The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow March 3, 2023

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow



1)  Donald Trump is headlining CPAC—“already a sold-out monster.”

2) Rutabaga laughed when discussing the deaths of two brothers from fentanyl. Horrible, evil smucksticker.

3) Another official in the Rutabaga administration resigns.

4) This is the proper response: donors pulled all funding from a so-called Christian school when it adopted LBGWhateverTransoid language.

5) Meanwhile, the transoid teacher with the prosthetic Z-cup breasts was finally put on leave as parents blasted the school board.

6) An Arkansas youth pastor pled guilty to 13 counts of sexual assault.

-No, his name is not Epstein. Who did not kill himself.

7) A new study shows that the wealthier a nation is, the happier parents are, but the less happy adolescents are.

8) Indeed, liberal teens (like everyone else who’s liberal, tend to be more unhappy.

9) And the coup-de-gracer: It’s the phones, especially after the China Virus lockdowns.

10) By the way, I said this in my e-book, All Thumbs: How Our obsession with Phones and Devices is Damaging Our Children written before the China Virus and only available here at the VIP as part of a package (

11) The Supreme Court has slashed an IRS penalty against a taxpayer for not reporting foreign bank accounts.

12) An after-school satan club. . . . No words.

13) This author argues that Jews are disappearing from American life.

-Some fast and loose stats here: for example, he claims only 4% of university faculty are Jewish (i.e., a religion). Well, try “Southern Baptist” or “Pentecostal.” It would be ZERO.

14) Homicides in Benghazi-by-the-Lake got much worse under Beetlejuice, which is one reason they gave her the boot.

15) Snow fell on Disneyland, but . . . “global warming.”

16) Georgia RINOs got a “migration-friendly” bill through a committee vote.

17) President Trump has proposed “universal import tariffs” as part of his campaign, which essentially restores the Founder's system.

18) The mayor of College Park, Maryland, was arrested on 56 kiddie porn charges.

19) Yosemite Park is closed with a 40" snowfall, a 54-year record . . . but   . . . “global warming.”

20) A Navy pilot says, “We have a real UFO problem,” and not balloons.

21) This story says the FascistBI “resisted” the Mar-a-Lago raid, and Grand Moff Garland insisted.

-I don’t buy it. I think this is part of an ongoing image reconstruction because so many GOP Congressmen are ready to deconstruct the FascistBI.



22) Discover Card plans to start tracking gun purchases in April. I hope the Florida law is in effect then fining Discover $10,000 per instance of such a violation of rights.

23) By 2050, used wind turbine blades will exceed 43 million tons of waste every year.

24) Even Rutabaga admits his “9,000 unused drilling permits” is a lie.

25) U.S. labor costs rose in the fourth quarter to 3.2%, against an expectation of 1.6%, the worst year over year since the 1990s.



26) Now Greedo the grifter is protesting . . . wind farms.

27) This is the real “great reset,” namely, third-world nations facing disaster from the Climate Cuckologists killing their energy.

28) Told ya. The Globalists are on their heels. The latest: at the G-20 meeting, India’s Modi says “global governance has failed.”

29) Both political parties in Uganda oppose pro-transoid/homosexual court ruling.

30) A mysterious fleet is helping Russia ship oil around the world, and no one knows who.

31) Rutabaga is “challenged” by softening public support for Ukraine.

32) First sign of the western Uke crackup? The UK Spectator asks, “Is Putin Winning?”



33) As many of us suspected, the wealthy and elites who had to “prove” they had the vax were getting counterfeit high-quality cards.

34) Dan Bongino has the most-watched cable show, while Zero’s documentary flopped.

35) While CNN’s ratings swirl down the toilet.

36) Former Bengal wide receiver Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson said he saved 80% of his NFL money: “Fly private? I ain’t flyin’ private. Put me on Spirit, exit row, window seat.”

37) “Peter Pan” set to become Disney’s latest woke flop. The sooner this company goes broke and either boots its entire “creative” staff or is bought out by Mike Lindell, the better.



38) Montana considers a bill to prevent China Virus vax recipients from donating blood. Good. I sure don’t want their mRNA mutant spooge.

39) Pfizer had to end its pregnancy China Virus vax safety trial early because women stopped enrolling.



40) And finally, Madonna, age 64, will be “modeling her iconic cone bra” she wore on stage 30 years ago.

-U.S. Steel was contacted to provide struts strong enough to support this sagnation.



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