The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow May 1, 2023

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow — Commentary by Larry Schweikart



1) Not a good week for Ron DeSantis’s presidential hopes. First, after a luncheon in Palm Beach among RDS backers and Trump “skeptics,” they concluded “the brakes are pumped” on his campaign.

2) Then there was his “Panic Performance” in Japan with the Cankles-like bobblehead and wild eyes.

3) Then DeSantis bombed in England with Politico calling him “DeTedious.” Businesses described him as “horrendous” and “low-wattage.”

4) In fairness to RDS, many donors are jumpy because of the potential for a state-wide abortion ban (i.e., they are RINOs and don’t want to fight the “culture wars.”)

5) Kansas has become the first state to define men and women: a woman has a biological reproductive system to produce ova.”

-Pretty simple, huh?

6) ABC censored and misrepresented RFK, Jr. In his prime-time news interview, dismissing or eliminating any references to vax deaths.

7) And Bobby came out against men competing in women’s sports.

8) It only took eleven years, but a jury found a rapper guilty of funneling money through that marvelous Malaysian fugitive Joh Low to Barack Obama, better known as Zero, for all his non-accomplishments.

9) This could have come straight from Thomas Sowell: the “caste” system hypothesis utterly fails when it is discovered that Indians abroad quickly achieve success beyond that of whites. Oops.

10) The rise of the state-level supermajority.

-Polarization is continuing at the state level.

11) The power of tech in our elections.

-Not good

12) Rutabaga’s CIA chief met with Jeffrey (he-didn't-kill-himself) Epstein after his conviction.

13) Nearly nine in ten say the feds are responsible for the border crisis.

14) Ronna McRomBush said Republicans cannot ignore abortion on the campaign trail.

-True. But they need to be careful how they frame the issue, as it is now a state issue.

15) The FascistBI is warning Houston residents about a “training” exercise next week.

-I’d stow the MAGA hats, people.

16) DemoKKkrats say Florida is “Dead” to Rutabaga for 24.

-Good. Now let’s make Arizona, Georgia, Nevada, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania also dead to this moronic toadstool.

17) While the Uke War is draining the US and the West of skilled weapons makers.

18) After a rampant crime wave, New Kabul (NYC) is going to partially undo its bail reform law.

19) Now, this is a leader: Governor Kevin Stitt of Oklahoma vows to keep vetoing bills until the legislature passes school choice.

20) A Tennessee transoid/homosexual group pressured a county exec to cancel a permit for an opposing group. Profiles in courage, right there.

21) Kollyfornia, New York, and Illinois are the biggest losers amid the exodus to low-tax states.

22) A man convicted of raping a 7-year-old girl will be sent to a women’s prison after changing pronouns.

-No, not the Babylon Bee.



23) First Republic Bank is the latest to fail.

24) Biteme’s agents are hard at work. The U.S. military relies on ONE factory in Louisiana. It just blew up.

25) Americans are using the “buy now, pay later” plan to afford groceries: 46% of consumers use credit for staples.

26) Ford makes history by importing a Lincoln SUV to the U.S. from China.

27) An Indiana bar pleads for customers to come back after telling them they weren’t welcome for speaking out against the transoid Bud Lite ad.



28) India’s growth has been spectacular; it is now the most populous nation on earth; and is also younger than most others.

29) Italian weapons supplied to the Ukes are “not battle ready.”

-If anyone remembers WWII, the Italians had a few issues there, as well.

30) Sad when even the Brits get it, and we don’t: Transoid kids barred from competing against kids of opposite biological sex in PE lessons.



31)  Sean Hannity’s ratings plunged after the Tuckster was canned.

32) Beyonce has petitioned the IRS over $2.7 million in tax penalties she claimed in deductions for charities.

33) “Rupert Murdoch doesn’t like all that spiritual talk” about good and evil and the need for prayer.

-He’s as demonic as Rutabaga.

34) “The Diplomat” overtook “The Night Agent” in Netflix’s top ten.

-Both are good shows, but the “Diplomat” is great. Minor woke nods, phenomenal writing, funny but instructive on how diplomacy works.

35) Kiss guitarist Paul Stanley cautioned against the “dangerous fad” of adults prodding kids to engage in mutilation or sex change.

36) Newsmax is offering Tucker Carlson the kitchen sink, reportedly giving him control over the entire Newsmax lineup.



37) Oh boo hoo. A builder who won 105 million pound sterling in a lottery is yearning for his old life back on the construction site.

-Dude. Simple solution. E-mail me, and I’ll give you a routing number and account number. I can fix this for ya in minutes.



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