The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow March 2, 2023

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow



1) President Trump is not only alive and well but gaining in his quest for the 2024 (3rd) presidency.

2) Trump now widening his lead over DeSantis as many of DeSantis’s supporters become public.

3) Emerson Polling has Trump up 61 points over Nick Knack.

4) When Roll Call and ABC (All Budgeducker Communists) both admit Rutabaga is not only disconnected but is on a “roller coaster of catastrophes,” you know the end is nigh.

5) Two DemoKKKrats are backing a bill to overturn the Biteme ESG investment rule, ensuring a Rutabaga veto.

6) As Christopher Rufo writes, Florida International U. has totally politicized student life but has agitation programs.

7) A new tool is available for election reform advocates—just for one mention, 217,000 deceased people voted.

8) After the Gipper and Gorby signed agreements to end nukes, now Rutabaga and Green Screen Zelensky have pushed Pootie-poot to suspend the last nuke treaty with America.

-Way to go, Rutabaga, ya demonic, moronic, parsley-brained, imbecilic, chogguzzling, demented slag of snail slime.

9) The Hill: Progressive D.C. government (there is no such thing, by the way—it’s an oxymoron) has turned the city into a dystopia. Fine with me. I don’t like going there anyway.

10) Although I will lose an easy punching bag, I celebrate that Beetlejuice is now out as mayor of Benghazi-by-the-Lake!

11) More election fraud: A Lodi, Kollyfornia councilmember Shakir Khan was arrested for 14 felony counts of election fraud.

12) A Florida legislator has proposed a bill that would outlaw the DemoKKKrat Party. In what was called “the Ultimate Cancel Act,” the bill would require the Division of Elections to cancel the filings of any party if certain conditions exist, including “if the party’s platform has previously advocated for, or been in support of, slavery or involuntary servitude.”

13) Mississippi becomes the latest state to ban “gender-affirming” care for minors who don’t know what gender they want to affirm.

14) The USAF grounded hundreds of jets because their tails may fall off.

15) More efforts to destroy our military as elite scout sniper units have been eliminated from Marine Corps infantry battalions.

16) DeSantis backed deep cuts to Social Security and Medicare while in Congress.

-And you know what? He (DeSantis) was right.

17) And today, senators are looking at raising the retirement age to 70 and finding $1.5 trillion to overhaul Social Security.

-We all warned you 20 years ago when a tiny shift to privatization would have saved this. But nooooooo.

18) Missouri has passed a law similar to Florida’s “Don’t Say Homosexual” bill, except better.

19) 40% of lib professors are afraid they’ll lose their job over a misunderstanding. And 100% of conservative profs are too.

21) Rates of colon cancer among those under 55 have doubled, and experts don’t know why.

-Probably insufficient XXX Habanero Salsa in their diets. It kills any cancer.



22)  ISM manufacturing prices paid rises for the 2nd straight month.

23) Feds trying to use the East Palestine derailment to attack natural gas shipments.

-Evil, evil, evil.

24) Two-thirds of business owners are not paying themselves anything due to inflation.

25) Good question: How rich are the Clintons, and how do they make their money?

26) Eli Lilly cuts insulin prices.



27) A Uke official says they may pull out of Bakhmut.

-Well, boys, ya might have waited too long.



28)  “Hogwarts Legacy” is one of the biggest video games ever, but lunatic activists have bullied “Vtuber Pikamee” off the internet. This must stop, and the bullies must themselves be bullied into oblivion.

29) First, Jon Stewart, now Whoopi (Cushion) Goldberg, says, “Politics got in the way” of looking for truth on the China Virus lab leak theory.”



30) More vaxxes lead to higher infant mortality, says peer-reviewed medical journal.

 31) Steve Kirch: When parents disagree over vaxxing children, who should win? A Canadian judge ruled that health authorities saying the vax is “safe and effective” should not be taken as fact but as opinion because reasonable people disagree over whether that is correct.

32) Dr. Kirk Moore has been indicted for producing fake China Virus ID cards. This man is a hero.



33) Here are your latest “rage words” of the day for wokesters according to “pinkwashing,” “trauma dumping,” and “Latine.” Personally, I think all these are slagifyingly stupid snot-toilets of piddlegiblet manure-marnee, all exacerbated by tedious tiddlepilfing and elfishong spoogebundling, all enhanced by scatsnatchingly ridiculous hoof-clotting odes to analfuzzery.  But that's just me.



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