The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow March 6, 2023

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow



1) A White House spokespooge said we spend on Ukraine because war impacts inflation.

-Yeah, moronski. By spending on war. If there ever was a living brain cell in the entire DemoKKKrat Party, it’s dead now, Jim.

2) Big pro-life win in NY, where the U.S. Court of Appeals said that Evergreen, a pro-life organization, cannot be forced to hire pro-abort employees.

3) Chris Christie said of President Trump, “He’s not what he used to be.”

-I guess he means that unlike the Jersey Shore (all of it), Trump has not put on an additional three people since 2016.

4) Mike Pompous-eo also took a shot at President Trump, saying Republicans need “true conservative” candidates and that the moment for celebrity is over.

-That’s cuz this guy will never be a celebrity and has a following of about 20.

5) Going unnoticed, on March 1 the Senate voted on DC statehood. This was phrased as disapproval of statehood. All Rs voted to disapprove (50) but only 46 Ds voted against, meaning no statehood. It's interesting that Manchin voted against, one R and Fetterman Massacre, FinkStink, and Merkley of Oregon were not present to vote.

6) FinkStink/Fetterman Massacre hospitalizations may mean trouble for DemoKKKrats.

-Of course, it does. They have two people who are so brain-dead they can’t show up to vote.

7) At CPAC President Trump promised a “Quantum leap” in American transportation, manufacturing if he is reelected.

8) People in Kollyfornia are just now waking up to the fact that the “baby bust” has long-term consequences. Kollyfornia birth rate is barely half of what it was in 2000.

9) . . . while the powerful homosexual/transoid group behind Kollyfornia’s most radical laws is “setting its sights” on DC.

-Maybe they’ll visit there in person. Experience the local hospitality from some of the enlightened “cultural groups” there.

10) Occasional Cortex blamed an aide for stiffing merchants behind the Met Gala perks probe.

-Of course, she did.

11) A Colorado elementary school was exposed for secretly “transitioning” (no such thing) a student and lying to parents, emails show.

-We really need to bring back torture in this country.

12) Oh, lookeee: a meth dealer and not a “white supremacist” blew up the PG&E transformers, say San Jose cops. “Do you know the way to San Jose?”

13) USA Powerlifting must now allow men to compete against women in the women’s division after losing a court case. Well, that ends that sport.

14) Former Arizona Governor candidate (and likely rightful winner) Kari Lake says she was offered a bribe to sit out politics for two years.

15) Rutabaga took out a “mysterious” $250,000 line of credit on his Delaware beach house.

-We all have beach houses, don’t we?

16) Now THIS is what I want to hear from EVERY Republican from now on: President Trump vows to “totally obliterate” the Deep State if elected president.

-I think the last two years have taught Trump a lot about who his enemies are. We’ll see who he begins to surround himself with.

17) Another Ohio train derailment in Springfield, Ohio, while Buttplugs continues to try to figure out how a man can nurse a baby.

18) More than 75% of military-age Americans are not fit for military service. And that doesn’t include the transoids or the cast of “Glee 5".

19) Our own Tracy Beanz analyzes the Kari Lake Arizona Supreme Court case.

20) The secession movement in eastern Oregon is gaining steam. File this under, “Believe it when I see it.”

21) Gruesome Newsome has abandoned desperate Kollyfornia communities trapped in snow.

22) A Massachusetts school faces a federal investigation for banning white students from auditioning for a school play. Heck, even “Roots” had white characters.

23) Texas A&M University has ended affirmative action. Aggies lead the way!

24) Good points in this article about the causes of homelessness, but also some sleight of hand: yes, only 30% of homeless are mentally challenged; and yes, only 30% are druggies or alcoholics—but contrary to the author’s construct, they aren’t exclusive groups. The total who are either/or may reach well over half.



25) Billionaire investor Mark Mobius (what a name, huh?) says he is prohibited from removing his money from Chy-na.

-No sympathy, Moby. That’s whatcha get for dealing with ChiComs.

26) All Portland Wal-marts to close due to “redistributive justice,” otherwise known as crime and mayhem.

27) First-time homebuyers are utterly screwed right now.

28) Thank God. Businesses report that wokesters looking for jobs who have resumes with “they/them” are more likely to be overlooked.

29) Car debt piles up as Americans struggle to make payments.

30) U.S. Natural Gas production is up 33% from 2022 and exports to the Euros are up 150%.



31) The Green Party co-founder says it’s too late to save the environment.

-Good. Now can we go back to wood-burning stoves, gas-driven cars, and plastic straws like normal people?

32) The head of the Wagner group in Ukraine (i.e., pro-Russkie forces) says a year ago he saw professional soldiers in front of him, now only old men and teenagers.

33) China’s state planner highlighted an even greater role for coal in his country’s future.

-Environmental weenies everywhere are suicidal. How can this be? These are COMMIES for Gaia’s sake!

34) Meanwhile the ChiComs have increased their defense budget to 7.1%.

35) Justa Turd-o wants to fund $75,000 of transoid surgeries for each federal employee.

36) A fire at an Indonesian fuel depot has killed 18, with more than a dozen missing.

37) This from the uber-Uke propaganda paper UK Daily Mail, “Bakhmut is ‘nearly destroyed like Maripol’ as Russian forces encircle the Ukrainian eastern front town”



38) Chris Rock finally did a comedy sketch on Will Smith, calling him a bitch, and saying he picked on a n-word he could beat.” He also ridiculed Megxit and the Ginger Duke, saying them complaining about weirdness in the royal family was like “Marrying into the Budweiser family and going, ‘They drink a lot!’” He was also outraged by people who play Michael Jackson songs but won’t play R. Kelly. One of em’s just got better songs.”

39) “Saving Private Ryan” actor Tom Sizemore dead at 61 after a brain aneurysm.

40) Ben Affleck and JayLo allegedly have pulled out of escrow on a $34.5 million mansion they were set to buy.

-Maybe they misread that as $3.45 million?

41) The movie “Jesus Revolution” has grossed $30.5 million so far with only a domestic release. (Production budget, $15 million, so it is right on track with “Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania” made for $200 million with a worldwide box office of $419 million.)

42) Johnny Depp, in addition to rocking with the late Jeff Back, suing Amber Heard, and acting, is an artist who has made almost $5 million selling his portraits of Heath Ledger and Bob Marley.



43) Very important, as the dam begins to break in the UK an official is seeking immunity for his China Virus actions related to nursing homes.

44) Steve Kirsh asks, “What killed over 24 people at a Melbourne, Australia elderly facility in less than a year?”

45) DemoKKKrats and the media were the real conspiracy theorists about the China Virus.



46) And finally, a woman has sparked online debate by prioritizing her pet parrot over a stepdaughter’s wedding.

-I can’t speak to parrots. But when I was in the rock band I did have a girlfriend who worked in a pet store. As I left on a brief road trip, she told me she was getting me a cockatiel for my birthday—those were big with “Baretta” at the time. I left before I got the bird, thank God. We were literally starving musicians. One of my bandmates said, “Schweikart, we can have the bird with our red beans and rice next week.” He was serious. Fortunately, I never saw her or the bird again.



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