The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow April 4, 2023

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow



1) President Trump’s lawyer says ain’t gwine be no mugshot. “It doesn’t help anything.”

2) The House is ready to take unprecedented action against Boast ‘n’ Bragg, stripping him of legal immunity because of prosecutorial misconduct.

-I will defer to Robert Barnes as to whether this is even possible.

3) Gov. Ron DeSantis signed legislation legalizing concealed permitless carry.

-Good on ya, gov. Now stick to bein’ gov.

4) The famous Malaysian “Whale” financier and crook Jho Low planned to donate $30 million to Zero’s 2012 presidential campaign, says Leo DiCaprio.

5) While Rutabaga was changing his diapers, the ChiCom spy balloon gathered substantial sensitive info from several U.S. military bases.

6) LA County’s proposal to “decarcerate” the jail population is withdrawn after people, well, gee, actually OPPOSED such garbage.

7) New testimony confirmed ballot tampering in Maricopa County’s 2022 election. “An intentional change was made to the printers affecting the day of election ballots.”

8) A single mother filed a lawsuit after the Oregon Department of Human Services denied her adoption application allegedly due to her Christian beliefs. These agencies need to be ripped apart and scattered across the galaxy.

9) “Co-occurring autism and gender dysphoria are “frequent.”

10) Most parents of transoid kids say they were “pressured” into mutilating their kids. You should still face jail for allowing it.

11) You can tell by the number of stories I do on this how sick it has become: “Age is a number,” as a gender clinic offered puberty blockers to 8-year-olds and sex surgery referrals to 14-year-olds.

-Bring back public executions in the square.



12)  ISM Manufacturing's new orders have sunk to 44.3%, lower than under Trump.

13) Foreign central banks are bailing on US treasuries.

14) The gubment is using “extraordinary measures” to delay a default.

15) Ford is discontinuing AM radios in most new cars starting next year. I guess since Rush is gone, there really isn’t a reason to have an AM radio.



16) Japan has broken ranks with the U.S. and EU and is buying Russkie oil.

17) Coming here if courts don’t act: two Nottingham brothers beat their mother’s convicted pedo friend to death and dumped his body on a road.

18) And again, why is wimpy England, which hasn’t won a war in a century, ahead of us in common sense: Swim England says there will be “female” and “open” categories so women won’t have to compete against transoid men.

19) The WHO (not Pete Townsend) says one in six people worldwide is infertile. What could be causing that???



20) A “coherent” radio signal was detected from an alien planet. We’re in deep crap if it said “Klaatu Barrada Nikto.”



21)  “Dungeons & Dragons” at $71m worldwide: “Shazaam,” being out since March, is only at $115 million. This is cause for panic at DC.

22) Meanwhile, “His Only Son,” which I have not seen but am told is a snoozefest, nevertheless is at $5.5 million on an astoundingly low budget of $250,000.

23) The Mighty Thor, Chris Hemsworth, has taken a “step back” from Hollywood after discovering he is genetically predisposed to Alzheimer’s.

-No joke here. Terrible, horrific disease. Hope you can stave it off for many decades, Chris.



24) An Italian pathologist was punished for sounding the alarm about sudden deaths.



25) And finally, the shake-up at McDonald’s has fans concerned that there might be a menu shakeup as the CEO says he doesn’t need “70 permutations of a chicken sandwich” as he prepares to lay off people.

-Get ready for the McChicARibAFryABurger.



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