war that could have been attained two years earlier except for Great Britain and Rutabaga.

22) UpChuck has been crowned King of England, bringing a sigh of relief to the family of George III, who was known for going mad while on the throne. UpChuck is already there.

23) Senior Uke officials worry that the counterattack may not live up to its hype.

24) While Green Screen, Zelensky met with BlackRock to talk reconstruction contracts.

25) A rampant rise in necrophilia in Islamic nations.



26) In a photo competition, the winner was an AI-generated image. This is akin to when “The Life of Pi” won best cinematography for CGI-generated images.

27) Great Oakland A’s pitcher and three-time World Series champ Vida Blue is dead at age 73.

28) “Ant-Man” hottie Evangeline Lilly says society is “villainizing masculinity” and “applauding femininity” in men.

-BING! BING! BING! We have a winner.



29) New research shows the effectiveness of the China Virus vaxxes drops to 20% after only a few months.

30) Shocked! Kollyfornia hasn’t found any link between the China Virus and the vax . . . because the Kollyfornia Department of Public Health refuses to investigate.

-There’s some “Trust the science” fer ya.

31) Evil piddlemuffin Rochelle Walensky has resigned as CDC director.

-Good, but the likelihood is that Rutabaga is already talking to Dr. Moreau and the High Evolutionary as possible replacements.

32) Suck it, maskiopaths. A new German study finds that masks may cause stillbirths, cognitive problems, and infertility.

-The new medical terminology for these combined ailments is “Karenism.”

33) Shreklette, the evil spawn of the Clintinoids, says it’s time to “force jab every unvaxxed child in America.”

34) Leftoids are very afraid: as the pandemic winds down, anti-vax activists are building a legal network.

-Yep. And you, snotbladders, are on the target list.



35) Beverly Ellis-Hebard boarded a Frontier Airlines flight for Jacksonville, only to arrive in Jamaica without a passport.

-She should consider herself lucky. She could have ended up in Benghazi-by-the-Lake without a Glock 9.



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