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The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow April 5, 2023

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow



1) The “case” against President Donald Trump, a “complete joke” as lawyer Robert Barnes labels it as 34 counts of the same thing, “falsifying business records.”

2) Moreover, says Barnes, no law is actually cited in the indictment.

3) Meanwhile, Porny Daniels was ordered to pay President Trump $121,972 worth of legal fees.

4) How about the rap sheets on the 10 worst New Kabul criminals who were repeatedly released by Boast ‘n’ Bragg as he focused entirely on President Trump?

5) When you’ve lost Minion Romney, you know the indictment is pretty pathetic.

6) Likewise for Senator Angus (Where’s the Beef) King.

7) BTW, Minion must be worried about reelection. He has called replacing car lanes with bike lanes “the height of stupidity.”

8) Backlash to the attacks on President Trump? A NC DemoKKKrat has switched parties giving the GOP a supermajority.

9) Wisely, the judge did not impose a gag order on President Trump, realizing that would put rocket fuel into the appeals/dismissal process.

10) Wait, I thought DeSantis was supposed to do well against President Trump in RINO-ish states like Massachusetts. Guess not. Trump leads by 24.

11) Meanwhile, Trump has gained support from avowed DeSantis voters after the indictment.


12) Looks like Disney pulled a fast one on DeSantis via a “royal lives” clause.

13) A leftoid stat spoogie discovered gun control doesn’t work.


14) Three Tennessee DemoKKKrats behind the unruly protests over guns were stripped of their committees. Good.


15) DemoKKKrats spent about $92 million to buy the Minnesota state government.

16) As we’ve been saying for a while: energy transition to “green” is a delusion. Always was.

17) The upcoming USSC ruling (likely to go against Affirmative Action) will ignite a debate about whether or not color should determine treatment by gubment.

-My guru, Zen Master, yesterday predicted a 6-3 decision reversing Aff Action, with Roberts writing the majority opinion.

18) Joel Kotkin with the reasons English Departments are dying: they don’t help people get immediate jobs, and English profs are busy attacking the very foundations of capitalism and reality.

19) Oh? Lake Mead’s water level rose, “defies projections.”

-Well, only the projections of moronic swaptoilet spoogboogers who think that humans can cause more change than the sun.

20) Even a deeply red state such as North Dakota can’t stop transoid stupidity and evil, as the legislature failed to override a veto of a transoid pronoun bill.

21) Kinshasa-on-the-Delaware (Philly) has a neighborhood so full of druggies it’s called Zombieland.



22) environmental weenies got Mountain Valley Pipeline’s West Virginia water permit tossed out by a court.

23) Jamie Dimon says the bank crisis is not over.

24) Johnson & Johnson agreed to pay $9 billion to settle claims its baby powder caused cancer.


25) The Left lost in the Montenegro election, another loss in a series.

26) Defeat in Ukraine is a “real possibility,” says the Hill. Huh? I thought the Russkies had lost “200,000 men” and had Cold War-era tanks.



27) The Left’s woke colonizers have finally reached into country music, the next bastion to go, with a drag show at the Country Music Awards.

28) Hollywood is dumping Jonathan Majors even though he has yet to be convicted of anything.

29) Woke scabpickles want to cancel the “Honeymooners” and “Seinfeld.” Time to round these people up and give them the old “Game of Thrones” treatment.

30) Disney CEO Bob Iger was grilled on Disney’s woke politics affecting its profitability. Iger squirmed, dodged, and did not answer the question. These people are evil.



31) Researchers found the vax took an average of 25 years off the life span based on an insurance study of all-cause mortality data by the CDC. Those who had all 5 doses were 35% more likely to die in 2022 than in 2021.


32) Pregnancy problems and maternal mortality are at an all-time high, but I’m sure this has nothing whatsoever to do with the vax.



33) And finally,  billionaire Rupert Murdoch (92) and his fiancee Ann Lesley Smith (66) called off their engagement.

-Rumor has it she just couldn’t reconcile herself to robbing the cradle, favoring (as she was rumored to say) “older men.”



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