The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow March 20, 2023

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow



1) The big news is a potential indictment for President Trump this week in New Kabul. Maggie the Gaggie Haberman says the President is “very anxious.

-Not sure about that. The same weirdlings issued an indictment of Pootie-poot, and he sure doesn’t seem anxious about anything.

COMMENT: This hasn’t happened yet so we don’t know what will occur. Steve Bannon is convinced Trump will be indicted, as he told me. I’m not so sure—I mean it’s entirely possible, but it’s also possible they will indict several around him with the old “Unindicted-co-conspirator” game. Regardless, if this indictment happens NO ONE, including yours truly, can predict what the fallout will be.

2) Now breaking, it appears Trump’s so-called indictment is on hold.

3) Some of the most useless, horrid chuck-toilets of attorneys and prosecutors, such as the guy pursuing President Trump, Alvin Bragg, plus No-One-Spits-Like-Gascon in LA and Kim Foxx (Juicy Smol-yey) in Chicago.

4) Several of these GOP snot-cobblers are fearing a Trump arrest—that it would make him an unbeatable candidate. Cuz it might. Tuppence says a Trump arrest would be a “politically charged prosecution.”

5) Trump’s lead in GOP primaries is largely due to . . . nonwhite voters, where he’s destroying DeSantis. (BTW, Trump grew the % of nonwhites in the GOP from 13% to 18%.)

6) Groomer City (SF) now plans to start banning gas furnaces and water heaters. You heard right.

7) The U.S. and Europe are the new “Sick Men of the World.”

8) America’s supply chains for weapons rely entirely on minerals and materials from abroad.

-Whatever manufacturing we once had has been hollowed out by illegal immigration, drugs, and crime.

9) A history of the China Virus lie machine known as the Virality Project (i.e., the Stanford Slagwhistle Stalinists).

10) Leftist lunatics in Portland (and I do have to come up with a nice nick for these fecaljerseys) plan to launch a “funeral” for public health because the maskie mandates are coming off.

11) I don’t understand this. So-called “far left” homosexual/transoid protesters were ejected from a NY AG Letitia James-hosted drag story hour.

-First, any leftist is de facto “far left.” Second, aren’t they all in the same draggy transoid boat without a paddle?

12) New Kabul’s Fairway supermarket is using facial recognition to bust thieves.

-This will last only until the face of the first black criminal appears.

13) If Rutabaga gets his way, using the correct pronoun for a boy or girl could be a human rights violation.

14) The test scores are so bad in New York that they were lowering the already pathetic English proficiency standards due to poor test results.

-Raising the question, really: what do you do with 17-year-olds who you keep flunking? Put them in with 13-year-olds? Or put them on an international penal cruise?

15) This is big: a second Kollyfornia teen, a girl, has sued doctors over slicing off her breasts at age 13 in Kaiser Permanente’s second transoid suit.

-Tip of the iceberg, folks.

16) Speaking of court cases, our own Michelle Edwards is tracking a case about fluoride, saying it lowers kids’ IQ. The government report was blocked.

17) A top Republican said there could be eleven more deals revealed between Rutabaga and the ChiComs. This has to be false.

-Only eleven? I’d think it’s in the hundreds.



18) Leading economic indicators have fallen 6.5% year over year in February, and consumer sentiment fell again.

19) Good analysis here of how bond losses caused by inflation caused by gubment spending have driven the banking crisis.

20) Equity Investment’s Ed Dowd says of the Rutabaga’s economy, “We’re at the end, and it’s imploding on itself.



21) Pootie-poot says Russia has hypersonic weapons now but does not use them.

-Psst. We do too. We’ve had them for years. These are nothing new.

22) UBS is buying Credit Suisse in a bid to halt the banking contagion.



23) Good for him. The San Jose Sharks goalie James Reimer refused to wear a homosexual pride jersey.

24) The famous Frank Abagnale (played by Leonardo Di Caprio in the movie “Catch Me if You Can”) was mostly a fraud. He was never a main-seat pilot (did ride in the co-pilot seat a few times) and never posed as a doctor, a lawyer, or a professor.

25) “Shazam! Fury of the Gods” is crashing. Opening at just $30 million, it's one of the worst domestic openings for any DC movie ever.



26) Steve Kirsch: Using data from the previous most deadly vax in the world, the smallpox vax, the China Virus vax is more than 1,000 times more deadly.

27) The evil CDC bought phone data to monitor Americans’ compliance with lockdowns.

28) Dr. Peter McCullough, Germany’s “safe and effective” lie is collapsing.

29) Secret Pfizer & gubment docs reveal the China Virus vax has caused “antibody-dependent enhancement” and other problems resulting in millions “dying suddenly.”

30) Lawsuits are piling up alleging Remsdesivir killed China Virus patients.



31) Americans spent $14 billion “drunk shopping” last year.

-Wait till researchers find they, on average, made the best purchases and investments of their lives while blitzed. (Reminds ya of Dr. Johnny Fever in his drunk reaction test on WKRP in Cincinnati)

32) Oh, and a “Schweikartism word of the week: Groomerlin. A combination of Gremlin and Groomer.



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