The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow March 15, 2023

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow



1) Now, another Rutabaga family member is under investigation for shady business deals. I mean, really, who cares? Nothing ever happens to these people.

2) It seems it’s so unusual for Rutabaga to actually be awake at 9:00 am that when he gave a very short speech, his moronic spokespooges had to praise him for it.

-Dear Rutes: I’m writing by 6:30 am at least every day, sometimes earlier, and people with real jobs are often on the road by 4:00 am.

3) Leftist groups are tapping $1 billion to vastly expand the private financing of public elections. More Soros money.

4) An Oregon teacher has asked students to share their sex fantasies.

-Thinking back, I had such a crush on my high school math teacher . . . .

5) The truth behind ERIC, the system supposedly to manage voter registration fraud but which adds new DemoKKKrat voters.

6) Stunner. A judge denied a request from the Patriot Day (J6) defendants to cross-examine an FBI agent on leaked messages.

-Justice? We don’t need no stinkin’ justice.

7) Meanwhile, a family member of a Patriot Day probe victim who committed suicide said that DeSantis wanted “nothing to do” with whistleblowers and “ignores” all our calls.

8) When asked by the Tuckster “should the U.S. support regime change in Russia?” President Trump correctly responded, “No, we should support regime change in the United States.” When asked if opposing Russia was a vital American strategic interest, Trump said, “No, but it is for Europe.” Governor Ron DeSantis said, “becoming further entangled in a territorial dispute between Ukraine and Russia is not one of the many American vital national interests.

-Good answers.

9) By backing away from Ukraine (which RDS knows he must do to even to have a hope of winning the populist base), DeSantis angers the GOP hawks.

10) For example, Rubes whines that the Russkie-Uke war is “not a territorial dispute.” And you wonder why this guy won all of two primaries in 2016?

11) Typical DemoKKKrat-run city. Newark, New Jersey, was humiliated after signing a trade deal and holding a sister city ceremony for a Hindu nation that didn’t exist.


12) Meanwhile, in Iowa, President Trump said he will take action to eradicate Communist Racist Theory and “Transgender insanity” from public schools.

13) President Trump vowed to defund any school mandating vaxxes or masks.

14) Good news item of the day, the Texas driver who outraged the public by abandoning a German Shepherd in broad daylight is illegally in the U.S. and under arrest.

-The dog was recovered in good condition. But I have to ask, as a “German” Shepherd, was it in this country on a green card?

15) In Idaho, where such words should never be spoken, the state Senate has lurched far to the left and passed illegal amnesty.



16) Shocked, I tell ya! Only ONE member of the SVB board had a career in investment banking. The rest were Clinton and Zero megadonors who “grieved” when Trump was elected. We need for them to grieve again.

17) The U.S. and India are involved in a semiconductor deal. Is this the sign for the ChiComs to take over Taiwan?

18) Food is up 10% year over year as inflation comes in hotter than expected (8% in Phoenix, highest in the nation), and earnings fall nearly 2% again.

19) So far, SVB failure has wiped out $100 billion from US bank's value. . . . so far. Something tells me these poodlepinchers aren’t done.

20) Ruh-roh: A DemoKKKrat congressman says Rutabaga blaming Trump for the SVB collapse is wrong and that regulators should have caught the problems.

21) Fascistbook and Instagram used “aggressive tactics” to target kids; an unredacted lawsuit claims Meta (“Meta” means death in Hebrew) knew about child exploitation.

22) And more good news as Meta (“Meta” means death in Hebrew) will shed another 10,000 employees, 13% of its remaining staff.

-Good times.



23) Moronic environmental whackos glued themselves to a tanker of cooking oil, thinking it was heating oil.

24) Our own Wendi Mahoney reports that the Commander of the Office of Naval Intel says Americans are “ill-informed” about the threat posed by the ChiComs.

25) Looks like the entire 650 million pound sterling inheritance King UpChuck got from Queen Elizabeth will not be shared with the Royal MiniGrifters.



26) The brothers in the Juicy Smol-ley case said that the actor wanted to be a “poster child for activism.” What a chode-gurgling gullysnapper.

27) Drummer/singer (not too many of those) Phil Collins said that his hit “In the Air Tonight” was like a “stone around my neck” because he wrote it after his marriage dissolved.

-For what it’s worth, that song essentially “made” the practice of using modern rock music as a key element of moving a plot when backing a long Ferrari drive over the Florida everglades by Sonny Crockett and Ricardo Tubbs in an episode of “Miami Vice.”

28) An unspecified illness has kept the once-famous artist known as Bruce Springsteen from performing a third concert.

-Ya know Bruce, hanging around Cankles, the Cabbage Woman, you can pick up all sorts of maladies.

29) John Jakes, author of the “North and South” trilogy, dead at age 90.

30) Fyre Fest fraudster Billy McFarland will be paid $19,000 to give “unique business insights” (i.e., how to con people) to German entrepreneurs next month.



31) Germany’s minister of health admitted the vax injured people, that they are falling between the cracks in the health care system, that the vax-induced injuries are unique and not amenable to traditional medical interventions, and that government agencies need to get faster at recognizing the injuries. He also admitted he was wrong in 2021 when he said there were no side effects.



32) And finally, Spring Breakers heeded the warning not to go to Me-hee-co and instead went to Miami with record arrivals.

-Dunno, maybe having four people kidnapped by the cartel, two of them killed, had something to do with that?



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