The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow February 24, 2023

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow



1) Newly released video shows what we all knew: the Capitol Police started shooting at Patriot Day protesters without warning and against the law. THEY are the ones who should be rotting in jail.

2) You know it’s a slow news day when the Hoax News media has to tell us the “six most important states in the 2024 election.” You can all guess this without looking: NC, GA, AZ, PA, WI, MI.

3) The real president, Trump, scared Rutabaga off of a trip to East Palestine. Course, Biteme would look like an incompetent old man if he went. Wait, he IS an incompetent old man.

4) Crime is so bad in Kinshasa on the Delaware (Philly) that even the DemoKKKrat mayoral candidates avoid the woke DA Larry Krasner.

5) This author says it’s a “Requiem for Realignment.” I’m not so sure. We had two heavily fraudified elections. We’ll see.

6) Scott Adams, apparently discombobulated by his weird losing positions on the vax, now tells white people to get away from black people and that white citizens cannot help black citizens anymore.

7) This whole administration is braindead. Karine Jean-Pierre called Rutabaga “President Obama” at a press briefing.

8) A new study shows that a shocking percentage of childless women actually wanted kids.

9) The 2020 Election is unverifiable. We all know this. The problem is that the best way to prove this is through 10,000 random ballot signature matches. Everything else is speculation and likelihood. But signature matches would prove the fraud.

-Yet no court will allow it. Why?

10) Ex-congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard (Hottie-Hawaii) visited East Palestine and had “deja vu,” seeing Americans beg leaders for basic support. Ah, Tulsi, one leader was there. The real President.

11) Woke Norfolk Southern embraced ESG and other stupid initiatives. Did this cause the company to neglect safety protocols?

12) Constitutional carry sailed through the South Carolina House.

13) Racist Black Panther communist who has a teaching gig, Angela Davis, now faces calls to pay reparations after genealogy shows she had white ancestors who arrived on the Mayflower.

14) About time: the Missouri Attorney General fired the Soros-backed St. Louis prosecutor Kim Gardner for being a pooftard.

15) The world’s first cancer vax, by Moderna, nears approval.

-Nahhhh guys, I’m good.



16) Retirement balances lost nearly 25% last year.

-Thanks Rutabaga.

17) While the housing market posted a $2.3 trillion drop, the biggest since the crash of 2008.

18) Three reasons electric vehicles will never dominate American roads. First of all, they’re gay.

19) Sick and evil people. A Bloomberg columnist claims men dropping out of the workforce “could be progress.”

-No spongebucket, YOU dropping out of the workforce would be progress. Especially if you were never rehired.

20) A cyber attack on food giant Dole temporarily shut down North American production.



21) The international newsters are starting to realize the globalists lost the Uke war.

-Now the stories have all turned from “Pootie-Poot’s gonna lose!” to “the war will continue.” Soon, “Ukraine lost.”

22) Rutabaga promises “consequences” for China if it helps the Russkies with military aid.

-1. I’m sure the ChiComs are quaking; and

-2. So this is what it takes to get the Rutabaga to actually act against the ChiComs?

23) China is expected to supply the Russkies with drones.

24) Now, Poland is asking for more U.S. troops.

25) The U.S. will quadruple the American force in Taiwan—which is still tiny.

COMMENT: Look, folks, Taiwan is like the porcupine with the bear. The bear can eat the pocupine any time if it wants to deal with the pain. And it would be painful.

26) This is rich. The ChiComs, who literally have killed more people than any society in human history, say U.S. gun policies are to blame for “global violence.”

-No, it’s your evil, filthridden, chappiepapper, commie stupid murderous ideology, ya pudsnugglers.



27) Despite an attempted woke boycott of the new J.K. Rowling Harry Potter game, “Hogwart’s Legacy” made over $850 million and sold more than 12 million units in the first two weeks. Epic woke fail.

28) Ben Stiller correctly refused to back down on his movie “Tropic Thunder,” which was hilarious. “No apologies,” and he’s “proud” of the film.

29) R. Kelly dodged a life sentence in his child port case but still will do more than 30 years.

30) A new “Lord of the Rings” film is in development.

-Please, God, don’t let it be as horrible as the Rings of the Toilet series.

31) Mark Wahlberg, a Catholic, says faith is “not popular” in Hollywood but celebrates the start of lent.



32) Steve Kirsch reports that the latest UK vax data is still “deeply flawed.” (UK still refuses to include child deaths).

33) An employee complained that a Florida doctor wanted the unvaxxed hospital staff taken to the “firing line.”

-You first, bones.



34) And finally, the man known as the “Panty Bandit” who stole women’s underwear at Florida malls was caught. I’m sure a certain South Carolina senator feels safer now.

-I wonder if he’ll be thrown in with the “Wet Burglars” from “Home Alone?”



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