The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow March 9, 2023

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow



1) Tucker Carlson, continuing with the Patriot Day (J6) story, interviewed Capitol Hill police officer who was never asked to testify and who said he was in charge of evacuating lawmakers and urged guidance from superiors but never heard back, so he took matters into his own hands.

2) Desperate Rutabaga is about to reinstate Trump’s border policy—again.

3) Why so many elites feel like losers.

-Hint: They can’t make a living being “creative”—the overwhelming number of podcasters, Spotify-ists, Rumblers, YouTubers, Patreonists, and others make between $150 and $400 a month.

4) Why “LLMs” (Large Language Models, or AI computers) are not going to destroy the human race.

5) RedState sees panic in D.C., as do I.

6) The now completely fascistic National Review is so in love with tyranny that it is attacking Tucker Carlson.

-William F. Buckley, Jr., whom I introduced at a speech once, was no populist, but he would be nauseated at this crop of goombah globsnots.

7) Why are leftoids maskiopaths? The answer is the more that fear governs a person’s life, the further left a person is.

8) Those who know me know I have repeatedly said I do not trust the Tuckster. Yes, he is doing great work. But I just knew this in my heart, and now here it is in print: Carlson said he “passionately” hated President Donald Trump.

9) Anti-Trump GOPers in Illinois are supporting Ron DeSoros in his presidential run.

10) It was fascist so-called Antifa “forest creatures” who set fire to “cop city” in Atlanta.

11) A study shows that books in the home are as important as parental education in determining a child’s education level.

12) Fantastic work here by “Mememar” on Twit, who has matched a dozen or more FBI assets posing as MAGA, racists, or conservatives at several venues. Don’t know if he has all of them, but he sure has most of them.

13) Rupert Murdoch is on record as saying the 2020 election wasn’t stolen. Course, he has to say that since he urged his team to call Arizona one second after the polls closed and was in on the steal.



14) Mortgage rates have hit 7.11%.

15) Rutabaga’s Labor Secretary Nominee wants to ban freelance workers: “overnight, it would become illegal to continue to earn a living.”

16) Layoffs and discharges jump amid tech and social media cutbacks.

17) Polls show voters aren’t buying Rutabaga’s economic happy talk.



18) The new WHO amendments are creating a global regime in the name of health.

19) The Paris mayor will not allow air conditioning in the 2024 Olympic village.

-Wanna bet he has it in his mansion?

20) Reality check: eggs and vegetables rationed in Brit supermarkets, but shelves in Russkie cities are full.

21) ChiCom exports are plunging, and major ports are clogged with five million empty containers. 91% of people’s deposits have disappeared.



22) Dr. Kirk Moore says he did not sell fake China Virus vax cards.



23) Scientists studying artwork from the Renaissance to the present found that depictions of the male member have gotten bigger over time. Michelangelo’s “David” would look, well, different. Of course, it could be that some of us just moved the goalposts.



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