The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow April 6, 2023

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow



1) Wisconsin saw a DemoKKKrat win the Supreme Court seat, flipping that body.

2) However, a GOP lawmaker won the state senate seat, creating a GOP supermajority there—the second super flip in just two days (NC on Tuesday as a lawmaker switched parties).

3) The Trump indictment is even more silly than anyone imagined.

-Maybe that’s why Boast ‘n’ Bragg didn’t even name a law that was violated?

4) Reporter: “The indictment does not specifically say what those crimes were . . .  What laws were broken.”

5) A CNN lib host (but I repeat myself) all but admitted Soros backed Boast ‘n’ Bragg.

6) Rasmussen has President Trump with a 7-point lead over Rutabaga, the biggest lead yet. Reminder: in 2020, Trump didn’t lead Rutabaga one time in any major poll.

7) About time. Tennessee lawmakers are playing hardball and may strip “insurrection” DemoKKKrats (gee, that sounds familiar) of their committee assignments and may expel them from the state legislatures. Do it!

8) Think losing Beetlejuice was a good thing for Benghazi-by-the-Lake? The new mayor defended looting. He’s a total thug-spunker.

9) Shocked, huh? A former CIA fellow leads the U.S. government's efforts to stamp out disfavored speech on the internet.

10) The USAF will likely miss recruiting goals. Gee, wonder why that would be?

11) Kollyfornia can’t power the state but is forging ahead with an electric truck mandate. Slip into the sea, please. Any time.

12) Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Has filed paperwork to run for president.

-He has strong anti-war, anti-vax positions, somewhat anti-corporate, but also is anti-gun and pro-abort. Were he to get through the primaries, he would be the strongest candidate against Trump.

13) Nick Knack Haley has raised $11 million since February. She may rival Kampuchea Harris for most money-per-vote in the primaries. Cuz she won’t get many.



14) Morgan Stanley forecasts something “worse than the Great Financial Crisis” for commercial real estate.

-Well, lockdowns and criminally-run cities exact a toll.

15) ADP jobs cooled to 145,000 as the Fed withdraws the punch bowl.

-Psst: in the good old days, 400,000 a month were needed to stay even.

16) While Moody’s predicts home prices will fall.

17) The head of the Cleveland Fed says the Fed’s rate needs to go over 5% to have an effect.

18) How much does it cost to live comfortably? Supposedly in Groomer City (SF), you can do it on an after-tax salary of $84,000, but I think that gets you a cardboard box there.

19) Walmart says 65% of its stores will be serviced by automation in the next three years as it lays off 2,000 employees.



20) A tad late, British PM Sunak has slammed political correctness for allowing grooming gangs to rape girls. Horse, meet barn door.

21) In Scotland, a brutal rapist was sentenced to community service.



22) The comedy site NPR sees its employees complaining about racism amid talk of layoffs.

23) “Super Mario Bros” eyes a $127 million debut over five days.



24) Vegan extremists attack a Pennsylvania goat-snuggling farm for “exploitation.” That’s right. Petting goats is “exploitation.”

-These people need Jesus or fentanyl, whichever comes first.



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