The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow March 14, 2023

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow



1) Matt Taibbi, who has been commenting on released Twit files, revealed a “censorship complex” at work. Demonic DemoKKKrats (but I repeat myself) tried to claim he wasn’t a “journalist.”

-Some DemoKKKrats are still in the age of monks hand-copying letters.

2) Ex-DemoKKKRat Congressman Barney Frank (“My Boy Lollipop” in the great Rush Limbaugh parodies) sat on the board for the collapsed SVB bank.

3) Is it time to move the Capital?

-Only if you completely strip it of all self-government, because God knows these people couldn’t run a two-car funeral.

4) New Kabul’s ICE office is “fully booked” for migrant appointments through 2032.

-Usually, in a bureaucracy, that means they have about 19 people signed up for appointments.

5) The House oversight committee has docs showing exactly how Rutabaga and his demonic spawn were getting payments from the ChiComs.

-And no one outside of the House will care, or at least act on this information. Certainly not Grand Moff Garland.

6) In peaceful and tranquil Benghazi-by-the-Lake, a mere 13 were shot this past weekend—none fatally—and only 17 were shot the previous weekend, four fatally.

7) A Vermont school that would not play a male as transoid on its girl's sports team has been barred from a playoff game.

-It’s comin’ everywhere, folks. Religious schools are gonna have to stand tough.

8) Inevitable: Illinois has enacted mandatory paid leave “for any reason.”



9) Silicon Valley Bank’s uninsured depositors were bailed out.

-Shocked! Shocked, I tell ya.

10) The LA Times wants Kollyfornia to be able to have the grid tap into batteries charging electric vehicles at peak times.

-Get it? They need you to charge your batteries when you get home, but they want to tap your battery while charging. Caligula with Alzheimer’s couldn’t be more destructive than a modern environmental whacko.

11) The stock market ain’t buyin’ Rutabaga’s assurances as bank stocks tumble.

12) Michael Burry tweeted, “2000, 2008, 2023, it’s always the same . . . . People full of hubris and greed take stupid risks and fail. Money is then printed. Because it works so well.”

13) Now, regulators seized the Signature Bank.

14) The Rutabaga’s economy is falling apart everywhere, all at once.

-Again, this is incompetence, but far bigger is the fact that this is demonic and deliberate. They hate you; they hate America; they love this.

15) A former White House adviser calls the crash the “tip of the iceberg.”

16) Rutabaga’s $4 trillion China Virus stimulus package helped create the investment tech bubble.



17) India’s top court has referred a same-sex marriage recognition case to a five-judge bench.

18) A narco “ghost submarine” was discovered off Columbia (which is still trying to unload 11 cocaine hippos) with $88 million in cocaine and two dead bodies.

-Was one Jack Ryan?



19) As expected, “Top Gun: Maverick” did not win best picture. They gave it “best sound.”

20) Oscar viewership rebounded some, with people expecting (hoping for?) another slap incident. Worse than last year at 15 million, but better than the low point of 10 million a few years ago.

21) The Oscars omitted the great Paul Sorvino from the “in Memoriam” segment.

-Classy, guys. Classy.

22) An English cleaning woman is earning more money as a “naked cleaner.” Ummm, do you think the “naked historian” would be profitable?



23) Steve Kirsh says, “Good news! The Finger pointing phase has begun.

-Yes, indeed. This will be followed by the lawsuit phase, then by discovery, then finally, we will arrive at judgments. As in Nuremberg.

24) Jennifer Sey: the predictable economic fallout from the China Virus lockdown politics.



25) Rumors in Washington are that Kampuchea Harris isn’t returning Elizabeth (ComanChe) Warren’s phone calls.

-The generous explanation is she hates Comanche. The more accurate explanation is Harris is too dumb to remember the number.



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