The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow March 1, 2023

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow



1) Despite months of promoting Ron DeSantis as the 2024 nominee, Faux News had difficulty finding any DeSantis supporters . . . in Florida. Brian Kilmeade can’t get one person to say DeSantis.

2) The New York Slimes is upset it can’t find anything to attack Ron DeSantis on.

3) A D.C. officer who struck protesters with a flagpole on Patriot Day said it was his “best weapon.”

4) In their first major legislative victory (a block) the House has blocked a woke Rutabaga plan to push retirement planners to invest in ESG 401k.s

5) A watchdog agency is looking into Buttplugs’ use of government aircraft instead of flying commercial.

-You know, cuz he’s so impotent.

6) The EPA administrator admits he wouldn’t let his own kid anywhere near East Palestine streams.

7) Oregon, the next Mussolini-wannabe state to collapse, has put a gas generator into the governor’s home despite a “transition away” from fossil fuels for everyone else. Evil, evil, evil.

8) The Sierra Nevada mountains are buried under record snowfall . . . but “global warming.”

9) Pennsylvania Republicans have demanded Fetterman Massacre, the Human Ox, appear on camera or resign.

-An artichoke can appear on camera. Doesn’t mean it’s a senator.

10) This is just so reassuring. AI could be made obsolete by “Biocomputers” running on human brain cells.

11) Rutabaga’s student loan bailout is in trouble at the Supreme Court based on oral arguments. Now, these are not always indicative, but I think this was DOA long before this.

12) In a horrific video from St. Louis, a black man calmly reloads his pistol on a main street in broad daylight and kills a homeless man as others watch and do nothing.

13) Yet another jet close call, this one in Boston, as a pilot was forced to take “evasive action” after an aircraft crossed the runway he was about to land on.

14) Wealthy Buckhead is attempting to secede from crime-ridden Atlanta. You boys don’t think they’re gonna let all that tax revenue just walk out of there, do ya?



15) 78% of all U.S. electricity is generated by gas, coal, or nukes. Only 22% comes from “renewables,” including hydro.

16) America’s default risk is now higher than that of Peru.

17) U.S. consumer confidence falls again. I’m very confident . . . that Rutabaga will continue to try to destroy the USA.

18) Now, you need a bank loan to afford a home EV charging station.

19) See below for the story on a copper shortage, but thieves are stealing cables from EV charging stations as copper prices rise.

20) While ABC News admits electric vehicles are a “logistical nightmare.”



21) Japan is criminalizing sex with children under 16. About time. The previous age was 13.

22) The Canadian version of the CIA is keeping up the pressure, showing that the ChiComs planned to donate to the Pierre Elliot Trudeau Foundation.

23) There is a huge international copper deficit, which could last til 2030.

24) A Brit journalist shows how the CIA played a direct role in the creation of Google.



25) Adidas is stuck with $500 million in Yeezy inventory after cutting ties with Kanye West.

26) The multi-multi-vaxed Savannah Guthrie left the “Today” show in mid-broadcast after testing positive for the China Virus the third time.

27) Lefty Jon Stewart recalls the vicious backlash after he agreed with Trump that the China Virus was leaked from a Wuhan lab, which it was. The only question now was whether it was accidental or deliberate.

28) They’re coming for Mark Wahlberg now that he has outed himself as a practicing Catholic.



29) Dr. Peter McCullough, “the FDA’s gross malfeasance with ivermectin.”

30) Smarmy Wray, the director of the FascistBI, admits the China Virus “most likely” originated from the ChiCom lab—exactly as President Trump said in 2020, ya buckscuttlers.

31) Hundreds of millions of dollars worth of China Virus equipment, including ventilators (hoarded by Governor Nipplepin Venthoarder), are put up for a fire sale for half a cent on the dollar.

32) A cycling teacher, 44, had a “widow maker” heart attack. Vaxxed, are ya?



33) Rutabaga says he had an ICU nurse who would whisper in his ear and breathe on him to make sure there was a “human connection.

-I bet the smell of sulfur accompanied that breathing.



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