The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow March 29, 2023

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow



1) Transoid shooter Audrey Hale planned also to shoot relatives, hated her Christian parents who wouldn’t accept her sodomite predilections.

2) A week before the demonic whackadoodle Hale killed kids, a new poll shows that 43% of Americans say transoidism has gone too far. Wanna do that poll now?

3) JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon has been called to give sworn testimony over the suits against his bank dealing with pedophile Jeffrey (He didn’t kill himself) Epstein.

4) The IRS, who have never broken any laws, visited the home of Twit files journalist Matt Taibbi on the very day he gave evidence to Congress about the “weaponization of government.”

-Sorta proved his point.

5) When fascist so-called Antifa intimidates, cops stand down.

6) The purported ban on TikTok has drawn criticism from Tucker Carlson and Robert Barnes as a Trojan horse to punish any speech the administration disagrees with.

7) Rutabaga’s administration has warned of a $35 billion shortfall for the health emergency stockpile. So what’s new? This moronic demented sack of scrotalscrapings has depleted every stockpile we have—energy, weapons.

8) Chris Christie (aka, Jersey Shore) said only he can take down Trump.

-He meant in a mud wrestling competition, not politics.

9) Governor Ron DeSantis, continuing to try to beef up his resume for president, will visit Israel next month.

10) Reporter Paul Sperry says the Bushes are running against Trump through proxy candidate Ron DeSantis.

-Well, yeah. Who didn’t see this?

11) Shocked! Shocked, I tell ya! The electric vehicle charging stations ain’t workin’.

12) And this: Issues and Insights says that electric vehicles are the Yugo of the 21st century.

13) Men everywhere rejoice as scientists developed a nasal spray that treats erectile dysfunction in five minutes.

-They’re still working on a catchy name. Seems ViagraSnot just wasn’t doing it.



14) Another big company flees blue state tyranny as Fisher Investments plans to move its HQ from Washington state to north Texas following the Washington state Supreme Court decision upholding the constitutionality of a new capital gains tax on state residents.

15) The Conference Board Consumer Confidence hovers below China Virus levels.

16) Michigan’s Burger King franchisee is closing 26 restaurants and laying off 400.



17) A fascinating piece about the demise of the old world petro order: Russia has now completely redirected its energy sales to “friendly” nations, with “no decrease” in sales; and in 2014, the BRICS countries used $50 billion in seed funds to create a New Development Bank to take the place of the World Bank in the IMF.

-Where do you think they got the “seed funds?” Almost certainly from . . . the IMF.

18) BRICS countries in 2014 used $40 billion in guarantees to create an alternative to the IMF.

-This is hysterical. Where do you think they got the guarantees? Almost certainly from . . . the IMF.

19) Yikes! BRICS countries have overtaken the G-7 in global GDP percentage by 1%.



20) Who says crime doesn’t pay? Dr. Fallacy has sold his memoir for $5 million.

21) Good news here: Jeremy Renner is slated to attend the “Rennervations” premiere in New Calcutta (LA) in his first public appearance since the snowplow accident.

22) All cable news has seen declines in audiences vs. 2022.

23) Keanu Reeves, star of “John Wick 4,” stripped the movie of half the original written dialogue, so his character only says 380 words in a 3-hour movie. Very Clint Eastwoodish.



24) A new study of autopsy bodies showed that there was no evidence that the China Virus caused myocarditis. “The nail in the coffin”  of claims that the Virus, not the vax, caused the deaths.



25) And finally, well, now we know pretty much when Jesus is coming: a Google engineer says humans will achieve immortality in eight years, so anything prior to 2031 looking pretty good right now.



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