The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow March 7, 2023

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


1) DemoKKKRats reportedly are looking at “past superstars” like Cankles and ManBearPig for the 2024 ticket. You know, “superstars” who couldn’t win an election.

2) Why is Senator FinkStink hiding her medical history with shingles?

3) Christopher Rufo: “What broke the Intellectual Dark Web?” Well, Trump.

4) Fairfax County Library paid the racist skattledagger Nikole Hannah-Jones $35,000 to speak, then took down the speech of her video—you know, cuz it was so reasonable.

5) “Why English Departments Died.” Seriously? English is de facto racist, according to the scabticklers, so of course, it died. I have mentioned this stat before: 1/3 of ALL students have not read a single book or magazine article outside of those assigned for school in a year.

6) Colleges as a whole are dying because they are, well, run and controlled by veeemen: 66% of college administrators are women, and half the presidents of the top 20 universities, according to Forbes, are women. Not only are there no men in power, but those who are are bleeding Buttplugs, no testosterone, and no-brain gigglefidgets.

7) And, as the Amy Wax case demonstrates, it’s almost impossible to have an open discourse about anything in a university.

8) Shocked, I tell ya! One of the fascist so-called Antifa domestic terrorists arrested in the Atlanta attack is a staff attorney for the Southern Poverty Law Communists.

9) A Nebraska sheriff was shocked as illegals killed a bald eagle for dinner, but the feds refused to charge them.

-“We only charge white people 'round heah.”

10) Speaking of illegals, idiot citizens of New Kabul are charged $5 million a day to house, feed, and care for illegals.

11) Kari Lake won the CPAC vice presidency poll, topping Nick Knack Haley and Ron DeSoros.

12) Trump has vowed to abolish the Department of Education after no students were found to be proficient in math. Lessee, I think another Republican president promised to do that and failed.

13) Ron DeSantis has a “secret Twitter army” of “far-right influencers.”

    1. It’s no secret. We all see them.
    2. It’s a clear attempt by RDS to attack Trump without putting his fingerprints on the weapon.
    3. Many of these people have the influence of a 12-day-old sardine.

14) Michael Obama, clearly ticked that Trump had so many people at his inauguration, whined about it on a podcast that supposedly belongs to someone.

15) A Minnesota lawmaker told “white Christians” to “Stop adopting Native American babies” cuz changing their names and identities is “genocide.” Yeah, squaw-squelcher, yer probably right: let the babies starve or grow up without parents, ya scab-enhancer.

16) Another aviation accident as two US Airplanes clipped wings on a runway.

17) As I predicted last week, Georgia senators slapped down Buckhead’s independence bid from Atlanta, and Governor Brian Kemp worked behind the scenes to kill the bill. No, white slaves, you gotta keep payin’ yo masters.



18) U.S. mortgage rates have risen to over 7%. Thanks, Rutabaga.

19) Kollyfornia’s light rail, originally budgeted at $35 billion for New Calcutta (LA) to Groomer City (SF), is now at $128 billion for Bakersfield to Merced. That’s only a little better than from the Washington Monument to the Jefferson Memorial. I bet an Uber costs a lot less.

20) Tesla is seeking to cut costs in half, changing its 100-year-old automaking model.



21) Green Screen Zelensky has vowed not to retreat from Bakhmut after the Russkies shut the last exit door. How very Stalingradian of him.



22) Looks like Japan doesn’t like “Peter Pan and Wendy.” Another flop for Disney.

23) “Jesus Revolution” did $8.7 million over the weekend, not far behind “Ant-Man” ($12.8 million or “Cocaine Bear” $11.1 million)

24) Cate Blanchett is ready to leave Hollywood after woke critics trash her film “Tar” as “anti-woman” because she plays a mean, abusive, lesbian orchestra conductor. Can’t show women, particularly those of the lesbian persuasion, as evil, can we?

25) Lynyrd Skynyrd guitarist Gary Rossington, who did not go down with the airplane, has died at age 71. He’s a free bird now.

26) Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are in escrow for a $64 million Pacific Palisades hovel after pulling out of the $34 million tent in the same neighborhood.



27) The FDA cites an “elevated rate” of facial paralysis in the elderly after the vax.

28) The House China Virus committee found that Dr. Fallacy “prompted” drafting a study to “disprove” the China Virus Lab Leak theory.

29) Steve Kirch: In San Francisco, if you don’t wear a mask, they can put you in prison, where you are NOT required to wear a mask.

30) It turns out Dr. Fallacy wanted PERMANENT lockdowns.



31)  A New York Mets Japanese rookie, Kodai Senga, has unveiled the “ghost forkball”—a weird off-speed pitch with 41 inches of drop. Now, if he can marry that to the Gaylord Perry Spitoon Special, he might have something.



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