Konnech v. True the Vote: Another Witness Comes Forward

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  • 09/19/2023

Another witness in the Konnech, Inc. v. True the Vote (TTV) case has come forward. A former employee of Konnech Grant Bradley alleges, among other things, that Konnech CEO Eugene Yu asked him to "mak[e] a campaign contribution to Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson's campaign in [Yu's] name." Yu is a naturalized citizen from China living in Lansing, Michigan.

Yu allegedly told Bradley he would reimburse him, but Bradley "knew the request [would] be a violation of Michigan Campaign Finance Law and rejected it." Bradley also confirmed previous information alleging Konnech gave Americans' private data, including social security numbers, to programmers based in China. Bradley testified he "witnessed customers' data (specifically poll-watcher information) being made accessible to foreign nationals in China," according to the affidavit submitted on April 5.

Bradley's affidavit further substantiates claims made by Catherine Engelbrecht and Gregg Phillips of TTV, indicating Konnech's election logistics software is inextricably linked to China and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). It is well known that the CCP has access to anything on the internet in China.

Bradley also confirms Konnech logistics software was and "may still be" substantially developed by Chinese nationals. According to Bradley, publicity and "political pressure" on Konnech has persuaded the company to superficially reorganize its hiring practices. The "reorganization" involves the firing and then rehiring of Chinese nationals as independent contractors with "the exact same responsibilities." Bradley stated there are anywhere from "80 to perhaps 100 Chinese nationals work[ing] on its election software for American clients."

Grant Bradley/Konnech v True the Vote

Bradley also alleges Konnech uses a "standard process" to upload files containing private information on poll workers to DingTalk or Jira. DingTalk is a Chinese communication and collaboration app whose parent company is Alibaba and whose co-founder, Jack Ma, is a member of the CCP. Bradley explains in his affidavit that DingTalk and Jira are efficient ways to onboard China-based programmers. The "entire Chinese team" has access to "American poll worker data and polling locations" on DingTalk, according to Bradley's affidavit.

The affidavit also brings forward evidence that Konnech "superiors" directed Bradley to tell customers that "poll data was not stored overseas, was not available to foreign nationals" and to tell customers he "had no idea why Eugene Yu had been arrested" even though Bradley and his superiors "knew these statements were false." Yu allegedly brushed off his practice of employing Chinese nationals as something "everyone did." Yu allegedly told Bradley "not to worry about it." Bradley refused to lie to customers about things he "knew or thought were untrue."

Grant Bradley/Konnech, Inc. v True the Vote

On March 14, TTV asked the court to appoint a special master to examine and catalog data from "approximately 102 storage devices" in the custody of the LA District Attorney's Office. TTV wants to avoid the spoliation of important "discoverable evidence" in the Konnech lawsuit. TTV alleges Konnech and Yu may have "violated state or federal laws or regulations" by storing American data on foreign servers.

UncoverDC asked Engelbrecht what she believes the impact of this testimony may mean to the lawsuit as a whole; her response was sobering:

"Read this affidavit. Read the others. Consider the true gravity of what they've said, of what we've said, of what we went to prison for saying. We shouldn't be in court; we should be in Congressional hearings. The full depth and breadth of this scandal will shake America to its core."

Two lone voices, Engelbrecht and Phillips, have repeatedly signaled the national security implications of Konnech's breach of American data. Engelbrecht has sent out repeated urgent calls on social media pleading with county election officials to investigate their use of the allegedly CCP-connected Konnech election software. If these allegations are true, the Chinese Communist Party continues to possess massive amounts of private data on American poll workers, poll worker locations, and much more. When all is said and done, Americans may someday realize how serious this breach of our election infrastructure is and continues to be. 

Engelbrecht/Truth Social

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