The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow April 7, 2023

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow



1) Rutabaga’s review of its horrifically stupid and chaotic Afghanistan withdrawal repeatedly blames President Trump. These evil scatpackets need to go.

2) Lawyer Robert Barnes has advanced a theory that the incredibly weak case brought by Manhattan D.A. Boast ‘n’ Bragg is actually the strongest of all the cases against Trump, which is why libtoids led with it.

3) Slate admits the indictment is not the slam-dunk case the DemoKKKrats wanted . . . but remember, it’s the best of their cases.

4) The U.S. is now a majority permitless carry country after DeSantis signed the state’s gun rights law.

5) As one might expect, the DHS “misinformation panel” dismissed those who expressed concerns over a free speech crackdown as “bad faith” actors.

6) An evil New Kabul judge ripped a grieving mom before cutting her son’s accused killer loose. Typical of these fecal pit.

7) The Meg, Meghan McTurd, warns DeSantis he’s blowing it and that “Cyclone Donald” is coming for him and his donors.

-Sorry, McTurdlet. That ship done sailed. RDS is finished.

8) And to confirm that, the latest poll shows Trump now has opened up a 32-point lead over RDS.

9) Speaking polling, only 1/3 of Americans say Rutabaga should be re-elected. Again, apologies to Richard Baris, but after the polling boondoggle of 2022, I need to see some confirmed results before I believe any poll, including the Trump/RDS polling.

10) The former head of the Michigan marijuana licensing board has pleaded guilty to accepting bribes from companies in the industry.

11) DEI (wokism) has captured the University of Florida.

12) Tim Scott is foolishly being urged to run for president in 2024.

-Just another brick in the wall.

13) Cash App founder Bob Lee was killed at a luxury high-rise in Botoxic’s district in Groomer City (SF).

14) “Uranus has never looked better,” according to NASA’s researchers looking at James Webb’s first shots of the planet.

-Or was it Blind Lemon Don addressing his latest . . . . oh, never mind.



15) St. Louis Fed president said that more credit tightening won’t cause a recession.

-Probably cuz we’re already in one.

16) Meanwhile, private bankruptcy filings are blowing past their China Virus-era peaks.

17) The FHA is modifying mortgages to have 40-year terms. That’s right, folks: borrow money on a home that you will be paying for . . .  Forever.



18) Barn door, meet horse: Green Screen Zelensky lets on that he may be willing to hold talks on Crimea now that he’s lost Bakhmut.

19) Almost a year after the Yellow Vests protests started in France, virtually no policy anywhere has changed. But at least they are focusing on the right enemy as they storm BlackRock headquarters in Paris.

20) More pushback against the transoid/homosexual “pride” stuff as Canadiens’ Denis Gurianov won’t wear the so-called “pride” jersey and will sit out warmups.

21) The BRICS nations announced plans to develop a new currency.

-As with any money, this is as good as the faith in it, not the gold behind it.

22) Rutabaga is begging Iran for a deal. Ain’t gonna happen.

23) Ireland is short of mechanics. Welcome to the club, O’Pal.



24) Singer Sting is paid $5,000 a day for P. Diddy’s sample of a “Police” song.

-Good work if you can get it.

25) Twit has correctly designated NPR as “state-affiliated media.” Yep. No different than Izvestia or Pravda. When NPR tried to reach out to complain, it got a poop emoji.

26) Hollywood Cuckmeister, Will Smith, wants to cleanse America of Trump supporters. Hey little Willie: if you slap a Trump supporter, he won’t slap back.

-If you catch my drift.

27) Brad Pitt let his 105-year-old neighbor live in Pitt’s $39 million compound rent-free for years. Charitable. Course, if I had a $39 million compound, I might want someone around to play cards with too.

28) The cause of death of Rapper Coolio was determined to be a fentanyl overdose.

29) While the cause of death of actor Lance Reddick of “John Wick 4" and “The Wire” was revealed to be coronary artery disease.

30) Meanwhile, in the world of real crimes, ex-ABC senior producer was indicted on three child porn counts.



31)  the WHO (no, not Pete Townsend) has turned on China, saying the ChiComs hid crucial China Virus origin data for three years.

-Seriously? I mean, you guys really ever doubted what this was or where it came from?



32) And finally, shades of Jared from Subway: a 57-year-old man is eating nothing but McDonald’s for 100 days to lose weight and so far has sliced off 34 pounds.

Just don’t go all Jared-pervvy on us, dude.




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