The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow March 16, 2023

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow



1) Well, you knew this would stir the hornets’ nests on all sides. Now Governor Ron DeSantis has been invited to visit Ukraine after his “territorial dispute” comment.

-Here’s the reality: DeSantis cannot possibly appease the U.S. populist/Trump base if he is calling for more Uke aid and inching toward war, but he can’t possibly appease the neocon donor class by inching away from war. As Bob Dylan said, “Ya gotta serve somebody.”

2) The Ohio Attorney General has sued Norfolk Southern Railroad over the “entirely avoidable” train derailment at East Palestine.

3) A DC rumor says Yertle might never return to the Senate. Don’t want to lose a sometime vote, but would gladly take it to lose an all-the-time glandgerbil.

4) Shocked! Both Rutabaga and SpewMore took money from Silicon Valley Bank affiliates before the company imploded.

5) Even slimy nerfpimple Adam Kinzinger says when they go head to head, Trump will start “wiping the floor with Ron DeSantis.”

6) A United Flight was diverted after the pilot suffered “chest pains” mid-flight.

-Wasn’t vaxxed, though, I’m sure. Nahhh.

7) Oregon is now the death tourism capital of the U.S., “churning people through assisted suicide machine.”

-Think we could get the Senate to visit Oregon?

8) A Massachusetts high school is slammed for allowing a male (a transoid) to win a girl's state track meet by a ridiculous margin.

-Keep it up, and there will be no girls’ sports left anywhere.



9) Empire State conditions index has declined again, to -24.6 in March.

10) Intel is dumping its Bay area office campus.

11) Silicon Valley Bank donated $73 million to Black Looters Matter-related social justice groups; Signature Bank gave a paltry $850,000.



12) Credit Suisse will likely be the next big bank to go. It’s been teetering for nearly a year.

13) Reuters reports the Swiss gubment is under pressure to do the bailout now.

14) The Russkies have blamed the U.S. for “hostile” flights near its borders after forcing down an American drone. Rutabaga doesn’t see it that way, having permitted ChiCom spy balloons to fly wherever they wish in this country.

15) File under “Things can always get worse” as Argentina’s inflation rate hits 102%.

16) Britain’s National Health Service is collapsing. The crown jewel of socialized medicine.


17) This is significant: this is the first such story I’ve seen in the heavily pro-Uke UK Daily Mail: “I know I’m being sent to my death,” say Ukrainian soldiers defending Bakhmut, and add that the Russkies can already “taste victory.”



18) The greatest actor in the world, “Awwww-eck Bawwwwdwin” has scored another win in his “Rust” criminal case as the special prosecutor has stepped down.

19) Whoopie Cushion Goldberg has been passing gas regularly now on the live TV set of whatever show that she is on. Guess she’s after Farticus’s mantle of America’s Fartbag.

20) Netflix slammed on the woke brakes and may have saved itself from going broke.



21) And here we go! UNC is asking a judge to BLOCK the release of documents related to gain-of-function research on the China Virus.

-The universities, drug companies, et al. may win one; they may win several, but as the tobacco lawsuits showed, if they even lose one of these, it’s over.



22) And finally, a fan at the South by Southwest festival premiere of his new “John Wick 4" film proposed to actor Keanu Reeves.

-Still checking on reports that he went Full Wick, and the festival no longer exists.



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