The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow March 22, 2023

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow



1) After pretending for months that he was not running, Governor Ron DeSantis all but announced with attacks on President Trump’s character and leadership style.

-You know, the same leadership style that pulled us out of TPP, the Paris Accords, restarted the Keystone Pipeline, laid 2/3 of the Wall, had peace for four years, and put in a slew of great judges. That leadership style.

2) Our own Wendi Mahoney asks, if Patriot Day (J6) was expected to be so violent, why was it never designated a National Security Special Event?

3) Education commentary is dominated by optimism bias—but to say so will get you banned from academic circles. Must be happy happy joy joy.

4) Well, that didn’t take long: Reparations are already unpopular in Groomer City (SF).

5) Christopher Rufo: How to shut down woke, useless departments in colleges.

6) An investment firm of former Zero-Rutabaga administration officials hosted multiple ChiCom-tied companies at a 2015 luncheon.

7) The VP of an Atlanta media nonprofit was unmasked as a violent extremist fascist so-called Antifa member who was organizing an armed militant camp.

8) Speaking of the latest academic fraud, Ohio State is requiring diversity and equity statements from mechanical and aerospace engineer job applicants.

-We need to tear every one of these fecal toilets called universities down to the floorboards.

9) A lib who occasionally dips his toe in the reality pond, CNN’s Van Jones told the Manhattan DA Boast & Bragg to back off the Trump indictment.

10) Meanwhile, Trump continues to gain in polls after rumors of a looming arrest.



11) A new book claims that America isn’t nearly as unequal as Dinobernie and other socialists would have us believe. One key stat is that 2/3 of transfer payments never show up as income to those who receive them.

12) Weather power—wind and solar—are obsolete tech.

13) A Denver suburb wants to ban new gas and auto service stations over climate change.



14) Peter Zeihan says the ChiComs have 10 years left.

15) Russia methodically is putting Adayevka and Bakhmut under control.

16) Rutabaga has sped up sending M1 Abrams tanks to Ukraine by using refurbished models.

17) Italy, Norway, and the Netherlands have become the latest nations to move against TikTok.



18) Willis Reed, the legendary Knicks Hall of Famer, has died at age 80. In one of the most memorable moments in sports, Reed, injured against the Lakers in game 5 of the series and sitting out game 6, surprised everyone by coming out of the “Willis Reed Tunnel” and hitting the first basket of the game leading the Knicks to win.

19) Actress Gwyneth Paltrow was apparently distracted by her kids when she slammed into a Utah optometrist on a ski slope, causing him permanent brain injury.



20) Rutabaga has signed a bill declassifying the China Virus origins intel on the Wuhan Lab.

21) The evil Dr. Fallacy said, “we need to break the will of ‘Republicans’, make them get vaxxed.



22) Jeff Bezos’s hottie, Lauren Sanchez, self-financed a $2 million movie where the crew members left amidst chaos. Now, we know she loves Beezie-Os for his fantastic personality, right?

-I mean, right?



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