The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow March 8, 2023

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow



1) Will this be a political earthquake? Tucker Carlson has started to release the Patriot Day, January 6, video, beginning with the so-called “Shaman,” showing him walking calmly with police at his side the whole time, not once telling him to stop or turn back.

2) Everybody from the Capitol Police to Senate Republican RINOs is screaming like little banshees about the Patriot Day tapes on Carlson. This tells you it’s right on the money.

3) Predictably, a number of Patriot Day defendants have asked for trial delays due to newly released footage. Wait till the lawsuits start for wrongful imprisonment.

4) As David Marcus writes, the $3 million two-year witch hunt by the Patriot Day (J6) committee was destroyed in a single devastating cable news segment.

5) Rutabaga has suffered an “embarrassing” defeat after a controversial nominee withdrew her nomination to the FCC.

-Not sure any DemoKKKrat can be embarrassed by anything, but . . .good.

6) Liberal whacksmacker Ken Burns compares “Nazi/Soviet” like Ron DeSantis and Tucker Carlson. Hey, Kenster, did you ever look at the “Communist Manifesto” and the DemoKKKrat Party program? Thought not, ya skiddlelicker.

7) The Human Analgland masquerading as the DHS Secretary, Mayorkas, won’t say the border’s a “crisis,” says weather is driving migration. Evil, evil, evil.

8) Two of the four Americans kidnapped in Mexico were killed; two made it back to the U.S. They had traveled there for a “cosmetic medical procedure” but were kidnapped by mistake by cartel gunmen.

9) Ten policies Florida has that everyone else should adopt.

10) Red states are leading an education revolution.

-We’ll see if it’s too late, but in the meantime, HOMESCHOOL.

11) Rep. Jim Jordan says the House will use the “power of the purse” against the FascistBI.

-Hope so. History suggests nothing will come of it.

12) No-father families are flat-out dangerous for kids.



13) The Department of INJustice has challenged the JetBlue takeover of Spirit Airlines.

-Department of INJustice would be better off indicting Buttplugs, who is singlehandedly destroying the transportation networks in this country.

14) David Blackmon: “New York, we have a fiery, deadly e-bike problem.” (E-bike battery fires doubled over the past year)

15) File under good news! A new nuke reactor started up in Georgia, the first new nuke reactor in the U.S. in seven years.

16) The Fed may raise rates higher, crashing the Dow.



17)  “Deep State” on the Military and Foreign Affairs Network brings a pretty balanced review of the Uke War.

18) The Spectator notes that the environmental whackos are about to face a confrontation with reality.

-I have to note I’ve posted several such articles over the past year—yet the environmental whackos never seem to get to that “confrontation.”

19) A group of Oxford/Carnegie Mellon U researchers has achieved a breakthrough to enable “perfectly secure” hidden communications.

20) U.S. intelligence now trying to pin the Nord Stream sabotage on a “pro-Ukrainian group.”

-Yeah, it’s called the Seee Eye Aaaa.



21)  Marvel reshooting “The Marvels” trying to fix an ending because Brie Larson can’t act.

22) Gene Hackman, age 93 and reclusive, was spotted in public for the first time in years; looks pretty good.

23) The 2023 Oscar Swag Bag has a value of six figures.

24) South Park utterly annihilates transoids AND abortion in one minute.



25) Dr. Scott Atlas: “America’s China Virus response was based on lies.”

26) One in four parents lied about their child’s China Virus status during the pandemic (i.e., if the kids had it, parents wouldn’t tell).

27) A WHO doc is under fire for censoring the Wuhan Lab Leak theory.

-What’s new about that? They all did it to one degree or another.



28) Gotta love this. A Gillette, Wyoming, woman won an argument with her boyfriend when she dropped him off at the sheriff’s office, where he was arrested on outstanding warrants. This is from the Book of Schweikart, 2:7: “Let him who is without a warrant cast the first stone.”



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