The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow March 13, 2023

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow



1) Oh, so now it’s “frustrated” Republicans (i.e., RINO pondscum like Minion Romney) who want to “move on” as the “far right” (can’t make this up) revives Patriot Day (J6).

2) Speaking of the Patriot Day/(J6) tapes, Speaker Kevin McCarthy has agreed to the full public release of all tapes.

Comment: I don’t know if this was strategized, but it seems that way. First, McCarthy says he’ll release “all.” Second, he announces he’s only giving “some” to the Tuckster. Third, Tuckster makes a huge splash. Fourth, DemoKKKrats and RINO chodgobblers attack the Tuckster, giving the tapes more publicity than ever. Fifth, McCarthy says, “I’ll release them all after all!” Massive public interest. Win/win to me.

3) Probably the first of many, Dominic Pezzola, a Patriot Day defendant, has moved for a dismissal over footage that established that the Senate chamber was not violently breached, nor any violence occurring there at all.

4) An extremely courageous column/apology to conservatives by Naomi Wolf over the Patriot Day festivities.

5) Alan Baur: “America’s Reichstag Moment” (Patriot Day). This is true, but it’s also important to understand that this takeover of the Capitol, even if entirely peaceful, deeply affected the Squidpickle cowards inside the building, for they never believed the American public was capable of standing up to them.

6) Our own Adam Carter and Tracy Beanz do a deep dive into the Flynn v. United States case.

7) In Boston, nonprofit organizers used the organization as their own personal bank and are charged with misusing China Virus funds.

Question: Since the China Virus was just the flu, wasn’t ANY money handed out “misused?”

8) Gruesome Newsom’s idiotic state boycott of Walgreens is likely to fail. (Bottom line: any other providers would be subject to the same pro-life state laws Walgreens is and will have to make similar accommodations to those states. Walgreens=10% of Kollyfornia’s providers.)

9) Is the central issue of 2024 becoming the Deep State?

10) The Aspen Institute and its role in the Censorship-Industrial Complex.

11) This is a must-read analysis of why they needed “riots” to end run judicial challenges via the parliamentary motion to consider challenges to the electors.

12) To that end, Sundance opines that the pipe bombs were the backup plan to ensure Botoxic could declare an “emergency” and thereby force Pence (even if he wanted to) to ignore challenge motions.

Comment: I always wondered why Pence didn’t just let the motions to challenge proceed—neither house chamber was going to entertain any serious evidence. The House would have voted it back out in 30 seconds. The Senate may have required a voice vote but would have refused to hear evidence. So why? These threads explain that this knocked out the whole “standing” argument that a Supreme Court would have had to hear. Remember how many cases they refused to hear because of “no standing?”

13) Well, of course, they did: the FascistBI may have used FISA to spy on the congressman overseeing FISA, whose renewal is a “top legislative priority” for Rutabaga.

14) Nearly 30 more DemoKKKrats fear they will lose their seats next year.

-Two things: 1) Not nearly enough, 2) We’ve seen this movie before. There’s always a turn at the end.

15) The House voted to overturn Rutabagta’s overreaching water rule. Won’t get through the Senate, and sure won’t get through Rutabaga’s veto.

16) In New Kabul (NYC), police are resigning at a record-breaking pace (117% leap over 2021).

17) About 4.5% of black males will commit murder in their lifetime (compared to .05% of white females).

-What worked to stop this? Mass incarceration: when America had its highest incarceration rates, it also had the lowest levels of violent death . . . of black men.

18) Three more states have ditched the ERIC voter registration system that “pumps the rolls for DemoKKKrats.”

19) Backstabber Tuppence says “history will hold” Trump accountable for Patriot Day.

-Good! This was when the Squidpickles took flight and were reminded that the people, not the elites, control the gubment. Meanwhile, this historian holds Tuppence accountable for lying and, as a so-called Christian man, bearing false witness.

20) Constitutional carry in Nebraska passed a critical vote.

21) New York test scores for kids are worse than they first seemed by ignoring 20% of those kids who never took the test cuz they knew they’d fail.

22) Hmm. Five more Dem Senators, in addition to the already announced retirements of FinkStink and StabTheCow, are possibly retiring next cycle.

23) More than $250 billion was swindled from the U.S. pandemic fund. Wanna guess how much of that ended up in the campaigns of DemoKKKrats?

24) Populist attacks on elites having an effect, according to this study.



25) The FDIC has taken control of the failed Silicon Valley Bank.

26)  . . . while SVB bosses sold $4.5 million in shares before the collapse.

-“Somebody did something.”

27) And Treasury Secretary Janet Screamin’ and Yellin says no bailout. (Yet).

28) But Confounded Interest said that the other banks are positioned for a bailout as the FDIC/Fed weighs a “special vehicle” bailout.

29) And no mercy: SVB employees made large donations to Rutabaga. They can all burn.

30) Kollyfornia vineyards in trouble: most are locked out of their accounts thanks to the SVB collapse.

31) David Blackmon: Environmental whackos’ attempt to replace gas with hydrogen forgot about . . . rain, or lack thereof.

32) Home Depot co-founder Bernie Marcus says the recession may be here already.

33) While billionaire investor Bill Ackman calls on Rutabaga and Screamin’ and Yellin’ to bail out SVB by Monday morning or face a catastrophic market meltdown.

-Hmmmm, Can’t put my finger on it, but I think we heard this before.

34) A record 60 million Americans are now living in multigenerational households as spiraling cost of living forces retirees and adult kids to live together.



35) The UK is scrambling to help its tech companies hit by the Silicon Valley Bank collapse.

36) Well, this is a new one: the Mexican cartel has written a letter of apology for kidnapping and killing Americans.

-“Dear Yanqui, we are so sorry we kidnapped and killed some of you. We thought you were meaningless, ordinary, poverty-ridden citizens of Me-hee-co, whom we brutalize at will. PS. Please don’t send Marines.”

37) Saudi oil giant Aramco posted a record $161 billion profit for 2022. Yep, fossil fuels are a thing of the past.

38) The Russkies have broken through north of Avdiivka, closing on the last road out of Bakhmut as well.

39) Columbia wants to transfer 70 hippos to India or Mexico. These hippos live near Pablo Escobar’s ranch, so . . .

-Cocaine Hippo, anyone?

40) Norway’s medical watchdog group encourages the country to ditch child mutilations and “gender-affirming” care guidelines.



41) A desperate Disney/Marvel has contracts now (reportedly) for Chris Evans, Robert Downey, Jr., and Scarlett Johannsen for the Avengers: Nomad streaming series that takes place when Cap returned the stones and ended up in the multiverse.

42) Rapper Costa Titch died after collapsing in concert at age 28.

-Naaahhh. Nuthin to do with a vax.



43) Dr. Peter McCullough on the academic fraud related to the origins of the China Virus.

44) Why did Dr. Fallacy and others deceive the public?

-Short answer: they are evil scatterpimples who have a lot of money at risk.

45) Steve Kirsch: the FDA and CDC cannot explain the VAERs data, so they change the subject.

46) A 21-year-old MMA fighter suffered a cardiac arrest during his fight.

-But, naahhhh. Nuthin’ to do with a vax.



47) An Englishwoman accidentally ate a heart-shaped potato chip worth $120,000 in a contest.

-Guess that’s the meaning of “all that and a bag of chips.”



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