The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow February 27, 2023

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow



1) Powerful testimony was given in the Arizona senate about Sinaloa cartel using bribes to rig Arizona elections.

2) Great questions DemoKKKrats can't answer. Add one more: "And if Republicans are so racist, why is it that the Demokkkrats started the Civil War for slavery, created the Ku Klux Klan after the Civil War, and for almost 50 years didn't have a single major national figure actually opposing slavery?"

3) From Cook Political Report: Why are Republicans going after "woke" rather than going after Rutabaga? Answer: most see Rutabaga as a puppet for the true threat, wokeness and globalism.


4) Buttplugs is the perfect example of the "organization kid," the managerial elite in politics and Hollywood today who keeps failing yet keeps falling upward.

5) Wyoming's slimy House speaker Albert Sommers buried parental rights and school choice bills with nothing more than a "voice vote" and no names as to who voted for what.

6) Interesting argument: is science overregulated or underregulated? The problem with all regulation is "who are the regulators," and the "capture" thesis—that is, drug companies/labs/businesses with the most to lose end up regulating themselves, denying true competition (HCQ, Ivermectin) and prohibiting life-altering research that would make their own products useless or dangerous.

7) And another thoughtful piece on the obsessive policing of language, which is demonic.

8) An admission from a reporter who was an environmental whacko until he got religion (i.e., facts and truth).

9) The American Association of Physicians and Surgeons warns about "Unknown and unknowable long term risks" of minors' body mutilation and notes that biological sex cannot be changed.

-This is refreshing. (The comeback will be, "Yeah, doctors called homosexuality a disease for years." Well . . . .?)

10) The number of criminal invaders has hit one million in less than four months. Rutabaga encourages this because he hates America.

11) Cities everywhere are scrambling to catch up to the peaceful and tranquil Benghazi-by-the-Lake, as now a "Celebration of Life" event in Minnesota leaves five shot.

12) Speaking of Benghazi-by-the-Lake, Chicago has lost its murder title to New Orleans (the Chocolate City, according to the former mayor), where a recall of the newest grifter mayor, Latoya Cantrell, has enough signatures to oust her.

-Chocolate City mayors are not administrators. They are simply mob grifters who steal public money over and over and over.

13) Just call us Germany: state and local "renewables" mandates are eroding the reliability of the electric grid.

14) Speaking of the power grid, attacks on it are up 71%, while Rutabaga blames "white supremacists."

-Folks, there is a reckoning coming for these toadpimples. Dunno when, but it's coming.

15) Any question at all these people hate America? Rutabaga's EPA ordered Norfolk Southern to PAUSE cleanup of East Palestine's toxic train derailment.

16) Is Sen. Fetterman Massacre, the Human Ox, brain dead after his latest stroke? The real question is, wasn't he before?

17) The Southern Baptist Convention has cut loose Rick Warren's Saddleback Church.

-Good. Warren has been a borderline heretic for a while when he said Christians and Muslims worship the same God. That's news to Jesus.

18) Good ruling in Texas, where the Supreme Court there rejected a pro-abort group's claims that it was defamed by pro-lifers.

-I dunno, but it's kinda hard to defame baby killers.



19) People got used to higher prices and are outspending even raging inflation, defying the Fed's efforts to land prices.

20) New home sales have collapsed almost 20% year over year.

21) While U.S. 4th quarter "growth" was up only .9%, breaking its streak of declines—despite $54 trillion in Fed debt (+36%).



22) Brazil is about to become the first country in the so-called "free world" to ban and punish "fakes news" and "disinformation."

-Well, the first since that little place called the Weimar Republic.

23) England absolutely deserves to fall. Cambridge University has blocked working-class white students from a post-graduate program.

24) Russia continues its massive retreat to encircle all of Bakhmut.

25) El Salvador has moved 2,000 inmates to its new gangster prison.

-I can think of 2,000 American gangsters I'd like to see there, and few of them don't actually carry guns.

26) Courageous Swedes—a nation that under Gustavus Adolphus never lost a battle—now bans burning the Qur'an, but burning the Bible or any other religious book is ok.



27) "Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania" has suffered the worst second-week box office drop ever for a mainstream Marvel Comics Universe movie, leaving Marvel in panic mode.


Comment: You can't have a hit every time, but after "Hawkeye" (which I liked), "She-Hulk" (didn't bother to watch), "Dr. Strange and the Multiverse of Madness" (almost unwatchable), "The Eternals" (walked out), "Thor: Love and Thunder" (bad) "Falcon and the Winter Soldier" (preachy crap with no good villain), Marvel is in trouble. "Yellowflash" revised his earlier projection this movie would make its money back. Why? Yes, most of these are woke beyond belief ("Ant-Man" was somewhat restrained, "Loki" good), and that totally tanked "She-Hulk" and caused "Ms. Marvel" to flop. But one of the biggest problems is that while Paul Rudd is good, he's no Chris Hemsworth, Robert Downey, Jr., or Chris Evans. Despite their politics, they are solid A-list actors. Brie Larson isn't even a C-list actress. So Marvel has a horrible talent dearth. "Kang" was not an appealing villain. Christian Bale might have been in "Thor," but didn't quite get there. Second, I think Kevin Feige is totally burned out artistically. He had a monster, legacy-making series of 31 movies. Who wouldn't be burned out? When you simultaneously struggle for talent and vision—AND top that off with leftover woke snot, it's a recipe for decline.

28) Good for the old Woodster: Woody Harrelson likens Pfizer and Moderna to drug cartels. Which they are.

29) Several newspaper/media outlets have dropped Scott Adams of "Dilbert" because he told white people they cannot help black people and to "get the hell away from [them]."



30) We've discussed this before in another article, but here is an analysis of the China Virus vaxxes as an element of surveillance. As Robert Barnes has warned, the danger here is shifting the responsibility for the vaxxes to the gubment so that Big Pharma can't be sued. We do not want that.

THEY bear the responsibility.

31) Excess mortality due to the vaxxes has gone mainstream in an interview with Ed Dowd by Tucker Carlson.

32) Steve Kirsch: Medicare data shows the China Virus vaxxes increase your chance of dying.

33) Protection from the China Virus by vaxxes drops sharply within months, says the CDC, so, you know, ya gotta have one every quarter now.

34) Pericarditis is shown after mRNA vaxxes in this study. This is a "causative" study explaining the "how."

35) The Department of (not generating) Energy says that a lab leak was the "likely origin" of the China Virus. Yeah, yeah, but was it a DELIBERATE lab leak?



36) I can't even follow this. Oli London, age 33, was the first person to identify as transracio, spending almost $300,000 to look like a Korean woman, but then decided to "de-transition" to a man." Next is transition to an ardvaark. FFS people.



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