The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow April 28, 2023

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


1) A DemoKKKrat analyst offers five reasons Rutabaga might lose in 2024. Abortion is unlikely to be the silver bullet for DemoKKKrats.

-Still, he admits there is a massive working-class hole in Rutabaga’s programs. But he doesn’t include the steal, which is Rutabaga’s ace in the hole.

2) Here is the article on abortion.

3) The usually intelligent (if often wrong) CNN commentator Van Jones says Kampuchea Harris is “essentially running for president.”

-If so, she will “essentially lose.”

4) DemoKKKrats are more likely to support a third-party presidential candidate.

5) The Kansas legislature has overridden the DemoKKKrat governor’s veto of a bill defining a woman.

6) Still the dirty little secret: most crimes vs. blacks are by . . .  Blacks.

7) The FascistBI was “unaware” of the ChiComs’ secret police stations. That’s cuz there were no “white nationalists” in them.

8) Mars Candy has been hit with a civil rights complaint citing woke hiring and training practices.

9) Nick Knack Haley looks stupider every day, saying people should expect Rutabaga to die in five years and make Kampuchea Harris president.

10) As expected, the Florida Senate passed a bill allowing Ron DeSantis to run without resigning. What was the point of the bill in the first place?

11) A Minnesota bill normalizing pedophilia was dropped after backlash. What could people possibly have against having sex with children?



12) Rutabaga’s energy secretary, Jennifer Granholm, supports an all-electric military vehicle fleet by 2030. To call this stupid or dumb totally redefines those words. There are dead snails with more brains than this.

13) The Gap will lay off about 1,800 in another round of job cuts.

14) U.S. GDP grew at a pathetic 1.1%.

15) The first of many: a $300 million Groomer City fire sale office tower, mostly empty.

16) “Ultra Right” Beer is expected to see $1 million in sales as the backlash against Bud continues.

-PS: Per “Yellowflash”: Anheuser-Busch execs met with distributors and urged them to hold the line, saying the boycott would pass.



17) Rutabaga is preparing for Ukraine’s defeat. To me, this was never in doubt.



18) Daytime shock TV host Jerry Springer is dead at age 79.

19) Faux News ratings continue to tank. Ratings for the 8 p.m. time slot:

4/27: 1,332 million, 0.06 in 18-49 demo.

4/20: 2992 million, 0.17 in the demo.

20) Will Smith, hoping to parlay a “Bad Boys 4" movie into a career re-boot, suffered more bad news when Jada Smith’s “hit” podcast was canceled.

21) The “Super Mario Bros.” movie closes in on $1 billion and only opened yesterday in Japan and S. Korea. Now likely will reach $1.5 billion as the creator “thanked” the critics for assisting its rise.

22) A Kollyfornia $2 billion Powerball winner Edwin Castro was seen gleefully cashing out at a bank. Just remember, Ed, save half that for the Feds and the other half for Kollyfornia.



23) The Truth About Wuhan, documenting the greatest crime in human history.

24) Same ol’ same ol’ as the Centers for Research in Emerging Infectious Diseases (CREID) continues to perform pandemic surveillance for NIH and NAID.



25) “The Flash” apparently has hit the right notes, especially bringing in Michael Keaton as Batman and Gal Gadot as the Wondrous of Women.

-This will likely be successful despite the presence of a horrible lead, Ezra Miller.” But then you have Gal Gadot. Did I mention Gal Gadot was in this?



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