The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow April 25, 2023

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


1) Tucker Carlson has left (been forced out?) at Faux News. No goodbyes allowed. Immediate. Theories include part of the Dominion settlement, his recent stance on vaxxes, the Ray Epps segment he planned, and other.

2) Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. gets welcomed to hardball politics as the DNC eliminates debates and moves the first primary to SC where Van Clyburn (and his daughter named after a steak) can “hep out.”

3) Over 60% of mothers with boys who have “gender issues” are whackadoodles according to a study. Like mother, like daughter, er, son, er . . . .

4) Speaking of mental issues, male-to-female transoidism is driven by “autogynephilia,” a man’s sense of being sexually aroused at the thought of himself as a woman.

-You know, I’ve been a male for 72 years, and that thought never once crossed my mind. Course, I’m not a whackoid transoid.

5) Researchers find elevated rates of autism and other neurodevelopmental issues with transoids.

6) Meanwhile, Alabama Governor Kay Ivey has replaced the Education Director over a “woke” training book.

-Sweet home Alabama, indeed.

COMMENT: Reminder that Earth Day has come, and we at the Schweikart household celebrate it every year with our annual tire burning. Please arrive in a smoking clunker that has failed at least three emissions tests. We ask all to bring a covered dish of a nearly extinct animal—my favorites are Snail Darter Surprise and Spotted Owl Stew! Then stay for the dusk race between the bald eagles and the condors through the nearby wind farm! A good time is had by all. Oh, and don’t bother to clean up. Mother Nature is so smart and resilient that she can do it herself.

7) Afghanistan Redux: Americans trapped in Sudan are getting no support or help from the state department.

8) Lunacy continues as Purdue University’s student gubment allocated $17,000 for a “rainbow crosswalk.”

9) Two new studies of “green energy/net zero” garbage in New York are off by a factor of 100. Just a rounding error. Total cost now would be $3 trillion.

10) The fine and upstanding citizen Hunter Biteme may be living at the White House to evade legal papers from his baby mama.

-This creeptilicus is a disgusting piece of human fecalwrap. There are rappers who are more virtuous than this mushroom licker.

11) A new NBC poll: 68% of GOP voters stand behind Trump.

-I said earlier this week that barring a major unforeseen development, the primary is already over before it began.

12) Apparently, they caught Hunter Biteme off the White House grounds, as he has been ordered to appear in an Arkansas court for a paternity case.

-Careful there, Hunt. You know what happens in Arkansas to people whom the Clintons find... inconvenient.



13) Shades of Rome: a new bill would let the U.S. Mint alter the metal content of coins to save money.

-Fortunately, coins have been nearly worthless for decades.

14) Samsung faces its weakest quarter since 2009 as the memory chip market slumps.

15) Meanwhile, in Realityville, ExxonMobil has unleashed the industry’s biggest refinery expansion in 10 years.

16) A former Anheuser-Busch exec says the company is wrong to think the transoid controversy will go away by ignoring it.

17) And a second Bud Light marketing exec has been placed on leave after the transoid ad.

18) In a related story, Budweiser brands will not be welcome at the world’s largest Octoberfest for the first time in 75 years.



19) In Indonesia, a caring and gentle Muslim mob beat two women and threw them into the sea for not observing Muslim Ramadan dietary laws.



20) Jeff Shell was ousted as NBCUniversal chief due to “sexual harassment.”

21) Blind Lemon Don was also fired, as Faux, Warner Bros Discovery, and Comcast stocks dipped upon news of several cannings.

22) Shocked, I tell ya. Nicolas Cage admitted to taking bad roles to pay back his debts during the real estate market crash.

-Who woulda known?

23) “Jackass” star Bam Margera “beat his brother in the head and threatened to kill his entire family after a fight broke out when he was caught peeing in the kitchen sink.

-You do know he stars in a show called “Jackass,” right?



24) Excess death data in the UK points to the government quietly admitting that vaxxes kill working-age people in record numbers.



25) Ahhhhhnold has signed to do his first movie in four years about a prison break.

-Rumors are it involves a group of clever inmates in a nursing home . . .



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